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  1. For me, it would depend on how big and athletic the girl is, as well as the age group. But, my answer would very likely be no. If this is a league that includes 6th-8th graders, I wouldn't even consider it. My stepdaughter played tackle football for one year, in 6th grade in a 5/6th grade league. None of the boys had hit their growth spurt (good/big 6th graders could play up in the 7/8th league), while she was about 5'3 and over 100lbs. She was one of the best players, and we really didn't worry about her any more than we did her brothers. However, when we looked at the 7/8th league, we d
  2. This was our first year, but we had more hits than misses! Hits: Excavating English Figuratively Speaking Rules of the Game Math Mammoth Barron's Painless everything :) Misses: Math-U-See Epsilon RS4K Biology There were a few other things we tried that turned out to be either unnecessary or too easy, but these were the only two he actually disliked.
  3. That would be completely average here. We have a December 31st cut-off, so half the kids graduating are 18, while half are 17.
  4. Another option for a college textbook: Conceptual Integrated Science. My stepdaughter used this text last year in an introductory science course for education students. Also, in most Canadian provinces, students take general science in 9th and 10th, then pick one or two areas to study in 11th and 12th. If the college textbooks are too much, a 9th or 10th grade textbook might be a better fit. I don't have any specific recommendations, but I believe our schools use McGraw-Hill.
  5. Hi WTM! I've been reading the forum on and off for a few months, so I thought it was about time I join the conversation. :) My name is Myfanwy, and I've been homeschooling my son since we pulled him from 4th grade in December. We've had a great first year, and recently decided to homeschool through at least 8th. I can't set up my signature and avatar yet - I guess I have to post a bit first? Looking forward to meeting everyone! -Myfanwy
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