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  1. This is such a disappointment. We listen to loads of audiobooks. We are in the middle of a few right now, and it will be really annoying if they disappear. Any idea how that will work? If we are right in the middle of a long book, and it is stored to my device, will it just disappear on 9/20? If that's the case, I'm unsubscribing. :( It's only our third month, I think, with scribd. I was so excited to find it.
  2. We are using Pandia Press's Chemistry as well. We have used their life science as well. We tried Mr. Q for earth science and didn't love it. So we are back to Pandia. My kids like it, and I find it really easy to execute. We are supplementing with library books just because the kids are really excited about chemistry this year. They are 3rd and 4th grade.
  3. We do both. Skip counting and then memorization. I think memorization is really important, but it doesn't always come naturally unless practiced. Depends on the child, I suppose.
  4. My kids are the same ages and they definitely are starting to dislike their school work. Some things they love- like science. But math and LA...not so much. This year I'm going to make a huge effort to make it more fun. I know that not everything we have to do in life is fun, but one of the reasons I'm home schooling is so that we don't have to spend our time unhappy. We have the freedom to learn in ways that are more fun for us. So, my kids like game. I happen to dislike them, but eh, I'll do games. My kids love watching DVDs, and we almost never watch DVDs, so I'm adding in some educational stuff on DVD. I'm going to do poetry teas because the few times we have done them they have loved it. Sure, we will still do AAS, Singapore math, and our other "not so fun" stuff. But I'll get the HIG for Singapore and actually DO some of the activities. :) My kids are doing really well in math without the activities, but it's just not fun. So I'll do them sometimes. That's my plan anyways...
  5. Monica, I'd love to see your lesson plans for The Most Wonderful Writing Lessons Ever. I recently bought this book. I haven't done any writing instruction with my kids, and I plan on using this and Jot it Down this year. They will be 3rd and 4th grade, but I think they will actually like JID, and I bought it a couple years ago, so I might as well give it a try! Thanks, Chelsea.
  6. Hi, I was looking into Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, etc, and I came across Scribd. It looks awesome! Anyone know if I can use multiple devices for one account? I have two kids, and it would be great if all three of us could each use our own ipad for listening or reading. It's ok if we all have access to the same library. I'm not looking to have different libraries for each ipad. Thanks, Chelsea.
  7. Yes, Schlessinger media has a ton of videos that are great. We have used so many of them. Our library is able to get them for us.
  8. Thanks for all of the input. Yes, we are definitely on the go a lot. I'm hesitant to cut anything out. OT obviously can't go. Art- this is my dd's passion right now. She also gets to do this class without her brother, which is really important. Almost all of their activities (including girl scouts because I'm the leader) are done together, and she needs this time away from him. Soccer- this is new. She just asked to do it this fall, and that's ok because it will likely cut into judo time for the season. Judo is required 3x/week because they are both on the special team of role models, which is training them to be assistant teachers. It's great for both of them for so many reasons. Physical activity is a high priority for me, and I want us to be active daily. Then there is home school nature class. They aren't learning anything I can't teach them, but it's an important break for me and it's good for them to learn from someone else, I think. Plus it's weekly time with kids, and that's important. Trampoline time could certainly go, but it's a great social opportunity for the kids and for me. And it's SO good for DS who has core weakness! I know I'm justifying all of our activities! I even want to add more! I think at heart I'm an unschooler. Or something like that. We don't school year round, however we have done science in the summer. Or at least started it. that worked well. They love science, and I consider it extra at this point beacuse we are exposed to so much science in our daily lives by our own choices, so it's ok if it doesn't get done. So I might try to do some of our science this summer. I like the idea of blocks of the year- science in the summer and fall and maybe something else in the winter and spring. I also consider history extra because again, we do a lot of learning about history just for fun. There is just so much to learn, and it's all so exciting that it's hard to narrow it down! Fables might be hard for DS. I think I will look at some of the other programs mentioned, look at Jot it down again, and try some of fables (the free part) over the summer to see how he likes it. He's very strong with language, so I think he could do it with the proper accomodations for writing/typing. Thanks again for all of the thoughts.
  9. My kids and I loved the Be the Creature series by the Kratt brothers. Not physics, but a great show.
  10. I know this will vary greatly, but I'm having a hard time figure out how we will fit it all in. And maybe we just won't, and it will be ok. I have two children. DD will be 10. She will do her work easily most of the time. She needs a little help here and there, but she can also do some things on her own. DS will be 8. He needs a lot of help. ADHD, NLD, dysgraphia. He does read pretty well. I'd like to do... math every day - different levels of singapore for each child CAP fables together or possibly Jot it Down since I own that and they've never done any formal writing. AAS 4x/week- different levels for each child KWOT- this they can each do on their own once I help them get online. Could do at the same time as the other child is working on math with me. science- REAL science chemistry- 2x/week, I think, together history- ? art- Meet the Masters- twice a week would be ideal. presentation one day, project another. music- I'd love to give each child a piano lesson once a week as well as composer studies occasionally PE- we've got this covered with judo, swimming, health talks as they come up, and trampolining Spanish- I'd love to do Elementary Spanish, but we hardly ever find the time. Here are the reasons we can't seem to get it all done... Monday- we are free to do school all day until judo at 3:30 Tuesday- DD art class 10-11:30 ten min drive away, trampoline home school time 12-2, then judo at 4:00 Wednesday- OT for ds at 9:30. DD and I have 45 min together and can do her math or spelling. we do half day and then meet friends at the park at 1pm. judo at 4:00 Thursday- home school nature study class 12-4. We spend 2 hours in the car total getting to and from class. We usually listen to audiobooks (literature). Friday- every other Friday I have to work so we only do a little school work. We also love field trips and have memberships to two local zoos, the science museum, and the fine art museum. We enjoy a weekly trampoline time on Tuesday and our park day on Wednesday. We listen to a lot of audio books in the car. Last year we managed to do spelling, reading, handwriting for ds, and math every day. That's about it. And that was tough. I worry that my kids aren't getting as much as they would in school sometimes. But then I see all of the amazing things they do get (like their nature class and field trips where they aren't rushed along), and I know we are better off home schooling. But it's so hard to fit it all in! They also both do scouts. :) And DD will do soccer in the fall, once a week practice and games on the weekend. Any thoughts? thanks! Edited to add Jot it Down.
  11. We have always just used it as a supplement. If we are learning about a particular subject I might have them watch the brainpop as an intro. Or I'll let them watch some that are related to a topic while I make lunch. Other times I just let them pick whatever ones they want if they have some free time. We rarely do the quizzes. They like the jokes though.
  12. I have a 3rd grader and a 4th, so we will combine a lot. Here's the 4th grade plan- LA- CAP fables The Sentence Family AAS 4 keyboarding WOT (her handwriting is perfect, no need to work on that) Math- Singapore 4A/4B Beast 3B Science- REAL science Chemistry weekly home school nature class memberships to the local zoos and the science museum History- SOTW Middle Ages Art- Meet the Masters and field trips to the MFA Music- composer studies when we get to them, piano lessons when we get to them P.E.- judo 3x/week, swimming, weekly home school time at trampoline gym
  13. Oh, I like the look of CAP fables. I was just looking through the sample lessons. One question- is everything included? There was one part in lesson one where it says "the teacher will read to you about lions". Then the child is to write down the sentence that was dictated. But there wasn't anything about lions...so I'm a little confused. Am I suppose to find or make up a sentence or two about lions? Otherwise I think this might work. I think we could make it fun.
  14. We tried WWE, and both kids hated it. I actually just got rid of books one and two! I'll take a look at CAP. DS just can't physically write. He's great with words and storytelling. Thanks.
  15. 2015-2016 will be our third year of home schooling. So far we have done very little writing. DD is going to be 10 and DS will be 8 for this school year. She is a strong reader and enjoys writing short stories on her own. DS is probably a little above grade level for reading, but he's not confident yet and won't try chapter books on his own yet. He has a very hard time with penmenship. He goes to OT for that and for impulse control and some other stuff. He was diagnosed with ADHD and NLD. We have not done any writing with him. He loves audiobooks. His vocabulary is fantastic. His comprehension is great. And he expresses himself verbally very well. We are working on some typing for both kids, but for him, it's likely that he'll need to dictate any writing for next year. We have done grammar using The Sentence Family, so they have a decent grasp on basic grammar. What should I do for writing? Any ideas? Thanks, Chelsea.
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