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  1. Is this meaty enough for 9th grade science credit? I bought it hoping to combine science for both the kids, but am now wondering if this was such a good idea. Thanks, Alexas
  2. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I have looked at Teaching the Classics and it seems to be exactly the kind of program I'd like to use but fear I need a more gentle introduction. I am considering buying it to learn more. Maybe next year I will feel more comfortable enough to jump right in. I have been looking over Excellence in Writing and LOVE the looks of it but, as the previous poster suggested, I think I will save it for next year or the year after. I have considered Literary Lesson from the Lord of the Rings as well. Any thoughts about this one? I like the looks of Lightning Lit but wasn't sure it the grammar and writing would be too much. Unless something changes, I think I will probably buy LL7 this year, LL8 next year and EIW thereafter.
  3. I am looking to find a literature program for my 12 year old dd. She is not a natural reader but will read what is assigned. We have not done any literary analysis yet. Frankly, even though I have an advanced education degree, I am afraid of it! I would need a bit of hand holding and would like a program that is not teacher intensive since I may return to work at some point this school year. Of course, we will discuss her readings, etc. but I'd like her to be able to work independently as much as possible. Our line up for the year is: Jacobs Elementary Algebra, Essentials in Writing 6, IEW Fix It, Rainbow Science and Figuratively Speaking. I am considering Lightning Literature but I don't really need the grammar or writing since we are using Essentials in Writing 6. I don't want to overload her BUT I think it's time to ramp up her studies considerably. I also have a 5th grader and would love it if she could join us as much as possible. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!! Alexas
  4. My 8 yr old dd is about to finish TT 5 in about 8 weeks and I'm wondering where to go next. She is a real math enthusiast and understands math concepts really well and really fast. She is doing great with TT, but is no longer using the cd roms. I'm just thinking the money is too much to invest if she isn't going to use the disk (afterall, isn't that what we're paying for?). I am considering starting her with the LOF books, but wanted to use something else along with it. I like the looks and sound of SM, but I'm not sure about where to start her? In primary math, she is missing concepts across the grades but not enough for me to want her to do the complete year if that makes sense. For example, hypothetically, there are 15 lessons in 4B. She has covered the concepts in 10 of the 15 but hasn't covered 5 of them. Should I have her do the complete book anyway? Another option I have is for her to use Saxon 76. She did part of 54 and it the actual math wasn't a problem, she just hated all the problems and I felt guilty allowing her to skip so many. The bonus here, is that I already own the book! I had even considered re-typing each of the pages to make a workbook, of sorts, for her for Saxon. I honestly like the idea of SM and LOF, but I want to be sure to place her correctly. I am considering just starting her in 4B since looking over their placement test, but I honestly don't know where to progress. My dd LOVES math and science but I don't know what is best at this point. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Alexas (newbie to these forums LOL)
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