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  1. We have a Deebot, not a Roomba, but ours is named Dorkbot. Can you tell what DS's favorite word was? 🙄😆
  2. It looks like my library has a 2 per month limit. Looks like it's time to finally get DS his own library card! ?
  3. Great courses on Hoopla? That just opened a whole new world for me! And also, apparently the Roku has a Hoopla app. I'm so excited! (Sorry for the threadjack, Roadrunner, I just got really excited about this!)
  4. If it makes you feel any better, I was the kid in AP Calculus, counting on my fingers during exams. Didn't hurt me any! It wasn't until I as an adult (really, when teaching DS) that I got good at "combining 10s" in my head and doing mental math at all. (Mostly because he's really good at it, and I was trying to keep up ?)
  5. I saw sharks and kittens while I was there. I think online I also saw sloths (which would have been a hard choice if I'd seen it in person!).
  6. This may be too easy/light for what you're looking for, but I'm planning on using Legends, Icons & Rebels: Music That Changed the World for DS11 this year, as a sort of rock history course. It covers 27 musicians, and has a two page spread on each one, talking about them and explaining why their music was important. There are two included CDs that have music from the various artists, and each artist page lists around a half dozen of their songs you might want to listen to.
  7. Just as I was lamenting how boring binders are, I turned around at Staples yesterday and found this awesome binder with LLAMAS on it - I was so excited! (They also had ones with kittens and sharks.) I also bought the matching llama dividers. It's sitting on my kitchen table right now, and I smile every time I see it. ☺️
  8. For my rising 6th grader, I'm planning on using as science read-alouds: The Forest Unseen (recommended in another thread here) The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind A Dog in the Cave: The Wolves Who Made Us Human I also considered "The Skull in the Rock: How a Scientist, a Boy, and Google Earth Opened a New Window on Human Origins," but I don't think we'll have time.
  9. I love knitting socks - they're my favorite on-the-go project. I would say that for your first pair, you get a simple pattern, and knit them one at a time. (I feel like knitting two at a time just adds an element of complexity you don't need while you're first figuring out how everything goes together. JMO :)) Pick whichever method of knitting in the round you're most comfortable with - I used to do all of mine on double pointed needles, but have recently changed my knitting style, and now find two circulars more comfortable. But it doesn't really matter! This looks like a nice, simple pattern with lots of pictures and instructions for a first-timer. Once you've got the basics down, you can branch out to try other variations, like two-at-a-time. My personal favorite is toe-up (this is a great explanation of the method I use) and a Fish Lips Kiss heel (funny name, but great fit :)). Go slow, look up YouTube videos if you get stuck, and just follow the directions. They're not actually that difficult, just different. Good luck!
  10. Same here! My Asher gets called Asher-Dasher, Dasher, and Dashington.
  11. I have a pair of Lems and I LOVE them - the most comfortable shoes straight out of the box I've ever worn. But, they are $100, so probably not the cheap option you were looking for. I recently came across Feiyue Tiger Claw, which might fit the bill for you. They're about $20 on Amazon, and Birthday Shoes has a good review of them. If you're looking for sandals, and don't mind doing a little DIY, Xero shoes has a make your own huarache kit that's about $20. (Disclaimer: I bought these and tried them, but I have picky feet, and had a hard time getting them tight but not too tight. I didn't try a different tying option, just went the instant gratification route and ordered a pair of these Sanuk sandals, which are comfy and easy and no assembly required :laugh: )
  12. I would recommend getting her some things from Makedo (also available from Amazon)! They're a "cardboard construction system" - basically a set of specialty plastic screws for use holding cardboard together, as well as a plastic saw and specialty screw driver. Excellent accessory for making cardboard creations. Also, you might like at Steve Caney's Ultimate Building Book. It's all about this same kind of tinkering, and has lots of project ideas using various building "systems" (like toilet paper tubes, or pvc pipe, or rolled up newspaper).
  13. If you really want him to see the fixed sentences, they are printed at the end of each week in the teacher's manual. You could just show them to him.
  14. DS11 and I are enjoying The Mathematics of Games. We're using it for our "Friday fun math," and he gets grumpy when it's time to turn it off. We stop the video frequently and try out the different games and puzzles demonstrated, to see if we can figure out the best strategy before the teacher tells us. (And the teacher is obviously very excited about it all, and engaging to watch.) DS is getting an introduction to probability, along with learning to count cards and play craps, so he's learning a lot. :laugh: (Personally I can't wait until we get to the lesson on solving a Rubik's cube!)
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