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  1. My must haves: 1. Younique shine cloths- removes makeup and moisturizes with oils. I've tried other wipes but these are way softer and don't dry my skin like others do. Plus the oils don't cause me to breakout like some other products. 2. Curel for extra dry skin - my SIL from CO introduced me to this. The only thing that helps with dry winter hands. 3. Coconut oil- I mix fractionated coconut oil and lavender oil and rub it on my feet before I go to bed. Soft feet and I sleep better. Win win!
  2. Check out this Baltimore Ravens player's response: I will not have the option to kneel this Sunday while the National Anthem is being played. A week ago, in what would prove to be my last pre-game opportunity of this 2016 season, I stood with my right hand over my heart as the anthem played. And if I am fortunate enough to ever be dressed for another game day I imagine I would be doing the same thing I did in my last. Standing. Not because America is ALL I desire it to be because most assuredly it is not. Racism still stews, families are fractured, the unborn are trashed, schools are struggling, religious freedom is increasingly under attack, violence pollutes our cities and our suburbs, and there is a growing divide between law enforcement and the community. I stand, however, because I grew up in NAVY town USA and traveled overseas to support members of our armed forces who follow orders regardless of their personal sentiments. I stand for those who were forced to give their lives building the country that confined them to the tobacco fields and indigo plantations. I stand because as a child, I saw my father stand. A man who lived the tumultuous transition from "separate but equal" to the times surrounding the Civil Rights Act when angry people who held signs at his new school viscously screamed "NIGGER GO HOME!" I stand because on the contrary, no one held such a sign when I walked into my grade school. Before competition, as I stand in shoulder pads and cleats, my helmet in my left hand, adrenaline flowing and my heart raging under my right, I never forget the ills of America but for a moment I envision its potential, remember its prosperity and give thanks to God for the land He has placed me in and the people I love who live in it. I stand, because this mixed bag of evil and good is MY home. And because it's MY home my standing is a pledge to continue the fight against all injustice and preserve the greatest attributes of the country, including Colin Kaepernick's right to kneel. His actions and similar actions by figures of the past and present are a vital part of our journey and a key component of the equation for social change and should be respected as such. From the country's inception, such displays against the status quo are distinctly American. My hope, though, is that these actions bring more attention to the PROBLEM than to the PROTESTOR. And that ensuing dialog discover truth and that truth give birth to justice in legitimate situations where there is none. My hope is that in this time of toil and discord we collectively use our positions in public and private life to take responsibility for our role and collectively seek solutions, not because we HAVE to but because we CARE to. Sometimes listening is of greater value than speaking. As elusive an aspiration as it may be, our goal, especially in the arena of race, should continue to be to create an America where eventually everyone can, in good conscience, stand. No matter the historical context or the present circumstance that is the unity I, perhaps naively, imagine when I see our flag and listen to our anthem. Conflict when handled correctly strengthens. Conflict when mismanaged destroys.
  3. My aunt (not poor and on medicare) had a stroke and had an experience similar to yoru friend's. Her first stroke was mild- slurred speech and half her face drooped. Def a stroke - no doubt. They sent her home and that night she had a second stroke that paralyzed half her body. Come to find out later the hospital could have given her a medication that could have prevented the second stroke. I've heard several other experiences like this. Seems like hospitals need to change their stroke procedures. But I agree with you. I got injured at work and the ER didn't take my workmans comp paperwork though I kept trying to hand it to everyone. I had to wait for hours though the Er was pretty empty. (I know that can be hard to determine but I heard nurses chatting and hanging out for long stretches. Im assuming that if the Er was slammed they wouldn't have time for me to overhear their entire life stories. Lol) The dr was an a$$. The nurses at the end were worse. They handed me crutches and when I asked where the bathroom was they pointed down the hall. No one checked to see if the crutches were the right height, if I could move in them, etc. I couldn't walk and yet not one person checked to see if I was ok to go to the bathroom or even check to see if I had fallen in there. It wasn't until I was with the person who checked me out that I realized they thought I was uninsured. I did file a complaint - not that that means anything.
  4. Many others have lost their jobs for saying and supporting things. (Mozilla CEO being ousted for supporting traditional marriage leaps to mind) Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. The team makes money from ticket and gear sales. The team could be materially impacted by CKs actions if enough fans choose to withdraw their support from the team. So I would support the team if it chose to cut him (with his current stats his job was in doubt before this) That said, I dont think he should lose his job over this. I don't think its accomplishing what his goal is and I think he could have chosen other methods to get his message out and make an impact. But given that some players are out using drugs, beating people up, and worse, sitting down for the anthem seems mild.
  5. I used to use Jane Iredale cause my dermatologist carried it. Then I tried Younique. It didn't break me out, felt lighter and was cheaper. So now I use that.
  6. I wanted to love LLR- I mean it's essentially cute pjs that you can wear around and look cute right? Buuuut: 1. Their sizing is weird. You might be a large in one shirt and a small in another. Very weird. 2. The stuff is more delicate than I want for everyday clothes. 3. The patterns and colors don't always work. For example if I get a navy patterned leggings and then buy a separate navy top the navy colors won't necessarily match. 4. Biggest issue- I don't find most of their stuff very flattering. I love the look of a tunic and leggings or pencil skirt but for some reason theirs aren't flattering on me. 5. No refunds. Someone else mentioned this but it really bothers me. If I'm buying clothes on line I want to be confident that I can return it (in a reasonable times) for a full refund. This is why I don't shop zulilly. I like to return if I don't love 6. Consultants vary WIDELY!! Some are good. Some are not.
  7. We were posting at the same time. My comment was responding to the OP not to your post that was immediately before mine. 😔 that's awful. And very eye opening. I'm so sorry you went through that. Thank you and other posters who have shared. Your perspective is very helpful. It's all to easy to rush to judgement without knowing all the facts.
  8. I can't imagine. We did all sorts of vacations when I was a kid. We were military and moved all over. (As I wrote my post I realized this might have a lot to do with why we get along well. We moved a lot and probably spent more time than most with each other cause we didn't know anyone else. So take the rest of my post with that grain of salt.) Mom and dad thought we should take advantage of each new location to tour all around and of course we had to travel back to see family. I do the same thing with my kids. We love traveling together. That said, we try to avoid museum overload and we carefully plan our food. Hungry people in my family are angry people. We also have down/personal time planned in. Someone earlier mentioned respect and I think that is key. My parents respected me and my sister and we respected them. I try to do the same with my kids (You'd have to ask them to see if I succeed). That respect meant that we politely did what each other wanted as much as possible. And of course they let us get dessert a lot more on vacay - as we do with our kids- and I think that helps. ;)
  9. We stayed at cabana bay. It was fantastic! Fun, economical, clean and just a few minute walk to the park- no dealing with parking. There was also a bus if you needed it. It was also nice to be able to go back and hit the pool while it was really hot mid day and then walk back to the park later. They also had a fun bowling alley that was reasonably priced and very well air conditioned. Seriously my kids loved this resort. We did get early admission which helped us get on some of the popular rides faster. But we also went at spring break so it was crowded. If you are going at a less impacted time then you might not need it. Fyi- butterbeer and frozen butterbeer- soooooo sweet. Ugh. None of us liked it. But friends said it was great. I recommend only getting one at a time. Lol! We loved all the rides and the food. Only thing that we didn't care for was the wand choosing at ollivanders. Thankfully we didn't have a long wait. It was just kinda boring. Bring water bottles and snacks. Universal lets you bring snacks in! Huge for this mom of three hungry boys.
  10. I was in the seat in front of her. She put her dog carrier in the space underneath my seat as one would put their small carry on item. Sorry for any confusion
  11. Last year I flew on an international flight with a cat meowing the entire time. More recently I flew across country with a woman who put her dog underneath my seat. That would have been fine except the dog whined and barked the entire 4 hour flight. And she talked to it. I guess trying to reassure it. It didn't work but it did add to the noise level. I also know that she was taking her dog with her while she went on a three day visit to her sister, who just redecorated her home, yada yada. Cause again she talked the whole time. lol! I feel for pet owners who have to take their pets with them on a move or something or service animals. But both animals in these recent flights seemed very upset by the flight. I also feel badly for the passengers who have to listen to the pets whining, meowing and barking. The joys of flying. Do most airlines offer pet free flights? It would seem that would be a good option for folks with severe allergies. Or do folks with allergies just have to pick the airlines with the most expensive fees and hope for the best? (Sorry if this was already addressed. I thought I read through it all but I may have missed the answer)
  12. Id look into buying an older mind storm kit. Now that competitions teams are all using the EV3 you can get regular NXT kits cheaply. This is my favorite book for the older kit. It gives step by step directions for building and programming several different robots from just the one kit. My kids were able to use it without my help from about age 7 or 8 on. Very easy to do with an hour here or there. https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-MINDSTORMS-NXT-One-Kit-Wonders/dp/1593271883/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1471805963&sr=8-2&keywords=James+kelly+nxt
  13. You could branch out and try new veggies or cook them in a new way. Right now we are having a lot of roasted tomatoes, peppers and onions, grilled zucchini, etc. Totally different flavor than just slicing them or sautéing them. We grew several new varieties this year and then grab some others from the store or farmers market to mix it up. I try to not serve the same veg twice in a week (except salad. Lettuces just go bad too quickly so when we have salad we might have it two nights in a row) My middle son loves to cook recipes from all over the world - currently he's on a Thai binge but he just came off an Indian one. Each time we find some new dishes or methods that we add to our family favorites. Its a fun way to learn a bit about different cultures and the work is done for you- someone else has figured out creative and new ways to use foods and spices.
  14. American here with years of bad experiences with NHS in UK. My extended family who are still in UK tell me that not much has been fixed. I'm glad some people have had great experiences. Some of us haven't. Our current system is far from perfect but neither is universal healthcare. There are problems with both. One concern I have is that we are currently just doing piecemeal implementation since we can't get agreement on any one plan. So even if Canada has great universal healthcare, our system won't look a bit like it.
  15. What I found doesn't show that. "Between 2000 and 2012, the VA’s budget nearly tripled, rising to $124 billion from $45 billion. Even after adjusting for medical inflation, which has grown much faster than normal consumer price inflation, the VA budget increased by 72 percent between 2000 and 2012. Over that same time, the total number of VA patients increased by 69 percent, from 3.3 million in 2000 to nearly 5.6 million in 2012. According to figures contained in the departmental appendices accompanying annual Office of Management and Budget proposals, the number of acute inpatients treated by the VA increased by only 49 percent. http://thefederalist.com/2014/05/30/this-chart-shows-why-the-vas-problems-have-nothing-to-do-with-funding/ This NPR article gives a look at just a sliver of what our veterans are having to deal with. My father is a disabled vet. He's been dealing with the VA for decades and it has only gotten worse. Hours and hours wait to even get someone on the phone, months long waits to get appointments, numerous appt reschedules because the VA failed to send in appropriate authorizations. http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/05/16/477814218/attempted-fix-for-va-health-delays-creates-new-bureaucracy
  16. When I googled I got this article from 2014 stating that annual funding of VA tripled np since 2000 rather than being cut. Can you share your data about VA having its budget cut? I'm curious where the discrepancy is. "WASHINGTON—The Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency caught in a political firestorm over its medical care for veterans, has seen its funding grow faster than any other government department in recent years. Since 2000, annual spending has tripled to $63 billion to meet a surge in health-care and other costs. That is on top of the more than $85 billion the VA is set to receive this year for automatic payments such as disability benefits and pensions, a tally that has more than tripled since 2000." http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303749904579580270767613840
  17. I will vote but not for either of the major party candidates as both have demonstrated their deep character flaws. I'll be voting third party. My candidate may not win but if enough of us vote third party we can send a message to the major parties. This article in Fiscal Times does a good job of countering the idea that voting third party is a waste. http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Columns/2016/06/21/Your-Vote-Third-Party-Candidate-Won-t-Be-Waste-2016 "Rather than a form of betting, voting is best understood as a statement of preference. The totals send signals to elected officials and future candidates about public attitudes. And this is why voting for a third party candidate can be useful. If a third party candidate receives a large number of votes, or enough votes to change the outcome of an election, political leaders receive a signal that the ideas advanced by the third candidate are worth considering. Over the long term, policies advocated by the major parties may be affected by third party election results."
  18. Are there other classes at the gym that interest you and that the dr will let you take? Barre and yoga will still strengthen the core. Once you are cleared to move even more then CX is a great core training class.
  19. Yikes!! Does that happen a lot at that gym? That isn't good. ;(
  20. I'm a pilates instructor. As usual the hive is giving great info. One thing I'd like to add - please please tell the instructor ahead of time about your injury, especially if its a big class. I love when members let me know ahead of time about special issues. Then I can pay better attention and even alter what I was planning on doing. Even better, tell him or her that you welcome form correction. Oh also, please do not get competitive. Doing the highest level with poor form is a big problem in some larger pilates classes. Doing the lowest level with perfect form is so much more effective and of course safer. Dvds are great if you are looking to save money but I would really encourage you to go to classes in the beginning to learn the form and once every few weeks to check form. It's really easy to slip into poor form
  21. Late on this but just in case anyone else is in the same situation- I like to order a shot of rum and a coke. Then I end up with a large coke and can just put a splash of rum in. As they refill my coke, I can add more splashes. One shot can last me hours.
  22. Some of the workouts are fun but the shakes are way overpriced. You can get very high quality ones from the store at a fraction of the cost. Does your library have workout dvds? Mine does and I prefer to rent them rather than buy my own. I get soooooooo bored of them after a few workouts that it seems like a waste. ;)
  23. Get rid of the table! If you can't pull some other piece to serve the purpose, then you can buy one that does spark joy. Can you use a label maker to label containers, shelves, etc.? If he's just buying toiletries I might let him just go with it rather than push it if it causes stress. Legos are evil from the devil. Ok kidding. We have thousands too. I look forward to hearing what others say
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