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  1. I was homeschooled 4th through 8th in the mid/late-90's. The things I remember are: ~Hating Saxon Math {though now I use it with my kid} ~Mostly unschooling, after we got through the bad habits I'd picked up in public school. I did a lot of reading on my own. Mom made some of my workbooks herself & I really hated those. ~Not really fitting in with the rest of the local group as we weren't homeschooling for religious reasons & didn't use abeka / rod & staff. ~Loving the freedom to do family history for history in school. I developed a love for the history of my family tha
  2. Sadly, yes they have. "You do not live in our assigned geographic area" was the answer I was given. If we joined a troop from that area it would be allowed, but we don't want to join a troop. I don't have time nor energy to deal with troop drama right now - if i did I'd start a homeschool only troop here. I have considered doing a multi-level "troop" of all homeschoolers that was really more of a group of individual scouts that got together monthly or even every other month for stuff, but right now I just don't have the energy to do it. We are looking into a few GS alternatives - I am tryi
  3. Haven't been here for a while, but dd is still doing GS on her own as Brownie. 99% sure we will NOT be offical registered GS this fall - I have approached the council twice now asking for membership assistance for dd as our finances have drastically changed and I can't swing even the $15 for her membership right now, much less hers and mine both, and both times I was told that is only for girls in troops not individually registered girls. Never mind that we've sold cookies several years, and even donated to their "SHARE" campaign that is supposed to pay for ALL girls to be involved in GS. If d
  4. Thanks - just ordered some from JoAnn's Fabrics. I got the Dritz brand. FYI they are doing 5 Cent shipping today on ALL orders - way cheaper than gas to go pick it up!
  5. Where do you find this? Is there a particular type / brand that works best? GS mama here, and the idea of matching thread to every single patch is daunting - they are so many colors!
  6. Hmm...we've used Badge Magic for 3 years now and never had that problem. For us, it stays TOO sticky - thus why dd's hair sticks to the edges of her patches. Plus our council raised the price on it yet again, and it's just too costly at the rate dd earns badges - we can go through an entire sheet in 2 months easily.
  7. Care to do a Youtube version for those of us here at WTM? I need to start sewing DD's GS stuff on instead of using Badge Magic, as her hair sticks to the edges where the Badge Magic shows. But I haven't a clue how to sew on patches and have them look good! I do sew though, both machine and hand sew. It's just the patches that scare me!
  8. Nope diet is pretty much the same when I'm sick as when I'm not. It seems to be tied to having a fever - my thought was maybe the heat made it too hot for the bacteria in acne to live / thrive? Really hoping it isn't something else dietary. We already are on a restricted foods diet due to allergies & religious reasons. I have a list of about 15 foods that we can't eat currently :(
  9. I've heard it's wonderful & even got some free samples to try, but when I looked into it I found they use peanut oil in a lot of their products, including the buffering lotion. I'm allergic to peanuts, so can't use their stuff. FYI for anyone else wanting to try their stuff - they do offer free samples!
  10. I'm tired of looking like a teenager with a face {and body} full of acne! I'm 28, and it's worse now than it ever was when I was a teen. When I was a teen it was just a few cycstic ones here and there plus a bad case of normal acne, but now it's really increasing. I've tried the no dairy - didn't work. Tried prescription meds {retin A, tetracycline oral, and clindamyacin gel all used together} as a teen - didn't work. Tried BC as it gets worse with my cycle - BC made it worse. Tried frequent face washing, gentle cleaners, astringent - didn't work. The only time it seems to clear is when I

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    a PaperbackSwap member just posted a bunch of it here : http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/members_books.php?m=V2J4ZnFiVHhsQzA9 Just thought I'd post it here incase anyone is needing these items. If you don't use PBS, you can sign up and buy credits for about $3 each, which I bet is less than the cost of these items.


  12. The old GS materials are way way better than the ones now :) I was blessed to find a 1933 GS handbook at a local thrift shop for .75 - dd wants to do the patches out of it when she is old enough.
  13. Check thrift shops, if you don't mind used. Most are putting the winter items on sale right now and you can get some really good deals. Otherwise - try Land's End.

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    Looking for the following items - hoping to not have to purchase from SL! Must be willing to take check / money order or Amazon GC as payment. Would like to pay about half of the SL price if possible - maybe more for the kits. I need: SL Markable Map, with or without markers SL Science C Kit SL Science D Kit SL Core D Timeline Figures SL Science D IG - prefer 2011 or newer, but open to older if it includes the activity sheets. SL Core E Timeline Figures SL Science F IG - prefer 2011 or newer, but open to older if it includes the activity sheets & matches current book list.


  15. DD is a first year brownie doing the old try-its, and so far this year she's earned: Animals, Computer Smarts, Eco-Explorer, Dinosaurs Councils Own, Point Click & Go, and the first key of the Brownie Quest. She's got a couple things done for a few other try-its too. She's set a goal to earn at least 1 council's own Try-it from EVERY council during her time as a Brownie. I don't know if she'll get there, or if my pocket book can take it! Some of the council's charge outrageous shipping to send even a single patch outside the council. We've been slacking due to family issues - need
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