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  1. Mine can stay up later in the summer, but my youngest especially I want in by dark in the summer, and winter---even if the sun sets at 4:30 in November.. lol
  2. Well, he's a teen not a little. And only occasionally have I done it....but the point is he wants to "go-go-go places" and I want the house to be wound down by then.
  3. I can start dinner earlier now that my husband is working 7-4. Up until a couple of months ago he wasn't getting home until 6 or so because he was at work until 5 or 5:30.
  4. What time does your family start getting ready for bed? I'm not talking about bedtime, but when your family winds down for the night, kids may shower or put PJs on. Maybe its because its summer and my youngest is out until just before dark and then comes in and asks me to take him to Walmart to get him something....at 8:30 or 9 pm. During the school year were already winding down by then. I cant wait to get back into a routine.
  5. 1. Visit Millennium Park and walk over to the Art Institute after spending time in the park. The Art Institute connects to the park....World Class. 2. Visit the Museum Campus and pick between the Field Museum of Natural History, Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium----or visit all 3. While at the Museum Campus you will see spectacular views of the city skyline looking back across Lake Michigan. 3. Visit Navy Pier.... 4. Take a tour of Wrigley field if the Cubs are out of town. 5. Catch a Cubs game if the Cubs are in town. 6. Visit the Chicago Botanical Gardens which are north of the City. 7. Visit the B'Hai temple which is north of the City. 8. Shop on Michigan Ave. and visit Nordstrom, Water Tower Place, Macys and get some Chocalate at the Hershey store... (Also visit the American Girl Store). 9. Get a drink on the 96th floor of the Hancock building observatory. The lounge is one floor above the observatory and you avoid paying the observatory fee. Most Chicagoans agree the Hancock building offers superior views over the Sears/Willis tower. You can see across Lake Michigan (60 miles away directly is Warren Dines state park) on a clear day. 10. Chicago Pizza is a tourist thing... Get a real Chicago Italian Beef at Al's on Taylor. For desert, Marios Italian ice (south side tradition) is accross the street from Als. 11. Sunbathe and/or swim at Oak St beach (or any of the other 20 beaches in Chicago). 12. East at Chef Rick Bayless restaurants---such as XOCO or Frontera grill. 13. Catch live theatre or an orchestra in the theater district. 14. Attend an outdoor music concert at Ravinia. There is a train station in the middle of the outdoor theater and is quite unique. 15. Go to Six Flags which is north of the city. 16. Go to Rivers Casino near O'Hare and have dinner before/afterward at Gibsons steakhouse. 17. take hubby and have tea at the Waldorf in their tea room (State St.) 18. Take hubby and have lunch and tea at the Walnut room at the old Marshall Fields (now Macys) on State St. 19. Visit the Sculptures in Daley Plaza and walk accross the street to the modern "state of illinois" building---widely regarded as the defacto state capitol of illinois. This building is where the previous two Illinois Governors schemed and defrauded Illinois citizens resulting in both currently incarcerated at the same time. 20. Windella Boat ride on the Chicago River and/or Lake Michigan. 21, Have a "cheeseboooorga cheeseboorga" at the famous Billy goat tavern located directly below the Wrigley building on a hidden st. (lower wacker dr.) which is underneath Michigan ave. Billy Goat was made famous in Saturday Night Live and John Belushi. 22. Experience muti-cultural diversity in 2 hours by riding the "L" 'red/purple Line" train from the affluent Wilmette to the economically challenged terminus at 87th st. 23. Visit the Free Lincoln Park Zoo ----also visit the many sculptures and other park amenities. 24. Catch a concert at "the double door" in Wicker Park... Many music careers were lanuched there----most famously "the Smashing Pumpkins". 25. Many free concerts and festivals occur at Grant Park which is south of Millenium Park. these include "taste of Chicago" and "Gospel Fest". 26. Check out Buckingham fountain in Grant Park. 27. Ride a bike along Chicagos 26 mile lakefront path. If you get tired, you can catch the "L" or a bus and bring your bike on with you.
  6. If it were my kid, I think all social activity would be eliminated. Also, I like What someone suggested earlier. My kids new schedule would be "up for at 5 am" for your new life of chores and all day service for the summer. Your new bedtime is 7 PM.
  7. I cant believe at least two of the kids involved have not even apologized.
  8. Normally I would never even consider spanking at 13, but I put it as an option in the poll because what these kids did was so outrageous, and it seems like in the video that they have an "I dont care, you can't do anything to me attitude" that makes my blood boil.
  9. I really would feel such shame and feel like a failure as a parent.
  10. I agree. Its just despicable. I'm sure i missed some options in my poll by the way, like taking away their phones, tv, etc...... But it would take all my will not to tar and feather those kids for what they did to that lady. I just cant imagine my grandmother, when she was in her late 60's 0or 70's, out through something like that.
  11. What should the appropriate punishment be? I thought I would add a poll.
  12. Sprinkles, do you have a shelter to hide in? I understand and would be freaking out too. Is it hunting season in your area?
  13. You are quite founded to be fearful. I think initials may make you stand out, but how about a nick name instead? Remember the names also help the coaches remember who the players are. Maybe your son could be "sneezy" or "gipper" on the jersey.....and why not just let him be called the nickname by everyone vs his actual name? If people never knew your sons "real name"-------you would be much safer.
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