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  1. my daughter (10) finished MM4A and then we switched to BA3. We have done 3A and 3B and will start C tomorrow. It is my plan to supplement with MM because we all love BA so much.
  2. My dd 10 (11 in two months) is dylexic too. We are using CAP's Writing and Rhetoric. It is perfect for her. A little reading, questions to answer, short dictation, and a short "creative" writing assignment imitating the original in the lesson.
  3. I had a few regular sized composition books cut in half, they are the perfect size for spelling and vocabulary.
  4. If she is Mormon, they just had their big General Conference today and it will continue tomorrow.
  5. Thank you so much for your answers. We are having so much fun with these books. I, too, have seen improvements in critical thinking since we started. My help is more of guiding her to continue to try and not give up after one try. Going through it again is a great idea. We bought a few books of logic puzzles, the kind with a grid and a few clues to figure out who did what and where, we have gone through those puzzles two times and some of them three times. I did not worry about those. Math is just the medium is a good mantra. I will not stress anymore.
  6. My daughters are using Beast Academy and they love it. Solving problems has always been a favorite activity for them. One of them is dyslexic and seems to need a lot of help from me with the practice problems. I am wondering if this means that it is not a good fit for her. She excels at computation, but usually needs me to reword some of the problems for her to know what she needs to do to solve it. She is not frustrated and genuinely likes to try and figure them out. I guess what I am asking is how do I know if this is working for her? Before this we were using MM and she did very well with that, except the word problems, which I helped her with. She is 10, by the way. I saw a thread the other day about dyslexia and math. I am going to go find that and read it. We are very new to the dyslexia and have only been "sure" about her having dyslexia for a few months. I am trying to rework our school so she gets the most out of it. Thank you for your help.
  7. I love this idea! I would love to read about your experience too.
  8. My friend has a tradition that I find fascinating. Her children's initials spell their first name. Her oldest is Zoe Olivia Erickson. The next is Kyle Yeshua Lance Erickson. The third is Jane Anna Natalia Erickson. They admit that this limits the names they can use, but don't plan on having many more children.
  9. I am there too. I spent last year studying the Ancient Greek writings and the lives of Greek and Roman men. Now I am teaching the history of Rome to my children. Wow is this easy! because I already know it and can just teach instead of read from a manual. We also started a study of astronomy, of which I know very little. This is nothing like our history. It is obvious I don't know the material. Our history lessons are definitely from a state of rest, while our astronomy lessons are not. When I first started homeschooling I was told over and over to learn along side my children, now I see it is really learn at least a little ahead of my children. I have begun to study the Middle Ages while trying to get ahead in astronomy and looking toward next year, cytology.
  10. Do I need the teacher guides? I am looking at grades 3, 4, & 5.
  11. Oh yea! That is exactly what I need.
  12. How much is the teacher involved? Is it something that could be done semi-independent?
  13. I love the name Willa, but was disappointed that she named her after Willa Cather without reading any of her books. Silly girl.
  14. My grandmother's name was Velda. I hate that name and so did she. She was even more mad when she found out in her 60's that the name on her birth certificate was Pricilla and the aunt she went to live with after her mother died changed it. I have an Abigail (I was oblivious to its popularity) and also a Mallory (we spell it with an ie instead of a y). A friend of mine named her daughter Willa, after the author Willa Cather. It irritated me a little that she had never read any of her books.
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