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  1. M&Ms rule for hiking. They are indestructible and practically unmeltable. Zatarains red beans and rice is a great hiking meal, though it takes longer than the freeze dried stuff.
  2. This sounds like great advice. We're home a lot, but obviously can't be / don't want to be here all the time. Getting Zeke used to the departures will be a lot quicker with this kind of practice. Thank you!
  3. Okay, I'll go for that. Zeke really prefers to be exactly where I am - he's a love. But if it'll help him acclimate to the crate and be relaxed when we have to be out, I'll totally try it.
  4. The eyes of this dog are like oceans - he is so dreamy.
  5. I have felt that he's a winder-upper instead if calming himself with the crying. Kid2 in my family was that way, too. Would you make him hang out in the crate during the day, or just leave the option open? He has been spending some time there if we're all in that room, but not loads. We did crate him for a bit today when we went out, and he seemed chill when we got home.
  6. Last night was loads better - thank you all! Zeke and I took a two minute drive and then a nice walk on a neighborhood trail. He loved it and walked like a pro. At bedtime he complained a bit after kenneling up, so we tried an audiobook for him. Zeke didn't make another peep all night! He got through the first 48 chapters of Moby Dick, which would be enough to put anyone to sleep. ? I bet he'll not mind hearing the same bit over again tonight.
  7. Just ordered a Kong toy - we'll try that! I'll check out the you tubes, thank you!
  8. Do y'all dog co-sleepers worry about puppies who are not all the way house-trained having mishaps? And I wonder, too, if a regular sized kid would fit comfortably in a twin bed with a dog who'll wind up being 90-ish pounds...?
  9. Good idea! I bet either room of kids would be tickled to have Zeke. I hadn't considered bunking him with them somehow - I had only thought of the common space or our bedroom. Thanks!
  10. Yes! This is super - thinking of the traffic issue separately from getting my pup the exercise he needs is ace! The traffic anxiety needs not prevent exercise and both can come along independently. That is a good shift in my thinking, thank you.
  11. ...and here is the puppy himself!
  12. Great! I'm happy to hear that advice - he's loving doing the couple tricks he knows, and we're all keen to teach him more. If that stuff helps his overall self-image and confidence level I'm delighted because it's already fun for him and us. I'm waffling between that lighter traffic time, when people are moving fast, and the rush hour when it's packed, but slow. I like the idea of taking a toy along - will totally try that.
  13. Yes. We also have two cats, but they're only tolerant and not exactly buddy material.
  14. Yes! We know a few Weimars and I grew up with a Vizsla, which is also a velcro breed. We're home a good bit of each day and all six of us are set to hang out with Zeke a lot. I'm a runner, and so is my oldest girl, and when he's full grown we expect he'll be happy to go with us. ? Maybe to refine my question a bit, how do I help him get over the scary bits? We really can't just avoid the busy street if we intend to walk this dog, though it only takes a couple minutes on the sidewalk of the busy street to get somewhere quieter and nicer. So I'm not going to drag him along or anything awful like that - I see that he's sensitive and somewhat anxious. Do you have ideas about promoting confidence and bravery in such a pup? Is 14 weeks too young to try? The hubs is reluctant to have the dog crate in our room - he's a bit of a crummy sleeper to start with and concerned that a dog snuffling around at night wouldn't help. Is it best to start as we mean to go on, or flex while he's a baby and move him out later?
  15. We brought home an adorable 14-week old Weimaraner pup on Sunday. His name is Zeke and he's fantastic. But there are a couple of things I'm having trouble with, and it's been ages since I've had a dog. If you can help me troubleshoot, please yes - I think this guy tends a towards anxiety, but maybe he's still just settling in. 1. Crate training. He's sad in the comfortable nice crate we have set up for him. We intend this to be his night spot, and at least until he's super reliable, his spot for when we're away during the day. But he cries and barks - that seems to make him more upset (we had a baby like that). We are upbeat about the "Kennel Up!", and he does hang out there some during the day. He cried a lot last night. I spent probably half of the night "sleeping" on the couch to try to keep him company. Will this get better on its own? 2. I think he's afraid of traffic. We live in a quiet/awesome culdesac, and the only exit is a moderately busy 35mph neighborhood thoroughfare. About half-way down, he gets very reluctant to keep on, needing lots of treats/coaxing to make any progress. Sometimes he just lays down in a yard rather than carrying on. But if you turn around towards home, he trots happily. We are a people who like to walk, and I know this guy is going to need exercise. What do I do? Help?
  16. Hey y'all, We're relatively seasoned campers, but somehow I'm having a hard time making a tenting decision. This summer we'll do a 2-week trip to a handful of national parks out west - super fun! The basic plan is to camp along the way, and if it's uncomfortably hot at night or somehow unpleasant, throw in a couple of hotel nights. We are 6 - 2 adults, 4 girls (aged 13, 11, 8 and 6). The girls at this point are resistant to a 2 adults / 4 kids split. Would you camp in one biggie tent? How big? Or split into 2 mediumish tents?
  17. Yes! It's SO FUN! Really! You feel like you've finished 3 times, and it's only one race! What distance are you thinking of? I've done sprint tris, but I would loooove to try a half iron-man sometime. I would say focus on the bike to run transition - that's hard on the legs. But also, give yourself permission to just enjoy the race and walk a bit if you need to!
  18. What about puzzle pieces for an Easter puzzle to put together? Or a few LEGO pieces in each egg to make up a set?
  19. My family's two favorites were a chocolate farm tour and a visit to an animal sanctuary. I think both of those we re near Arenal. Costa Rica is such a beautiful place!
  20. We have a killer cookbook called Smoke and Spice - basically everything we've made from it has been amazing. It has lots of tasty rubs, plus cool bbq side dishes.
  21. I would love to hear more about this giving of privileges as birthday gifts!
  22. I would check in with each volunteer. "We appreciate you so much. How has this year gone for you, what did you like about your volunteer role? Are you planning to return next year? Are you happy in this role, or is there something else you'd like to try? Is there anyone you'd like to be working with? " Taking a pulse with your current volunteers helps them know they're valued and shows you where your holes are for recruiting for empty positions.
  23. Maybe guac with vegetables to dip?
  24. Have you seen puzzle balls? Everyone here digs them.
  25. It's a beauty! I can imagine a few of these in my home.
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