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  1. 1 hour ago, mommyoffive said:

    Great list!  I've done lots of these.  They guys get jerky every year.

    Play silks.  When dd was little, I went to the fabric store and bought  a yard and a half of two bright colored shiny satin type fabrics like the evening gowns from the 30s that draped nicely and had a good weight to them.   She tied them around herself in different dress styles for years playing dress up. One of her favorite things!

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  2. Everyone has a food item I never buy except for the stockings: Jif peanut butter, Pop Tarts, Fruit Loops.  Used to buy razors, shave cream, deodorant, and other toiletries.  When I was a kid we got those little boxes of raisins.

    Phone stands https://smile.amazon.com/Lamicall-Cell-Phone-Stand-Dock/dp/B01HPI5AM2/ref=sr_1_5?crid=GR11L97AHIHD&dchild=1&keywords=phone+stands+and+holders+for+desk&qid=1606314647&sprefix=phone+stands%2Caps%2C195&sr=8-5

    M&M item-candy or mug or whatever was out each year.  The boys loved rolls of duct tape.

    Candy coated sunflower seeds from Trader Joes were a staple for years, but they haven't had them the last few years

    Kids are all young adults now, so new items.  Cute dish towels and cloths, wooden spoons, those Pampered Chef scrappers, hand made soaps, necklaces, those survival bracelets for the guys, flashlights, bottle openers with their initial or something  

    Dad gets sugar free hard candy, sardines, herring, unusual fruit, Sudoku/Crossword puzzle books.  

    Make up remover wipes, make up brushes or such,  fancy bags of coffee or favorite tea, coffee shop gift cards (my favorite! haha)

    wikki stix, slinky

  3. 2 hours ago, Kareni said:

    My first thought was of a small cotton velour blanket with which to snuggle; I thought of velour since it has a nice texture. 

    Does she read Braille? I found some games ~

    Braille Playing Cards

    Braille Uno cards

    ETA: The next one does not require Braille.

    Rubik's Tactile Cube



    A tactile blanket sounds good, too!  Might have to be homemade to get the different textures tho.

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  4. On 11/15/2020 at 9:36 PM, MercyA said:

    My formerly Amish MIL and her brothers and sisters yodel! (They spoke Swiss in their home, German at church, and English elsewhere.) I bet she'd get a kick out of it. [ETA: DH says she would think it was weird. 😊 That's kind of the point, yes? Anyway, I think it's hilarious and I admit I want it for myself.]

    Psst--it's half the price here, though! 

    My dad would drive my mom nuts using it all the time! lol

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  5. 27 minutes ago, theelfqueen said:

    World Market looks like a great place to 'wander' online for stocking stuffers.  

    I'm used to picking items that I see wandering through various stores, but now I really online hit Wmart and the grocery stores.

    Anyone want to share other fun stores where I could shop for unique items for stockings??

  6. 16 hours ago, wintermom said:

    Country artists: Shania Twain, Tommy Hunter (he had a TV show in Canada, but I don't know if he was well known in the US)

    Christian: Matt Maher, Brian Doerkson, Downhere

    You can do a quick google search, if you're curious. These are only a few. I'm not a big country listener, so I don't know who is really popular now.

    I know three!  Thanks for this thread.  Music is so good for the soul.  My favorite pick me up CD is Lifer by Mercy Me.

    .  Christian.  So upbeat and uplifting when I'm down.

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  7. 6 hours ago, mommyoffive said:

    He needs exercise in his day.  Not sure where you are located, with temps.  Get the kid outside.  Can you go on walks with him?  Bike riding?   Do you have a dog to  walk? Hiking.  Winter Sports?  During all this I am making sure the kids get outside everyday and that they get at least 1 hour of exercise. 

    Can you have him join something?  Learn something new?  Outschool class?  Online boy scouts?  A new club or something? Sports he can do at home? 

    What would he like to start learning that we have time for now?  Can you learn something with him?   A new language?  Read a book together?  Become chess masters?  🙂  Or just a new card game?

    Can you get him doing something for others?  Rake a yard.  Collect food and drop it off?  Do some other volunteer work? 

    How about learning some home skills? Have him learn how to cook.  Have him cook a meal a  week for the family.  Have him do more home chores that maybe you haven't had time to teach before.  Laundry.  Cleaning.  Sewing. 

    Would he like to do some construction projects?  My son loves doing stuff like this around the house.  I had dh teach the older 4 how to do a ton of construction projects the last 9 months.  I figure why not let them learn some shop skills with all this down time.  They built things they use and then did a lot of home projects too.  

    Is he talking to extended family?  I think it is good for kids to have other adults to talk too.  They see things in them that we don't all the time. 

    Sounds like he is needing for you to do things with him and make him have a more of a schedule.  

    This.  And does he have regular chores?  Especially if you can find some heavier ones- chopping wood, trash and recycing, or some kind of 'manly' work.  Not that he shouldn't have regular;y scheduled household chores, too. Am and pm.  I think the taking charge of a meal a week is a great one.  He'll have to feed himself someday.  Now's a great time to learn.

    Several times, I took the television away years ago.  You had to earn time reading (not school)books and get your chores done.  You could do something similar if necessary.  Saying I'm bored just gets extra chores, so he'll find some hobby!  What's a list of things he used to like doing or wanted to try?

  8. 7 hours ago, theelfqueen said:

    And then I've started filing stockings for them to open on Christmas morning. My dad loves gadgets and my mom loves knick knacks so stockings are actually pretty easy for them. They never really did stockings for each other but they both love opening lots of little things more than one big package. 

    Please share what you're doing for the stockings!  I just started doing them for my folks last year, and they love them, too.  I need ideas,   Love the Advent calendars, too!


    I was going to suggest a Christmas centerpiece.  I got one years ago and enjoyed it.  I don't think you could go wrong with fruit...


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  9. 2 hours ago, wintermom said:

    Since your asked...  And I'm avoiding my stats assignments... 😉

    Ok, so you didn't so so well on the places of origin, but you provided some excellent info for my poll! Don't worry, I would have completely bombed on this when I was growing up. Hopefully you've had some fun and maybe you want to take a tour through some pretty decent Canadian artists from the list. Let me know what kind of music you like and I can make a recommendation. 

    I've always been a music person.  Any country or christian artists from Canada I might also know?

  10. Cut and paste the list below and add in: a) have you heard of this artist, b) where do you think they are from, and c) when/how did you learn this. P.S. (They are not all from Canada.)


    - Gordon Lightfoot, If you could read my mind, Cotton Jenny  **Loved his music!  Yes, knew he was Canadian.

    - Bryan Adams, Summer of '69 ** Loved his music, too.  Did not know

    - Kim Mitchell, Patio Lanterns

    - Trooper, Boys in the Bright, White Sports Car

    - Rush, -e

    Chris De Burgh, Lady in Red, A Spaceman Came Travelling  ** Know, but don't know where he's from

    - Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah  **Know.  Thought he was American

    - Celine Dion - Titanic theme  **Well known.  Unsure

    - Tom Cochrane, Life is a Highway (he's the original, NOT Rascal Flats)  ** Know,   Unsure

    - Dire Straits, Money for Nothing, Walk of Life  **listened to a lot!  Unknown, but not Canadian?

    - Doug and the Slugs, Too Bad, Making it work

    - Barenaked Ladies, If I had a million dollars  ** have heard the name, but not familiar

    - Chilliwack

    - Tragically Hip, 

    - Sarah McLaughlin, In the arms of a stranger  ** Know.  Irish?

    - Jan Arden

    - Bay City Rollers, Saturday Night   **Big hit here.  Unknown

    - Huey Lewis and the News  **Well known.  Unsure

    - Glass Tiger, Man in Motion (about a Canadian wheelchair athlete, Rick Hanson, travelling the world to raise awareness and money)

    - Michael Buble, jazz, crooner  **well known. American

    - Neil Young, stuff with Eagles  **well known.  Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  American

    - Joni Mitchell, ** well known  English?

    - The Guess Who  **My first album haha.  American

    - Leona Boyd, classical guitarist


    I guess I don't often think about where the artist is from.  You forgot Anne Murray from Canada.  🙂

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  11. 4 hours ago, BakersDozen said:

    We don't do gifts aside from kids' stockings so all I want is for my young adult kids to be here for a good amount of time (w/o their SOs would be really ideal) and just hang out having a blast with siblings. We had that last year and it was delightful - hours and hours of laughter and "family" jokes without hovering SOs ready to leave after 15 minutes. That's what I want.

    The stockings are just getting so hard as the kids get older!  I hope you'll share your best ideas.

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  12. 2 hours ago, Jenny in Florida said:

    I did realize today that I could use a new set of measuring cups. I've had the same two sets of plastic ones--one of which was a freebie as part of some set of inexpensive stuff--for many years, and a bunch of them have gone missing or been destroyed in one way or another. I'd like a set of nice metal ones like my good measuring spoons.

    I just replaced my Tupperware measuring spoons with some I found at Home Goods.  Love the new ones, and it was in the back of my mind that old Tupperware items weren't really safe items anymore.  BPA or such...

  13. On 11/10/2020 at 12:23 PM, stephanier.1765 said:

    I am making gifts for my grandchildren from my stash of craft items. They are still small and won't care one bit that their gifts are Gigi made. Here's what I'm making for my granddaughter for her birthday. It's a traveling dollhouse for a felt "paper doll". There are little clothes for it in the wardrobe. I still have a few more touches for it and then it'll be ready to mail.



    Beautiful!  She'll love it!

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