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  1. Math: WilsonHill Geometry and review with Aops algebra, AMC 8 Literature and vocab: loads and loads of books. She loves reading. Science: physics with WTMA, focus on research and bringing her ideas to life History: middle ages Geography: Geomatters and continue Runkle Language arts: Analytical grammar Spanish: grade 8 spanish and start prepping for Ap spanish slowly. Music: Piano Art: art class Sports: horse riding and shows, fencing and tournaments. Academic competitions: PSIA, AMC 8/Mathcounts if I can get a team, national quiz bowl with her friend. Main goal for me is to keep challenged enough in everything she does. She gets bored easily. Any out of box ideas for her? She is going to be 11 next month. 5th grader. Would love suggestions/ideas/opinions!!
  2. DD almost 11, does Jacobs ( almost done) for an hour, does Zacarro for 30 mins and started competition math for middle school about 30 mins a day. She does the Competition math book because she gets to think through it and make mistakes. Almost 2 hours. But we tend to finish Math in the morning and afternoon is allocated for all other subjects.
  3. Awesome. I already asked around and posted on my FB page about it. Hope I get few kids to make it fun.
  4. maybe we will try that. Do you mind me asking when it is usually conducted?
  5. So she can do Mathcounts as an individual? Am I right?
  6. Yes! This. This is why. Even though we were not doing much math competitons, I always insist on word problems ann puzzling through them even if she doesn't arrive on right answer. Very good example.
  7. Oh! Really? This might work. I will see if I can make up a team then... Priceless info on this forum.
  8. Would love to do Mathcounts team. But we are very limited on time to commit with other kids. She has multiple activities and is super busy. Mathcounts seems tempting reallyâ¤ï¸
  9. She is a perfectionist. If she goes in without knowing atleast a few, momma won't hear the end of it. Lol
  10. I already have her working on " Math competition for middle school" and over the summer work on the actual tests themselves. Thanks a lot
  11. Thanks. I am also considering if I should move her to WTMA Aops Algebra 2 after Algebra 1 with Jacobs. This I too confusing. Not sure which one to choose. Traditional Geometry route or Aops route. Any advice? She is not a Math genius but extremely smart gifted kid. She is like a sponge.
  12. Thank you so much. I already got Math for middle school, I ordered the problem solving basics 1 and order introduction to Algebra to practice with her after finishing Jacobs in a month. Thank you for all the resources. Will definitely check out the mathcount minis. Thanks
  13. I am losing sleep over it. Seriously! We started with Aops prealgebra and DD couldn't take it because it was too wordy for Her. Settled on Jacobs. She loves loves Jacobs. We are torn btw WHA Jergensens text ( she loves the teacher from the video profile) or Jacobs from Veritas ( loves Jacobs but not the teacher). She loves challenge and discovery. What would you do?😓😰
  14. yes. That's a good point. I do have to talk about scores to her. Thanks for the heads up. She is so self critical.
  15. Haha! Looks like you had some amazing experience with this. I am glad she brought this up in advance. I do have Competition Math for middle school and basics of problem solving level 1 from Aops. Do you think this along with sample tests from Aops site will suffice for first timers? I did call about the AMC 8 coaching place. On second thought we do lot of EC and don't want to add one more class. So thought this might work for first year????? Opinions please
  16. I agree. It seems really hard. I cannot believe I suck at it myself. And your 6th grader should have done much better than me I bet. So proud of yours.
  17. After I posted here, I researched and found a place where they coach for AMC 8 and Mathcounts and they have aath circle. Yayyy. Going to check it out today. Thanks a lot.
  18. she has done competitions of low challenge level like PSIA and have always won state. Not coached by me though. She wants something more. Hard one ( her words). Lol
  19. Hi Hive, Let's talk Math competitions. DD expressed interest in Math Competitions today. I have questions for moms with Mathy kids. 1. What is the best competiton to start with? AMC 8, Mathcounts ( but don't have homeschool team) or ????? 2. Best resources 3. Do I need a tutor to be successful in the field? Or self prep enough? I am a software engineer and can teach through calculus but not competitive Math. I feel like it is totally different ball game. I feel so dumb just looking at them. Can I get advice and suggestions?
  20. Dd is taking Algebra right now. She is doing Jacobs. When she gave the PSATs she was doing Prealgebra part of it. Not sure if that counts. Lol
  21. hmm....it is all so new to me. I am glad that hive is always there to the rescue!!! Thank you everyone.
  22. Haha. You are too sweet. I am definitely showing her all your messages once she is out of her fencing classâ¤ï¸
  23. Aww :) thank you so much. She must have got it from her dad. Lol. When I checked the site they had just for 8th and 9th graders😓.
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