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  1. Hope her partner's test is negative too, and they can feel a bit safer. I'm sorry you can't get to her. That's got to be a scary feeling. Separate rooms and masks are good, though, and hooray for her negative test.
  2. I don't know if this might be helpful or not. We've had some tiny toad experience, years ago, and relied heavily on home-grown bugs. If you have a compost pile, you can probably dig around gently in the lower levels and the soil at the base and find any number of small earthworms and other bugs... pill bugs, black soldier fly larvae, earwigs, and so on. Even establishing a compost pile for the purpose might produce fairly quick results, if you think the toad might be with you for a few weeks. It's not a neat or tidy way to get toad food, but I hoped it provided some nutritional variety. We used crickets as well, and mealworms, and so on from the pet store. Eta I just remembered that when our toadlet was very tiny I just brought in little scoops of compost, which were swarming with tiny bugs. Toad found them very successfully all on her(?) own, so I didn't have to worry about picking up individual bugs, just scooping up a bit of compost.
  3. Poor Toadie and poor dd. Hope he continues to recuperate well.
  4. Lots of hugs. It sounds like your mom really needs your help. It's so good that you could do all this for her; especially getting your name down as an authorized contact will help as time goes on. I hope you and she get good news soon. Maintaining a high quality of life for several years would be wonderful. Whatever happens, know that your support is truly valuable to her.
  5. She is just lovely. I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend.
  6. I'm so sorry. I hope the clinic is helpful to you, as quickly as possible. Surely there's going to be a ton of research on long Covid over the next months. Maybe it will turn up something useful.
  7. Stumbled on this kinda-related thread this morning. The one with the train is amazing. Now I want to make miniature niches in my house.
  8. 43.hospitals.with.full.ICUs.turned.him.away.
  9. Yeah. Lots and lots of mice. And the odd rat. It was deeply, truly filthy.
  10. You know what this made me think about: the old house I fixed up had been home to a large family in years past, but it was very small: like, one real bedroom. I would have loved to know how they used the spaces. Maybe a plan of the house, with "girls' room," "boys' room," "kitchen," "attic bedroom", etc. Photos would be wonderful. A plan of the yard, with information about significant plants ("Maiden's Blush" apple, grafted from Granddad's; oak tree planted 2021). The pickle jar sounds good.
  11. Found in old walls: comic books, buttons, coins, barrettes, small toys like toy soldiers and cars. Assembling a time capsule would be fun. A mask would be an obviously timely item, with perhaps a newspaper: not that people often have the physical ones lying around any more, but they'd give a sense of today's issues. Coins are always good. Whatever little things your kids think represent the era best from their point of view. Are friendship bracelets popular still? Lists of favorite movies, tv shows, books, music? Sounds like a fun project!
  12. On a population-wide level, vaccinations make a huge difference in reducing viral spread and severity. On an individual level, there's no certainty. Each infection is a roll of the dice.
  13. What a lucky kitty! I'm so glad she can stay with you.
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