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  1. I think the kid is adequately hydrated. Plenty of water, anyway. And not ridiculous on the sugar by any stretch. Currently 0 sugar besides what naturally occurs in food. Do you know whether the thyroid stuff would be checked as a matter of course? We're going to the doc tomorrow and I'll ask to have her vitamins and minerals and whatnot checked - would that be included?
  2. Wow, I bet it felt loony buying the kid a coffee at 9p! I did offer a cup of tea this morning for a headache and it helped immensely. All my other girls were completely flabbergasted that this kid was drinking caffeinated tea.
  3. Sometimes there's nausea -- yesterday this kid told me her headache felt "hurlable" but didn't wind up barfing ever. Light seems to make it worse when there's a headache, and she avoids sounds. Those things come along with the more severe headaches, which are maybe half of all headaches this kid has.
  4. Hydrated - I think so. Plenty of water for sure. Would I know if she wasn't getting enough salt? We haven't done allergy testing, but I think that's on the horizon. Vision was fine, I'll ask about the other vision options. She's a stellar reader and doesn't seem to be having vision troubles, but it's worth an ask. Tick diseases?! We've all had ticks at some point, though it's been a good while (hello, summer trip to WI). I understand that these things can be weird, but would I have seen other symptoms? She's generally a healthy robust little kid. We used a cup of tea to combat a headache this morning with great success -- thanks for suggesting it. And we're headed back to the doc tomorrow to ask for some preventative type medication. Thank you for all the suggestions.
  5. Tea fixed the headache this morning! And my hangup was exactly what you said -- I imagined a Coke when people suggested caffeine and thought it couldn't possibly be the right thing. But a nice cup of chai, that I can do. I'll try the food journal. Do you think a month would be long enough? I think I could do almost anything for a month. And thank you.
  6. We're headed back to the doc tomorrow to see what we can get figured out. Because, yeah, a week of headaches. I haven't seen any other signs of puberty - she's still definitely a little kid. But I understand that it starts somewhere. Headaches would be a bummer of a start, though. Growing would be more fun.
  7. We do the cursory eye exam each year at the pedi well check visit. So can you see these letters from there? Great. Can you read this thing up close? Great. It's been a good couple of years since the actual eye doc did the more complete exam (precisely the same year I came to understand that the pedi could do the screening exam).
  8. Thank you all for helping me think about this. I have a list of things to look into now, rather than just feeling sorry and sad for my girl. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  9. Wow, no kidding!? That's amazing. Did you do allergy testing to figure out that that was his issue? There are definitely seasons that this girl suffers from allergies (it's cedar in the winter and then oak I forget when for her), and that presents as the typical itchy eye and congestion mess. But we always have some kind of pollen in the air in Central TX...
  10. I've heard that caffeine can help, but for whatever reason I've been a little reluctant to involve the caffeine. We've been using either acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Usually it helps, but sometimes not. And sometimes when we've tried one without success, she'll take the other. There's no congestion. It seems worse now in the summer, but was a factor during the school year, too. I've been doing a more limited headache journal - mentioning the headache, severity, duration and time of day. Adding all food and water intake to that sounds heavy, but I can imagine that it might help. She's had a regular eye exam at the eye doc's office (that's been a couple of years) and has yearly very basic eye exams at the pedi office. I am 99% sure all the kids here will eventually need glasses, but we haven't gotten there yet. When you found that your son had vision issues, were there other clues? This kid has no difficulty in reading and seems at least averagely coordinated with the fine and gross motor stuff. Does the pediatrician send you to a COVD person? Thank you for thinking with me about this.
  11. Do your allergy headaches come along with other allergy symptoms, or is the headache itself the symptom?
  12. I'd say not. I'm honestly not sure of the difference between a headache and a migrane (I think of migranes as being headache++). But we do live in a land of extreme temps (Central TX, man!) and some weather events. So the weather stuff is an interesting idea - I'll try to notice whether the weather seems correlated. I wonder why some people react to weather with headaches...
  13. I hadn't considered that it might be a chiropractic issue - thank you! A neurologist sounds scary, though...
  14. I'll read up on the Autoimmune Protocol -- I think the main difference between that and the W30 is the nightshades and seeds. We're not big on potatoes and this kid hates tomatoes anyway, but actually categorically eliminating them might give some insight. Thank you.
  15. I will try this! A pillow change would be a blessedly easy fix.
  16. I have a kid who is super prone to the headaches. Like 6 of the last 7 days she's been headachey enough to disrupt her life. The kid is 9. Her vision has been checked. She sleeps plenty (8p - 7a, usually). No diet sodas or caffeine. Moderate amounts of exercise. Very limited screen time (well under an hour per day). We're beginning a Whole 30 to figure out whether it's some food thing (what??). The kid has been headachey off and on forever, it seems like, but with a definite uptick in the last couple of months. Any ideas? I mentioned it to her pediatrician, who offered medication (we may be back for that!) but little inclination to understand the cause.
  17. I highly recommend Well Fed 2. It's a paleo cookbook and I think it's awesome. I own several paleo cookbooks, but WF2 is the one I reach for more often than the rest put together. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  18. Hattie Big Sky is fantastic! And we all loved Come On, Seabiscuit. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  19. That was both informative and hilarious! Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  20. We have 4 kids and no crazy dirty shoes, but plenty of regular shoes. I used to have a big basket by the front door, but that drove me crazy. So now, the shoes live in one of those cabinets of 12x12 cubbies. It has six cubbies, so each person has a spot. And if I find shoes lying about, they go into detention for a week. (or can be bought back) Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  21. I am not above serving popcorn and apples for dinner. Also, I rely on chopped salads during the summer, preferably with some grilled chicken. And I always love crunchy tacos. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  22. We use it x2 and think it's great! Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  23. We're fixing to purchase a new mattress. But gee whiz, I hate the thought of paying $$$ for what seems so simple a thing. Do any of y'all have experience with IKEA mattresses? Or have any other ideas that would be more I the $ range I stead of the $$$? But! It still has to be good and last a long time. Is that just too much to hope for? Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  24. I think giving a gift when and if it is your delight is always the right thing. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  25. I have 16 different colored place settings (my MIL gifts dishes every year!). I super-love my Fiestaware. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
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