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  1. @MoonhawkI'm just reading along, but I always appreciate your posts. They're very well thought out.
  2. My 12 year old DD was recently tested to have an IQ of 68, with a wide spread of results. She's actually doing fine? I mean, we go slow, I hand hold more than I guess is standard but she's a 6th grader who is doing MUS Epsilon without too much drama. We used All About Reading and are continuing with All About Spelling. But I'm pretty sure she learned her letter sounds from the Leapfrog DVD. We just keep things as concrete as possible for as long as possible. DD went to a Waldorf preschool so she did a lot of painting, modeling and eventually knitting. She cooks and bakes a ton so that helps wi
  3. The poster's objection was to the James Herriot book recommended in Blossom and Root. Everyone was telling her that the book isn't religious even though the title of his books are from hymns. Blossom and Root science is very secular.
  4. I don't know about Mr Q but someone found religious content in the lower Math U See levels. The levels from Delta on up are supposed to be fine.
  5. SEA is the only place I know of that I can send homeschool newbies for curriculum recommendations that are guaranteed to be secular. I honestly believe a group has to be that strict to avoid the constant recommendations for things like Easy Peasy or the Good and the Beautiful. "Just ignore the religious parts". No. That's not how it works.
  6. Blossom & Root's River of Voices. It has different pathways you can use depending on your student and your goals.
  7. We just did this! Definitely not unhealthy for them and it was a lot of fun. The caterpillars get much bigger than the painted ladies and the chrysalides are gorgeous. If you think you can get enough leaves, I'd definitely keep it inside.
  8. Classical House of Learning? https://classicalhouseoflearning.wordpress.com
  9. I've copied this and put it in my teacher binder. Such good advice!
  10. Why is the surgeon recommending this surgery? My daughter has not had this procedure but it is pretty common for kids with her particular genetic condition. As far as I know, it's mainly used to fix hyper nasality. It's been helpful for the kids I know who have had it done.
  11. my first post! I'm in Houston. Are you in any of the local homeschool FB groups? You can post an invite to those groups. It's definitely been done before.
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