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  1. So it'd be a visit to an allergist to figure out whether it's a "true allergy" or the OAS? And do y'all know what we would expect to happen at an allergist appointment? Enviado desde mi XT1094 mediante Tapatalk
  2. Is there any reasonable chance that these allergies would go away or be grown out of? Enviado desde mi XT1094 mediante Tapatalk
  3. Hey folks, I have a food allergy question - is it normal for a kid who has eaten a particular food all her life (10 years old) to develop an allergy? My kid in the last year has had an unpleasant reaction to peaches and cherries. And yesterday she said that strawberries were making her mouth itch... Is that a thing? Will it go away? Is something causing it? (this kid is also very headache prone and often too warm when everyone else is comfortable, if that rings any bells) Enviado desde mi XT1094 mediante Tapatalk
  4. I've been wondering, too. Enviado desde mi XT1094 mediante Tapatalk
  5. No! Good grief. Enviado desde mi XT1094 mediante Tapatalk
  6. Are the two girls friends? I like the previous suggestion of taking the girl and your daughter to a special dance thing. Enviado desde mi XT1094 mediante Tapatalk
  7. Exactly this. Enviado desde mi XT1094 mediante Tapatalk
  8. Are you thinking that the gift giver will be hurt or offended by your returning the gift? I'd be honest and grateful at the same time - express your gratitude and when they notice the switch-a-roo, tell the rest of the story. Enviado desde mi XT1094 mediante Tapatalk
  9. Go, go, go! Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  10. Yes to a reasonably clean kitchen before bed! We all help (four kids, plus us) tidy up after dinner and then the kitchen is closed. I do save emptying the dishwasher for the morning, but I always knock that out while my tea kettle heats up. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  11. Congratulations to your daughter, and the whole family!!
  12. Okay, thanks gals. It seems like what we're paying for belt testing is a little high (white to yellow is $60!), but probably we're still getting a pretty good deal with our family rate for classes. I was just surprised at an unexpected cost.
  13. I'm reading The Hotel Cat to my 5 year old. And The Hobbit to my 11 year old. And a Hardy Boys book to my 7 and 10 year olds.
  14. We've not actually been yet, so I'm not sure about the format for the testing. But there are a couple of belt levels testing per evening - so I totally understand that they can't run the evening classes at the same time. Cancelling the other classes is what seems odd to me, since we're paying both the regular membership costs AND additional $$ for the belt testing. Maybe they're thinking nobody would come, since they're hypothetically turning up for the testing?
  15. As far as shrinkage, I'd rather buy used clothes that have already gone through the laundry! When you try on something brand new, you have to consider whether the garment will shrink in the wash or not, and try to allow for that. But when you're buying used, any shrinkage would've already happened and the fit is true. Everything I've gotten (and it's been quite a bit, really - 4 girls and my own self) has been in great shape. They actually have a lot of new with tags items, too. And if I wasn't happy with the condition, I would totally send it back. I send a lot of thing back as it is - we'll order several pairs of jeans for my skinny kid and hope one fits. I always opt for the store credit when returning, that way shipping is free. I know that I'll order from them again and use my credit, so it's an easy choice for me.
  16. Hey y'all. I'm curious about your martial arts costs. We've just started with Taekwondo, and I'm surprised at the cost of belt testing! I had no idea that it would even be a separate cost from the monthly membership, but there it is. What do you pay for belt testing? And is it weird to have almost no other classes during the week of testing?
  17. Have you seen ThredUp? It's online resale. Most of the things we've bought there look new, and it's around 70% off of the retail price. My 10 and 11 year old girls *love* ThredUp. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  18. I love ThredUp. It's super easy to use, and I have gotten several nice things from there. Just remember to be prompt sending the things back that you do not love. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  19. Picky people definitely have to manage their own lunch around here. Just sayin'. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  20. Absolutely! Unless I were planning on lots of updates or serious changes in the house I'd be selling, moving in 5 months would be a breeze. I would not even pack anything more than a month out. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  21. Wilma

    Big Bend

    Ooh, good thinking! Thank you. We totally have a parks card. I will look into the state park . Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  22. Wilma

    Big Bend

    Oh! No kidding!? I had not imagined it would be too late. :( Thanks for the tips, though, I'll keep looking.
  23. Wilma

    Big Bend

    We are eyeing Big Bend for a trip in March. Have y'all been? I'm open to camping, but it looks like the park's campsites are full - any tips a out where to stay? Favorite hikes? Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
  24. No tips, but I wish I were going! I have one kid with a lifelong (she's 7.5) fixation on elephants, and I would so love to take that girl to Thailand. Sent from my XT1094 using Tapatalk
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