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  1. Darth plays Minecraft, as do most of his friends. I guess I'm not seeing why it has to be either or: real world experience ~or~ a video game. No Minecraft is not real. However, it's given ds some real boosts in his problem solving skills, which he applies in the real world. It's also given him a lot of enjoyment, which is no small thing in my eyes, either. I'm with Sadie on this one- no reason to treat it, or the technology, like it's inherently evil.
  2. I rarely time the facts sheets. Sometimes if Darth Kid wants to try, I'll time him, but I hate the idea of timing math drills. I believe strongly in the drills themselves, but i've never seen any value in timing them.
  3. Give us a review when you get them! I really want to try them, but I want to hear a user review first!
  4. Has anyone tried the pants from Kate Hudson's new website Fabletics? I usually wear Target's Champion, and Danskin or Avia from Wal-Mart and had good luck, but I bought a pair of compression shorts from Under Armour (I was seduced into it by Misty Copeland's UA ad, so sue me), and I really like them, but not the UA price. Fabletics seems to have some nice colors and styles and great prices, but I know nothing about their quality.
  5. And in honor of this thread, I shall pour myself into a tight, immodest swimsuit (albeit, one-piece), and my sexy, sexy, tight black latex...swim cap (what did you think I was going to say, you pervs?! ;) ), and try to defraud the people at the evening swim aerobics with my hot lap swimming.
  6. My son and I are both competitive swimmers. This year alone, I have had a cousin reprimand me for letting him swim on a team with girls, because they wear "immodest" suits, and besides "mixed bathing" is sinful anyway, never mind the suits; someone else reprimanded me for letting him wear tight swim jammers (a men's mid-thigh/knee length swim suit) because it is immodest, and loose trunks were just fine for *her* kids (non-competitive swimmers), so I should make him wear those instead; someone who visibly shuddered with horror when I announced that I won two medals at the state games, and asked how I could be so immodest as to swim in front of a crowd of men in a swimsuit (all I cared about was beating the woman in the lane to my right- she won by a huge margin anyway :) ); and at least two more such incidents *all by different people*! The common theme was immodesty and sexual impropriety. My son is nearly 11; his only thought about the girls on the team in their "immodest" suits that were surely going to "defraud" him, was if they were fast enough to help win the mixed medley relay and if he could find one who was willing to swim anchor on the relays! I was floored by the very idea that these people somehow thought that they should be allowed to dictate to me what was modest/immodest, and that somehow we were responsible for the thoughts of others. Outside of the pool, I'm a pretty conservative dresser naturally, and I prefer to be a bit more covered than many people, but what others wear is none of my business, and I've got no business judging them regardless. Someone also mentioned someone getting huffy about a man wearing overalls to church. At my grandfather's funeral, nearly every adult male wore cowboy boots and jeans, which, since they were cowboys/ranchers/farmers, was totally appropriate and IMHO, was completely respectful. I also had to laugh because many of the men had clearly pressed and creased their Levi's before attending the service! Talk about respect! I suspect both God and my grandfather were completely satisfied with them.
  7. I'm beginning to realize this same thing as well. The fewer subjects that we do every day, allows us to plunge deeper into those subjects and explore connections more thoroughly. I've been trying to cram too much into a short space of time and stressing the whole family out as a result. The only thing that remains constant from day to day is math and Latin, because those are his two favorite subjects and he loves to do them everyday. Everything else gets done much more slowly.
  8. Today is not starting out well at all...

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      I have given up on today.

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      Me, too!!

  9. Annals of the Former World! I love this book! It's the geology and the geosociology of large chunks of the U.S. Trail: The Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Novel Sacajawea: The Story of Bird Woman and the Lewis and Clark Expedition And if you get a chance, do look at the Lewis and Clark documentary by Ken Burns. It's really well done, and I think it's worth the time and effort.
  10. We're going on our second year with one set of Lyra Ferby pencils, and they're still going strong.
  11. We did Songschool Latin 1&2 and we're moving on to Latin for Children. They're painless, and ds loved the adventures of Simian and Franklin :)
  12. I pulled my DS out of a "top-notch" private Montessori school half-way through first grade, and we had multiple reasons. First, the expenses just got to be too much for our family: $11k tuition, and then steady nickle and diming throughout the rest of the year- $100 in supply fees, $150 each semester for the school camping trip, $50 for the class fundraisers, books once a month for "book club," the expectation to give (and generously!) to the school foundation, art supplies, Earth Day party, class snacks once a month. The last straw on that was when I informed the headmistress that at the age of 8 ds couldn't read three letter words without help, and was certainly not able to read the books they were assigning for book club (Because of Winn-Dixie, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Charlotte's Web). I was offered the chance to send him to the reading tutor lab- for an extra $1k a semester. After that, I just got fed up and we pulled him in December. By May, he had whizzed through all the Hooked on Phonics programs and was reading the Magic Treehouse books. Although reading tends to still be an issue for him, it's so much better. Ds likes being at home, but he does occasionally miss school, especially when I haven't given him enough social time. Right now, he takes a homeschool science class at the local science museum, and has a winter swim program for the team he swims on in the summer, and he'll be starting a Latin class with some of his homeschooled swim team members, which I'll be teaching. I also make sure that he gets plenty of play time with his former classmates.
  13. It reminds me very much of this article from Harpers, published many years ago: On The Uses of A Liberal Education: As A Weapon in the Hands of the Restless Poor
  14. Museum/Zoo/Biopark memberships Tablet for Darth Audible membership Amazon Prime membership
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