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  1. I have been using this for the last couple of years. I have been trying to print up some reports today, with no success, and it now appears they have disappeared from the internet! :( Does anyone know what has happened?!
  2. I have the 4a Standards for my 5th grader who needs extra help. The HIG talks about the Tests Book and Extra Practice Book- are those absolutely necessary? Or can I get away without them? I am trying to save some money- i have gone over budget this year as it is. :closedeyes:
  3. My HS self would have said The Thorn Birds, but you probably don't want that on your list! HAHAHA
  4. Check the states historical society website.
  5. I am more confused now than before I posted. I want to leave Horizons, I can't teach it. The Teachers manual is of no help. My DD10 has Inattentive ADHD, and math is a struggle for both of us. We went to Horizons from Math Mammoth.
  6. In the process, but that is a process.... :sad:
  7. Quick and Quickly are not words that I would use to describe DD10. Haha. I have tried using timers with her and that ramps up her anxieties to extreme levels. She can't do XtraMath for this very reason. SIngapore and MiF. I will look at those too. I just need something that is easy for me to teach. That is my beef with Horizons- Now that DD10 is halfway thru Horizons 4 I have a hard time ferreting out what I need to tell her. I am sure this doesn't help her. She has been on meds, but they don't seem to be helping like they used to. Throw in the fact that her shrink has since retired I feel like I am back to the drawing board :crying:
  8. I have two girls, 10 and 8. DD10 has inattentive ADHD and loves staring off into space. Obviously this makes getting through school difficult for her (and ME!) Math is her nemesis. She can do it, it just takes a long time. I think she might be about a 1/2 year or so behind what she should be. We had to do some remediation at the beginning of 2014 school year. DD8 is very quick with the numbers. She has technically just finished 2nd grade, but is a grade level ahead in math. They have been using Horizons books, and while they are a fine program, they do not give me any pointers on HOW to teach the given tasks. I need more guidance in the teaching of it. We have stopped for Khan Academy videos, while helpful, it does disrupt the flow and for DD10, can make it impossible to get back on track. I have been thinking about changing over to something different for this new school year. So I had them take the placement test for Saxon 5/4- they BOTH tested into it. I had them take the placement for CLE, they BOTH tested into 400. How would you handle this? Put them both into 5/4 and just call it Math Class? Put them into CLE 400s and then let them work at their own pace (DD8 will get ahead of DD10). I'm worried that if DD8 passes DD10 by, it will hurt DD10 math confidence (which is shaky at best). Any ideas? :confused1:
  9. I am going to try a bribe gift bag with fun odds and ends in it for the new school year. Someone else on here does back to school PJs, which is also a cute idea. I may do that as well.
  10. I have a girl heading into 5th. She also has inattentive ADHD and some other processing kind of stuff. Anyway, at the end of 1st she was in PS and thanks to her teacher and the math exercises she was convinced she was stupid. Nevermind the fact that she was reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Indian in the Cupboard! Long story short, we decided to pull her and do HS for both her and her sis- 2 yrs younger. Started out with Math Mammoth. It's a fine program, but to her little ADHD brain it was overwhelming. Math became a daily nightmare. I switched to Horizons. That was better for her. Smaller chunks, and it was just a front/back of a page. I tried BA, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to work the problems without looking at the answers in the back every. Single. Time. But the kids did like looking at the graphic novel aspect of it. Horizons does not give me enough teacher helps to know what to teach. I have given her the CLE and Saxon placement tests so we may switch yet again. With CLE I like the fact that it comes in booklets, I think this would be better for DD than Saxon and writing problems down..
  11. What a great idea! Art, quotes, trivia. Any of it would be fun!!
  12. I know! I was there yesterday and bought the big pack of writing utensils- had pencils, sharpies, paper mate flair pens, dry erase, highlighters! I was sorely tempted by the composition notebook packs and binders. The plastic boxs you linked to were temping as well but I'm going with accordion type files this year and already picked some up.
  13. Umm, I just got the workbook and said do a page a day :blushing: But when I started both kids were writing without trouble- though they do still have a habit of getting too much hand around the pencil. The cursive books have been good for them. I did not use any teacher guides.
  14. Middle School series by James Patterson. My aunt is a librarian at a local middle school and recommended these. Got them for DD10 for Christmas and she ripped through them (4 books) in about as many days. She was off by herself laughing out loud at the antics of the characters. Then her sis (2yrs younger) started them and had the same response. Both girls love anything by Roald Dahl, and DD10 is also a huge fan of the "How to Train Your Dragon" series.
  15. If youre near a Target, I picked up a Teacher planner for about $3 in the dollar spot section of the store. Its basic but enough space to sketch everything out.
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