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  1. 10 minutes. 😂 I had every confidence that this kid was a safe driver for that route from home to the pool.
  2. I said yes, but I meant 'sort of.' My kids go to a University Model School, so they're half here and half there for grammar school. And we do a couple subjects at home that aren't at school at all.
  3. Ah, okay. Thanks for that heads up. I may just recommend Bill Bryson to the older girls. James Herriot as an audiobook might be really fun - we've loved the print books, but if they are read with a fun accent that would definitely be a boost.
  4. Great idea! I read Born to Run years ago, before I was into audiobooks, and I bet the kids would really enjoy it.
  5. Let's see, at the time of adventure they'll be 9, 11, 14 and 16. All daughters. I don't mind a little cussing here and there (we LOVE James Herriot, for example) - I will look into the Bill Bryson! MLK also sounds interesting. Thank you for the ideas!
  6. Ooh, LOTR would be fun! I like that idea. Thank you, Spryte. I'll look into a geographical fit book -- we one time read a biography of John Colter when we were up at Yellowstone and that was very cool (and nerdy).
  7. Yes! It will be super fun. But I really do feel like we need books. Preferably long, epic books. 😁
  8. My family is fixing to have a big bike ride -- 240 miles spread over 6 days. It's going to be super fun for most of us, but a couple of our weaker riders would really benefit from an audiobook to speed the miles along. I'm thinking something epic and inspiring. We all loved Boys in the Boat. Leslie Connor's Crunch was also popular (we may listen to that one again, being bike related!). Seabiscuit was a hit. Can anyone point me to a great listen that would fit the occasion?
  9. I am organizing a multi-day bike trip for my family this summer. It's going to be super fun!! It's biking plus camping along a Rails-to-Trails route and should take about a week. We have a mix of excited kids and reluctant bike riders, so I am trying to strike a balance between lots of miles and other fun stuff.
  10. Are you missing the camaraderie of making music with other people, or more just the music making? Would you have a venue to play with other people? (church? Community band/orchestra? Folk group?) Or maybe you're wanting just to play for your own enjoyment? Those factors might point you in some direction or another.
  11. Check in about testing fees. Our family of 6 used to all train at a TKD studio, and the family rate was fantastic but the testing fees were not discounted at all! So that added up surprisingly fast and painfully.
  12. We all like it some, but none of us ultra love it. That's me and the husband, and four kids ages 9-15. Of the other games we play, it's most similar to Ticket to Ride, but obviously with a Parks vibe.
  13. That sounds great! I'm totally going to look into the card systems. I do like a good flashcard.
  14. Dreamer, I feel like I want to be in your fan club! I love all of this. What all languages do you speak?? So far I've learned the Lord's Prayer in English, Spanish, French and German. I super dig languages and admire y'all with many.
  15. I would love to hear more about your Scripture memory -- how do you choose what you're memorizing? And what do you do to get it in there? And how do you make it stay put?
  16. I love pork lions (we *always* think it's hilarious) smoked, thin sliced, and put in a taco. Flour or corn shells, shredded cabbage and carrots, optional BBQ sauce, and a little bit of cheese. You will not be sad if you make pork lion tacos.
  17. Wonderful, thanks y'all - I appreciate your help.
  18. I'm looking for recs for a science / natural history magazine for my 11 year old daughter. She seems a little old for Ranger Rick, and a little young for National Geographic. What do y'all love for your kids around that age?
  19. Ah, that's a good point! I hadn't considered that most Germans live at home during college. This kid will have an actual accredited high school diploma from a Classical school, a good handful of AP classes, a couple of dual credit commmunity college classes and likely some really nice ACT/SAT scores. I feel fairly confident (though I could be wrong!) that she would be okay getting in. So far as I know, no other graduates from this school have gone abroad for college, though, so I don't really know.
  20. Hi y'all, My oldest daughter is a high school sophomore this year. She's been thinking for a good while to go to university elsewhere. Like in Germany. Or Switzerland. She is a stellar student and will have rockin' test scores when that time comes. The kid doesn't have a specific major in mind, but it kind of thinking biology or environmental sciences or ecology - leading to maybe a Park Ranger type job. Assuming language skills are in place (she's working on it), what else do we need to be thinking about? How do you even start to evaluate programs or universities abroad? Do any of y'all have kids who have gone abroad for their entire undergrad? Let's assume that by the time the kid graduates and is ready to launch, coronavirus will be a bad memory and no longer a concern.
  21. We're a no TV family. And have been forever. With the impending social distancing, I'm thinking of a projector to have the option for movies, nature shows, etc. without having an actual TV sitting around. But how do people do that?? I'd rather avoid a subscription (Netflix works that way, right?), but how else does it work??
  22. Doesn't bother me at all, but it's also not my favorite. I'm a Texan, and the gold standard here is "yes ma'am/sir." So, imagine having walked through a door a teenaged kid is holding open for you and your crew. You say, "Thank you." And he replies, "Yes, ma'am." Is that not the actual nicest thing? The other nicest reply I know is the Dominican Republic's "siempre," which means always. Is that not the other nicest??
  23. Thanks for the great ideas! I hadn't thought about podcasts, but that could be fun!
  24. We're looking down the barrel of a loooong roadtrip (23 hours, one way, then 23 hours back a week later). I have a read-aloud I'll finish along the way, but I'm hoping to find a great audiobook or two as well. We are six people - the two adults plus four girls aged 13, 11, 9 and 7. The girls are a little on the sensitive side, and we prefer little or no rough language. Some books we've loved as a group: Anne of Green Gables, the whole Narnia series, Caddie Woodlawn, C'mon Seabiscuit, Hattie Big Sky, Misty of Chincoteague, Homer Price, Henry Reed Inc, The Crunch, Ginger Pye, The Moffats, The Railway Children, The Incredible Journey, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, Redwall and a couple in that series, My Family and Other Animals, James Herriot's stories Do those titles bring any others to your mind that we might love? The longer the better - this is a lot of car time!
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