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  1. For adults, there's a new book by a long-time friend who used me as a consultant. Quantum Fuzz: The Strange True Makeup of Everything Around Us by Michael S. Walker, which I discuss here: http://fredbortz.scienceblog.com/35182/book-recommendation-quantum-fuzz/
  2. Qualified beekeeper regentrude kindly recommends a series of my books called "The Library of Subatomic Particles." I want to respond with thanks and also to note that the series has been updated and expanded as "Exploring the Subatomic World" (Cavendish Square, 2016). The old titles are all revised and updated (with minor corrections made), and the two new ones are Understanding Higgs Bosons and Understanding the Large Hadron Collider. Details at http://www.fredbortz.com/Subatomic.htm
  3. Thanks for including my 2004 series on subatomic particles. It has been revised and updated as Exploring the Subatomic World with two new titles and a 2016 copyright date. The revised titles are Understanding Protons Understanding Neutrons Understanding Electrons Understanding Photons Understanding Neutrinos Understanding Quarks The new titles are Understanding Higgs Bosons Understanding The Large Hadron Collider Details at http://www.fredbortz.com/Subatomic.htm
  4. Many thanks to those of you who called attention to my Library of Subatomic Particles! I have another book that definitely fits this topic. It won the 2002 American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award for works for young readers (and other recognition). See http://www.fredbortz...echnoMatter.htm Also, my most recent book, also an award winner (though too soon for this year's AIP announcement--hoping) that is relevant to this theme, plus technology, Meltdown: The Nuclear Disaster in Japan and Our Energy Future. I also have several other titles that may fit your needs. See http://www.fredbortz.com/booksby.htm I also enjoy visiting middle schools, and my rates are competitive. See http://www.fredbortz.com/daywith.htm My usual message to young readers applies to the readers of this page as well: I hope you always follow your questions! Scientifically yours, "Dr. Fred" Bortz
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