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  1. I like this one
  2. Mmmm This is sounding promising. What veggies would you put with it? The frozen chicken nuggets weren't about the breading; they were about the ease of preparation and neutral go-with-anything flavor.
  3. What do you mean by hard to get into? Really high academic standards and rigorous prerequisites? or Really popular, so there is a waiting list and/or a lottery? or something else? Maryanne
  4. I've never in my life fried chicken or anything else remotely similar. (yeah I know that makes me weird) The chicken nuggets are pre-made, and I just heat them on a baking sheet in the oven. I'm pretty sure frying chicken would take the same large burner as the soup, though. I would definitely be interested in more information or a recipe for the roasted chicken thighs. Thanks, Maryanne
  5. I've noticed the same thing. It's ok to talk about how many points (goals, baskets, runs) your kid scored at the game last weekend, but if you bring up the 95 they got on their math test last week it's bragging. I think clever falls under this same bias.
  6. I'm struggling with menu combinations. How do you decide what dishes to put together to make a meal? Are there any websites or blogs that have good advice. Right now I'm trying to figure out ideas to go with soups. Some soups are complete meals in themselves, like vegetable beef soup. But, what about the ones aren't a complete meal? For example, I make a corn chowder that contains corn, milk, chicken broth, bacon and onion. My family eats it really well, but it's mostly carbs. Also it takes a whole lot of it to fill up ds who is 16, active, and eats a lot. I've been serving it with frozen chicken nuggets and a simple salad. I'd like to find something more homemade than chicken nuggets to go with the corn chowder, but it can't be real time consuming or a take the same pot (large Dutch oven) or the same burner on top the stove (the biggest one) and it should complement the soup or at least not clash with it. Any suggestions. Tonight I'm making Pioneer Woman's White Chili I suppose it could be considered a complete meal, but it seems a little short on veggies to me. A simple salad is the obvious choice, but what else could I do. What make a interesting salad or other vegetable based dish to go with it? I'd like to try a cheesy cauliflower soup at some point like this one It could be a complete meal, but I think I'd still need more food to fill up ds. I suppose one solution to filling up a teenage boy is just to make a bigger pot of soup, but i'd need a bigger pot. :mellow: I welcome both general advice on menus and specific advice on these soups. Thanks, Maryanne Edited to remove extra spaces
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