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  1. I kind of have two questions with this one. 1- Would Apologia Physical Science be considered Integrated Physics & Chemistry? It says that the course can be done in 8th or 9th - so since it references a possibility of being done in High School, I'm wondering if it could be considered Integrated Physics & Chemistry?? 2- Is Physical Science necessary? Say someone did Apologia General Science in 8th. Can they just jump to Apologia Biology in 9th? (skipping Physical Science in 8th)
  2. Can The Mystery of History really be used in High School? According to the website, it can. But I only see people using it for Elementary and Middle School, but nothing on High School. Have you used it for your High Schooler? What has been your experience?
  3. Thank you all! This has helped tremendously!! :lol: So basically then, General Science could be done in 8th grade to prepare the student for High School then, right? This is assuming the child would need General Science.
  4. Reading through Well Trained Mind it has the Science cycle as: 5th Biology 6th Astronomy and Earth Science 7th Chemistry 8th Physics 9-12 repeat the above. Where does General Science fit in? Somewhere along the way I was told that 7th grade should be General Science such as the one from Apologia. When do you fit in General Science? :)
  5. I can not, for the life of me, decide on a Science curriculum. I was going to go with Switched on School house but am now debating if I should look into something else. We haven't really done much Science other than interest lead and we did one year of Apologia but found it kind of blah (maybe it was just that one specific book - Day 5 Flying Creatures). I hear AiG is good too, but haven't seen any reviews on it. I was looking at Memoria Press Science as well: http://www.memoriapress.com/curriculum/science/j-h-tiner-science-series. What do you all use for Science 6th grade? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  6. Would I need the Teacher Guide (http://peacehillpress.com/the-complete-writer-writing-with-ease-instructor-text.html) too? I ask since you mentioned that the Student Workbook has all the instructions. OR is it like the FLL workbooks and Teachers Guide where you do need both even if the student guide has instructions?
  7. I'm trying to figure out if I need the Student Workbook or not. Are the Student Pages identical to the whole-of the Student Workbook, or just part of it? I don't want to go and purchase the Workbook and the Student Pages only to find out that I purchased the same thing :) I also don't want to NOT purchase the Student Workbook if it has more in it that the Student Pages. In case I was confusing, here is a link to the Student Pages on Peace Hill Press http://peacehillpress.com/student-pages-4-for-writing-with-ease.html and here is the link to the Student Workbook on Peace Hill Press http://peacehillpress.com/the-complete-writer-writing-with-ease-workbook-4.html Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm a bit stumped on what to use next year. My daughter used FLL, and we just finished up level 4. But, as you know if you've used it - there is no next level. What did you use after? Thanks in advance!
  9. We are finishing up Volume 1 (Ancient TImes). Next year we will be going to Volume 2 (Middle Ages) :)
  10. My daughter is going to 6th grade next year, and we are using SOTW. I was wondering if anyone knew of any book lists for older kids like here? The ones in VOL 1 were great, but I kinda wished they were a few that were a bit more for her level. I noticed that now Sonlight uses SOTW for 7th and 8th grade. Has anyone purchased JUST their readers for History???to compliment SOTW?? if so, which ones did you purchase? I don't want to pick up what I don't need, but I also don't want to leave out any that she could benefit from as supplemental for History. Thank you in advance!!! :o)
  11. Do you think the Poetry could be used on it's own? On the MP site they sell the Student book and Teacher key together as a package. Do you use anything in addition to those books? :)
  12. listening in too. i'm in need of a poetry program for our homeschool.
  13. Has anyone had experience combining All About Reading Level 1 with The Ordinary Parent's Guide to teaching Reading? OR OR All About Spelling Level 1 with The Ordinary Parent's Guide to teaching Reading I love them both and would like to combine them, but want to make sure that they flow together. :001_smile:
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