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  1. Thanks Derek! I looked into it once and was not sure wirh such young one if one day a week will be enough. I will look again.
  2. Thanks Mark. Will do. I am wondering how hard in WHA honors physics. Given that she is great at comprehending.
  3. Hi Hive, My head is spinning with online classes and curriculums for next year. I am sleepless. My DD10 is doing Jacobs Algebra with Veritas press. I enrolled her in Geometry with WHA next year. She is doing excellent with Jacobs. She finds it very easy. My plan is to keep reviewing Algebra with Forester next year while she does Geometry online. Does WHA Geometry review Algebra? Am I making the right decision. She wants to do Algebra based physics as well. I am looking at Honors Algebra with WHA again. But I am not so sure with the age. From the info, do you think she will be able to handle it? Please advise!!!
  4. My DD10 is currently doing their Algebra 1 live lessons. She loves it her teacher a lot. Constant review in the form of homework, quizzes, projects etc. I am totally hands off.
  5. Thanks a bunch! All great resources. You guys are overwhelming with so much information that I can hardly sleep and keep researching.
  6. I am so happy that I posted in highschool broad. Thanks to Lori. D. You guys give me wealth of information. So how would you proceed with a kid who is taking Algebra as a 5th grader. She did Ellen Mchenry chemistry, holt biology, Ellen Botany this year. Did Texas private competitons called PSIA. Always been a state winner for the past 4 years. Did PSAT 8/9 through Duke tip this year and waiting for the results and She wants to do engineering or be in research field in medicine. She is up for any challenge academically. Does horseback riding and fencing. Can I get some guidance from you veterans?
  7. I totally agree with you. I would be scared too.
  8. When I was looking for Ap and Veritas press, ended up calling them. They said that all their courses from calculus, chemistry, physics, biology, US history, economy, omnibus prepares the students for AP and beyond. Also the kids are well prepared to take AP exam doing their course. Not sure how true that is. Unless someone took their high school classes and sat for their AP, we wouldn't know. Definite mystery.
  9. Veritas doesn't have anyother AP classes? Will their physics 11 and organic chemistry quaint for AP exam?
  10. G5052, Thanks for the reply. I might sound really really dumb here. But what's young earth viewpoint? I thought science and Math are usually straight forward. Or is it different? I am sorry for such silly questions😰
  11. Hi Pistachio Mom, Thank you so much for the reply. She is great at organization skills and good with studying and taking notes. I think participating in academic competitions since first grade helped her in these areas. These are definitely not from her mama! Lol I am not going the Diploma route. But going to rely heavily on you veterans. I looked at omnibus and I like the book selections. Though we are secular, my daughter loves to learn about different cultures and religions. She sees it from a different point of view. With everything going on in the world, I would love for her to learn and respect other religion and cultures as well. She loves reading. Whatever we have done this year, is heavy on literature. I am wondering if I should try self paced with her or do WTMA Middle Ages. Do you all think a 6th grader could handle highschool ancients history and literature in Wtma?
  12. Thanks Julie of KY! I feel little confident now!
  13. I really appreciate the detailed reply. My DD loves to learn new things as well and curious about everything. I am going go keep asking you all several questions as we go. I totally relate to missing your DD next year! I am sure she will miss you deeply! She is so lucky to have such involved mama!!! I will soon start picking your brain 8Fill!!!
  14. That really puts me at ease. Thank you so much.
  15. EndofOrdinary: Thank you so for the reply. Now I am not even remotely considering Veritas. 8FillTheHeart: I have always tagged you along. I have a question. How do you do it all? Do you learn with the kids? I really want to do a home made course. I am just not confident. So you teach them yourself? If you are not well versed, how do I learn? Snowbeltmom: Thanks a lot. So even top tier colleges don't require diploma other than mom made? Am I breaking my head for no reason😰😰
  16. Hi everyone, I am going to start with a big salute to all highschool board moms. You guys are obvious Veterans in homeschool. I have a 5th grade DD who is extremely advanced. I don't want to graduate her early. In fact keep her with me as long as I can ( can I come across more selfish?). I am looking at Veritas press Secondary Diploma (7th grade). She is taking Algebra this year and so far doing extremely well. Is the Diploma from Vp worth it? Though we are from different religion and culture, I am ok with omnibus as well. I love the book selections there. Do you think this is a good idea ( most likely Highest Honors) or can you suggest a different route? Thank you all so much in advance.
  17. Math Mammoth. And supplemented with Zacarro and Process skills.
  18. We use Runkle Geopraghy and use both the components and when she memorizes the countries we also study the cultural aspects with DK eyewitness and its a lot! She loves it and getting a plenty out of it.
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