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  1. There are groups around and inside Houston that don't care what kind of homeschooling you do and what religion (if any) you are. A few are FB based, but some are on Meetup. I'd be happy to share any ideas via PM.
  2. My daughter was put on the waiting list for the Medicaid waiver program for medically dependent children when she was three months old. We're still waiting. She's almost 9. We're in Texas.
  3. It's not exactly a vaccine. It's an injection of antibodies that's given once a month during flu/cold season. It's also crazy expensive. $2500 per shot (at least it was 8 years ago)
  4. We just did this! Definitely not unhealthy for them and it was a lot of fun. The caterpillars get much bigger than the painted ladies and the chrysalides are gorgeous. If you think you can get enough leaves, I'd definitely keep it inside.
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