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  1. I don't really see any information compared to 5th graders. I am so confused.
  2. I have not yet looked at the CB. Hive is my goto. lol Will definitely check it out. But the score report says against 8th graders. Going to CB right now
  3. Thanks a lot for the email. We are more used to Iowa and Stanford 10. Hence her disappointment. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Going to show her this message.
  4. My DD10 took PSAT 8/9 in Jan through Duke tip. Just got the score reports. I am not sure how it is compared to other kids her age. Can someone help me and let me know how she did? Math: 460 75th percentile Reading and writing: 410 49th percentile Total score: 870 62nd percentile. She is very upset looking at the percentile. I am ok with it. Is this too low?
  5. Phew! Middle school. This is our second year homeschooling. Lot of online because my DD wants a teacher other than mom Current events: Cnn student news, science news Grammar: Analytical Grammar Vocab/Spelling: Vfcr A, R and S 7 and Barron's vocab flash cards Writing: veritas press Composition 1 Math: Wilsonhill academy Geometry ( did Jacobs Algebra with veritas press this year with huge success. Loved her teacher) Science: WTMA physics History: WTMA Middle Ages ( delayed) Logic: Logic 1 veritas press Literature: Literature transition veritas press ( did literature 6 with veritas this year and her teacher was amazing) Geography: ??? Any advice on middle school geography? Computer: scratch with Mommy. She loves reading. Lots of trips to B&N and library Music: piano Art: she started taking lessons in an art school Lots of fencing tournaments, English riding shows. PSIA academic competitions: number sense, vocab, ready writing, National Quiz bowl.
  6. I love Jetta! She helped me decide my daughter's science class this year though we didn't take clover creek.
  7. DD will do Geometry. Love her teacher already. She cleared lot of my fears regarding the class.
  8. It is an orphanage and also it has a school for differently abled kids and a hospice for terminally ill people. Also there is a senior citizen home where we go when we are there. Twice a year. This is in India. Thanks for answering the questions. I was not sure if that counts. My DD has seen us do work there ever since she was 2 years old. She wants go start doing it as well.
  9. Hi hive, I have a question about volunteering in high school. Does volunteering overseas count for volunteering credit in Highschool? Is it acceptable? We do that twice a year for personal reasons. I was wondering when she reaches highschool If this would Count? Thanks in advance.
  10. Oh no! I used Holt just for middle school. I am definitely enrolling her in WHA science for 7th grade and start prepping for Ap slowly instead of cramping it all up for highschool. Sat 2 exams are always inline. ddmmetler you and your daughter are doing amazing. I read your posts offer and cheer for you guys everytime your dd accomplishes something. I totally value your input. My dd loves all her subjects at this point and start prepping her for a very easy one. Mine being someone who thrives under stress wants it to be a very difficult subject to start with, I put my foot down on this own and we both agreed on Ap psychology after researching. She always asks me about reading minds and stuff. So she will find it intersting and from what I learn it is an easy exam compared to some others out there. What does the hive think? Also should I enroll her for a Ap class online or is it ok for her to self study with me? But she cannot have Ap on her transcript without approval? Am I right? Is it important to have Ap psychology on it or just psychology with Ap exam will suffice? If we start will an Ap textbook and Barron's will be enough to study. She always asks for challenge and got very excited when I told her about it and at the same time I don't want to burn her out and kill her love for learning.
  11. EndOfOrdinary, I am reading your last response again and again. I really like your idea of letting her explore as much as she can and I am really taking it to heart now. I appreciate it a lot and a huge eye opener.
  12. Thank you so much. It is extremely helpful.
  13. We did Jacobs this year and review with Jacobs thinking is really good before you hit the hard topics.
  14. She is talking about Engineering and possible architect. I feel like she will do excellent in medical field as well. She has done Chemistry with Elements, Botany with Elements, Holt biology and I signed up for WTM academy logic stage physics now. Do you think she can delve into highschool science after this and possibly prep for an Ap exam of her choice? She Does a lot of competitions in writing which is always timed. So I don't see an issue with that. But her handwriting is horrible. Lol
  15. dmmetler and calbear, does that mean even a 6th or 7th grader can take Ap exams?
  16. Thank you. I looked into the conferences. The thing is she is so much into lot of tournaments and horse shows, we travel a lot. But I am on a lookout for the conferences in Houston. I have asked For an appoimtment with chemistry professor in our local community college. You have given me a lot to think about.
  17. No one has ever taken this class? Or is this new?
  18. Also is it possible to give Ap exams as 7th grader and 8th grader? I don't want to load her with work so I would like to start the process slowly when things are light. And does Volunteering overseas really count?
  19. I get what you say now. Mine is a complete stem in and out. This year she did Bio, Chem and doing Botanh right now. Next year she wants physics and continue with her research in chemistry. All I have now is her math plan till 9th 6th Geo 7thAlgebra 2 8th pre calc 9th Probably DE since CC is right next to our house or AP calculus I am letting her choose her science But she never had any real exposure with Physics. So she wants to do it this year. EndOfOrdinary, how do you teach all these subjects yourself? I am so scared to even attempt past middle school. I am trying to outsource as many as possible.
  20. I think they opened up a new section recently! When I looked they just had one section and sold out and a delayed section. My DD wanted live. So now I am off to register her in WTMA without a second thought. Heard great things about Amy Upperman. Thanks a lot...
  21. Hi, Looking for input about logic stage physics from WTM Academy. Anyone has taken the class? My daughter had some physics. So I don't want this to be repeatative. Is this too basic?
  22. I appreciate the reply. I did try to enroll her in WTMA logic stage physics course. I was too late😓 no slots and she wanted a live class component. Do you think clover creek is better than WHA at this age?
  23. Hi EndOfOrdinary, Thank you so much for your input. Appreciate it. She wants the Ivy colleges as well and two in particular. I have decided not to graduate early long long ago ever since she is stuck on this. Right now for me she is in fifth grade. We both thrive on plans as well. She loves anything and everything to do with science and that's why I wanted a sequence. If I let her decide then she will want to do 2 or three science courses a year which I don't want to do. Also she does a lot to tournaments and riding shows and piano classes which puts us on a time constraint per day. Though I know only the last 4 years are counted for highschool, isn't harder the courses the better for top tier colleges? I am just thinking aloud.
  24. Hi, I posted couple of times on highschool board and was directed here. My dd10, is doing Algebra 1 right now and immersed in lot of science and hands on science outside home. She takes veritas online class for Math which used Jacobs text. She is flying through it and we work on word problems a lot at home as well. She wants to do algebra based physics next year. She will be doing Geometry at WHA. I am sure lot of you have gone through. What math and science sequence would you recommend for this child? She wants to do engineering or research in medical field. She does fencing ( lot of tournaments), horseback riding(shows in and out of the city), and piano ( she wants to learn a instrument). I find it really hard to keep up with her schedule. She wants to goto highly selective colleges. What do you all suggest? she also did psat 8/9 in Jan through duke tip. waiting for the results. Also she has a research idea in chemistry. Which is an amazing topic. How do I help her? I can teach chemistry but not advanced topics.
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