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  1. We've used John Muir Laws a lot in the past year, and I thought he was great for nature drawing. https://johnmuirlaws.com/category/video/
  2. Please :) I need at least three devices so the the kids can listen to music and audiobooks. I'd like something where I can load the device with several audiobook options and a lot of music, and then they can operate it on their own at night, while cleaning, etc. A decent speaker (so multiple kids in one bedroom could listen) or ability to connect with a bluetooth speaker AND an earbud option (for solo use) would be great. Inexpensive and durable would be great. It would be nice if it could also stream Spotify but not necessary. What am I looking for? Thanks!
  3. How much new grammar content is introduced in Grade 6 English compared to what is reviewed in Grade 7? DD11 is finishing Grade 5, and I'm trying to decide whether to buy Grade 6 or just go on to Grade 7. I only use it for grammar (not writing), and I have a strong grammar background. We spent two years working through Grade 5 (with no prior formal grammar), and I'm leaning toward skipping Grade 6 and working slowly through Grade 7. Mostly for efficiency (assuming there's a fair amount of review from year to year) and to save $$. But I can't really tell from their samples or scope and sequence how much each grade overlaps. If anyone has those two levels, or has used them and can compare for me, that would be fabulous. Thanks!
  4. Old thread...sorry! But I actually appreciate big family threads even if they are old :)
  5. I use Ray's Primary and then Intellectual daily (nearly all of it done orally with me), along with Miquon a couple times a week. They complement each other nicely. I used to used Ray's Practical too, but it got too unwieldy now that I have 4 kids doing math (and 2.5 littles). So now I use SU (and continue Ray's Intellectual) once they hit 3rd grade. I love Strayor Upton! My oldest is working through the first half of the yellow book, and my second is in the first half of red. We also did Life of Fred for a while, which they enjoyed but was worthless as far as learning or retaining any math. Oh, and for 1st-2nd grade they read the I Love Math series once a week or so. And sometimes I check out the Sir Cumference/Penrose type books from the library.
  6. Speed queen here, four years and counting. I do about 12-14 loads of laundry a week, so it's heavily used. It's all manual and you can hack an internal dial so it fills completely with water. I hate front loaders and all other new top loaders that swish your dirty laundry in 6 gallons of water. I hope they make speed queens forever!
  7. Amazon said Mary Emma & Company was abridged....so I thought I'd check here since Amazon mixes all the editions of everything ;) Thank you!
  8. I got the Brock sometime last year. We haven't used it a lot, but I LOVE that it can sit out on a low shelf so it's accessible when the kids want to use it, and I don't have to guard it from the one year old or curious visitors. It works best by a window or bright lamp. I got the package with higher magnification; can't remember which one. Got extra slides too, and we've used them a couple times. Depending on your goals, I'd highly recommend it. I looked at stereoscopes and other microscopes, and ultimately went with the magiscope because my kids are young (10 and under), I am busy, and I figured ease of use and durability were priorities at this point.
  9. Can anyone link me to a general timeline(s) for the history of the Western Hemisphere? I'd love one that covers pre-history through modern, and I will be focusing mainly on North America, but would like to include the South and Central America and the rest. Thanks!
  10. I also like Ruth Sanderson's Saints and More Saints (I like Saints slightly better). They are picture books, but with a lot of vocabulary...we go over all the new words, and then I read them aloud (to my 6 and 8 year old).
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