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  1. I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. Switched to Home Economics when schools in the area started closing. Got my teaching in at home. 🙂 Dh has his own business. I am bookkeeper, HR, marketing and more. Wasn't on my idea list, but was brought up to be a helpmate, so that's how I ended up here. I am finding it challenging and love learning new things, so it's worth it.
  2. You could freeze meatloaf or pre-slice and brown sliced steak for stir-fry or pepper steak.
  3. The hooks on my side of the closet are for a 6' person, so useless to me. I have a basket of off season clothes topped with a laundry basket where I drape my work tops and jeans. Usually wear the jeans the next day, but rotate the weekly shirt collection between one week and the next--so two wearings before they hit the laundry. Not the best, but it works for now. I used to have a chair I hung them on, but dh now uses his chair and mine.
  4. Veggie pizza, taco dip. Ham lunchmeat spread with cream cheese and rolled around pickles, sliced. Eggrolls.
  5. I have one closet that someone cut the corner area out of the shelf, so I have room for the broom/mop handles.
  6. I usually have extra items for one or two of the kids. I just put them away for the next occasion, be it birthday, Easter or the following Christmas. This year I emptied my extra supply! Time to start picking things up here or there again!
  7. We quit doing ribbons years ago. Too much else to do, and usually wrapping on Christmas Eve.
  8. Bought both boys a shoe shine kit one year, but don't think they ever used them. They wear tennies most of the time. sigh Life Savers, snack mix, jerky, nail files or clippers, got the women make up brushes and sponges one year. Toiletries. Those carabiner clips in the sports section, duct tape, office supplies, hair brush or comb, small tools.
  9. Due to Dad's diabetes and everyone else becoming health conscious, I no longer make Oreo truffles, pecan crescents, and fudge. Not many cookies at my place either. A wonderful shortbread is espresso shortbread! But mom and dad are decaf people. I started getting into the biscotti baking, but dil is gf, df, so will try to bake a cookie or two that she can eat this year. How things change through the years!
  10. We've done this for years with high grad and up each bringing a gift. We've had more fun, even with white elephant items from the teens mixed in. And if you play the game right, you and your spouse can get what you really want. My sisters weren't happy the year I brought home the stepladder I wanted, or the year we came home with two pillows. Fleece or other throw blankets are good, several boxes of chocolate candies, scratch off cards, bath towel set are some things I can think of right now.
  11. One weekend I put up a few items on the mantel-- which reminds me that didn't include the nativity set-which maybe I won't put out as I'll have several two year olds on Christmas. Last weekend dd put the string of lights on the window. I managed to bring up the tree and put lights on it. Moving so slowly this year. I know I have some things for dd and dgs in my stash, and I picked up a couple books for one ds, but that's it. Just have no motivation. And the big family Christmas is moving to my house this year. Yes, I have to cook dinner for 15, too, as my kids really don't want lasagna again this year. lol I know we're having ham...
  12. I picture them building the Knex amusement park ride. Or a Snap Circuit set.
  13. We had a neighborhood party this fall, which we hadn't done for a number of years. We had about 25 show, and they were happy that we set it up. I've gotten back in the habit of reading personal growth books for me and for work. Trying to become the motivator at work. Big job even for a small business.
  14. I always gave the kids' lists to the family to shop for and picked out something they hadn't thought of - ice skates or rollerblades or whatever. Santa never brought my kids the things on their lists. An alternative...
  15. There are several Advent books with a daily story. The first one is Jotham's Journey. All three by that author are set in Jesus' birth time and place. My three kids loved them.
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