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    All materials are in good, usable shape. They are worn on the covers/corners because they have been used. Many of the materials have been laminated and cut out so they are ready-to-go. All these materials cost about $180 new. Price: $80 ppd within the USA. I accept PayPal. Ships media mail. Spell to Read and Write (cover worn) Phonogram Cards (laminated) WISE Guide for Spelling (cover worn and some pencil marks) The Alpha List (cover worn) Spelling Rule Cards (laminated) Phonogram Bingo (laminated, with bingo chips) Phonogram game cards (print and cursive, laminated) Primary Learning Log (partially filled out for Teacher--you will need to purchase or make your own Learning Logs) DVD -- You Can Do It! (Showing how to use SWR with your Children) Sandpaper cursive letters Cursive cards (laminated, note: these are from Cursive First program, but they go well with this)


  2. lewelma, I know this thread has been here for a long time...it is most instructive! I am wondering if you have had a chance to look at CW Plutarch (which is now available). Just wondering how it fits in to the scope of your evaluation. It seems that Herodotus impressed you and pulled CW into being an even better and more complete program (once you were able to evaluate a higher level). Does Plutarch continue this trend? Does it address the things you were unsure of for the upper levels in the past because they were not finished yet? Inquiring minds want to know! :-)
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