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  1. Moving! Gonna be a busy few days!

    1. AK_Mom4


      Congratulations! And Good Luck!

  2. On the road to adopting our son, Benjamin Wyatt. YAY!

    1. idnib
    2. FloridaLisa


      Wow! Congratulations!

  3. EXCELLENT NEWS! The baby's test came back and he does NOT have that awful degenerative disease! We are so thankful!

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    2. Crimson Wife

      Crimson Wife

      You must feel so relieved! Woo-hoo!

    3. Tsuga


      I am incredibly happy for you.


  4. I have decided that I am very, very, very fortunate.

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    2. Pamela H in Texas

      Pamela H in Texas

      oops. The MRI should clear up the situation about that mass. I also have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (cause: weight loss). Just have to eat healthy, exercise, and not drink :)

    3. Crimson Wife

      Crimson Wife

      Praying for you!

    4. creekland


      Sending prayers that all ends up well.

  5. Waiting for the dang phone to ring to tell me these "spots" are benign (hopefully)!

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    2. Starr


      So frustrating, I'm sorry it's taking longer than you thought!

    3. Tsuga


      Pamela, you are in my thoughts.

    4. Pamela H in Texas

      Pamela H in Texas

      So talked to nurse. They are referring me for an MRI to check out the lesions. Probably benign.

  6. Monday cannot get here fast enough. Please let this be benign.

  7. Wondering how many people will notice what I added

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    2. chiguirre



    3. Pamela H in Texas

      Pamela H in Texas

      Thanks. The official part is that we found one. Still not legal. No one is doubting though.


    4. RebeccaS
  8. Went clothing shopping. Got help from lady working at store. She wouldn't let me buy clothes too big. I'm officially smaller than I would have guessed I ever could get. Wonder what I'll be when I lose the next 20-25 pounds?

  9. So taking March off school isn't a choice, but I did lighten my load otherwise for March. So hopefully it will be a productive, enjoyable month (if we can get rid of this stupid stress!)

  10. So busy these days. I'm thinking of taking the month of March off. LOL

    1. Tsuga


      I had the exact same thought earlier this week.

    2. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Let me know how that works for you, and I might try it in April! ;)

  11. Another busy day. 6 month post-op appointment. Squishy's feeding evaluation. And added two more kiddos last night. I think a park visit will be in order between appointments :)

  12. Super busy jam-packed day, so I got up at 2:30am. At least I've been able to be productive :)

    1. Shamzanne


      Ha! I'm just going to bed at 2:30am. Super busy day here, I just chose the other end :) I hope your day goes well!

    2. stripe
  13. Things seem to be pretty-good-okay :)

  14. Is there a way to drop out of everything for a few weeks?

  15. Doing a tad better. Maybe it is because we passed the point of no return (literally).

    1. PollyOR
    2. GailV


      Hugs. I can't imagine what this is like.

    3. SunnyDays


      Wishing peace for you ((Hugs))

  16. Sick and tired of being so depressed and tired and overwhelmed. The good stuff is so good. Why can't I just enjoy it?

    1. Kim in Appalachia

      Kim in Appalachia

      (((hugs))) Maybe it's time to seek medical help. (((hugs)))again.

    2. Tress
  17. Crying again. I miss my sweet baby so much.

    1. PollyOR


      Big giant hugs! I wish we could take the hurt away. :/


    2. Tress
    3. Kim in Appalachia
  18. Found preschool for the little boys. YAY!

  19. Waiting til Monday for my new kiddos to get here. Sleep tight sweeties.

  20. I think I'm ready for this week. YAY!

    1. PollyOR


      :) Hope it's a good one.


    2. Lizzie in Ma

      Lizzie in Ma

      I am ready for a new month. Here's hoping it's a good one for all of us!

  21. Feeling a tad better. Still down and tired. I'm not really doing much more than the minimum right now.

  22. I'm just hurting so incredibly much. :(

  23. I'm grumpy today

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      I'm sure I would be, too, Pamela, if I were in your shoes. Hugs to you.

  24. My poor sweet baby. I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you from this :(

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    2. FuzzyCatz


      Many hugs to you and your family

    3. FuzzyCatz


      Many hugs to you and your family

    4. Starr


      Hugs all around. I am so sorry.

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