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  1. Mine also learned to read whole-word and never really learned phonics UNTIL he started spelling in first grade. As soon as he figured out the phonics rules (which was really fast compared to how long it takes an emerging reader), then his teacher switched out his spelling for more difficulty. I don't have a curriculum to suggest, but I just wanted to add in that phonics CAN be taught after reading is already established.
  2. I didn't. He was my first, and both DH and I are smart, so it all seemed normal to me. It was other people pointing things out. Learned the alphabet before be could walk? Taught himself to read before was 3? Chapter books before he started Pre-K? All seemed regular to me. It was other people who were shocked and either wanted us to go on Ellen or told us that they "allowed their kids to play and be kids." I did notice some things with language. He eventually needed speech therapy to deal with some oral coordination problems, so he would completely avoid attempting words with certain so
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