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  1. This. I just got back from voting and there were 3 proposals that I didn't know about. And I had taken the time to research. Boo! I ended up leaving them blank cause I didn't feel I knew enough to vote. We had a lot of things to vote on this year. Possibly I just missed the page that had those three. Ugh.
  2. Evite- I agree with you. Fb- not necessarily. I end up invited to probably 10 fb events a week. Usually sales things or open house at a business thing. I don't even look at events anymore. I might easily miss an invite. I try to remember to rsvp but have been guilty of forgetting. (Or finding the invite weeks later in a backpack). If I see the mom I apologize. In general though I think rsvp has come to mean respond if yes. And yes has come to mean maybe if something better doesn't come up.
  3. I'm picturing a mob armed with bubble tests and number 2 pencils!
  4. Great advice given. I'd add find some activities she loves. Turns out my son who sounds similar loves to lift weights. He's always played sports but when he was finally old enough to lift he really got into it. And he's hit a growth spurt. He's now tall and fit.
  5. Ladies who use monistat as primer- do you ever use it in your hair? I like my current primer cause I can take what's left on my hands and tame fly away and frizzy hair. any word on how monistat works on hair?
  6. Wow! I use and love Younique primer. To pp who asked what the heck primer does- makes my skin super soft, makes makeup last longer and spackles in the wrinkles a bit. never heard of using monistat. Will def check my primer ingredients with it. Learn something new all the time on these boards!
  7. This is silly but really helps when I'm prepping the big meals. I can eat an entire thanksgiving dinner before it even gets out to the table by just sampling a bite of this or that to check seasonings. Now I chomp sugar free gum or mints while I'm cooking. Probably saves me 1000 calories or more. Also bring healthy dishes to events and make lots of healthy ones for your own events. I love to have lots of veggie sides - huge green salad, dill green beans, roasted cauliflower, veggie tray with healthy dip, etc. That gives me something to fill my plate. Then I can have small portions of the high calorie holiday treats. On small portions of favorite holiday treats - turns out my memory of those foods is usually better than the actual taste. Not sure if it's cause I've gotten older or what but now it seems like just one or two bites is plenty.
  8. Making a bunch of healthy broth based soups ahead to have on hand. Drinking lots of water Watching alcohol intake Only indulging in special foods not random chips and candy Extra exercise.
  9. I'm so secretive even I don't know who I'm voting for. 😉 sigh. But in general, I don't go out of my way to share it in public but I will answer if asked. We definitely talk politics and current events with the kids. This year has at least been extremely good for showing the kids what sorts of thought processes we are going through and which issues we are weighing. And its been fun to ask my older boys what they think, which issues they think are most important, how they might vote if they could, etc.
  10. This is one of my favorite fast and easy and cheap, cook once and get two meals out of it recipes. Cook a bunch of chicken in the instant pot or crockpot. (Budget friendly use the whole bird and then remove skin, bones, etc. faster but more expensive, use boneless pieces.)Pour out at keep the broth. Shred the meat. Use half for a chicken salad meal- I like doing a chicken nicoise or a greek chicken salad. Use the other half along with the broth in Tom Ka gai soup. Seve the soup with riced cauliflower or just shredded cabbage. Yum
  11. Nope. Those comments are condescending and in some cases offensive. Those of us who do not automatically jump to give our kids vaccines are not anti-scientific, callous or wanting dead kids. You do not know everyone's medical history. You are not in a position to judge nor should you. I am pro-vaccines. Vaccines have helped stop many serious deadly and debilitating diseases. But that does not mean that parents should mindlessly get their kids vaccinated. They need to know their family history as much as possibly. They need to read the risks and be aware. Then they shoudl make informed decisions- without being mocked or told that they are just lazy people who are ok with dead kids.
  12. I quoted yours because I was responding to it. Look at the others.
  13. Here are just a few examples to help you find the condescension and mocking.
  14. Yes but when you are one of the families with those side effects from vaccines the snarky and condescending comments about not caring and not believing in science aren't helpful. My family has severe reactions to vaccines. My good friends infant had seizures after a vaccine and was advised to not get any of her children vaccinated. My family has to weigh potential hospitalization from the vaccine with potential deadly disease down the road. Not an easy choice. I appreciate that others vaccinate their kids and themselves. That helps those of us who may not be able to get all the vaccines. But I will not judge someone who has reservations or chooses not to. There are risks with vaccines- rare but they can be serious. I think people should take the time to learn about vaccines and make informed choices.
  15. I don't get the appeal of it either. I find it annoying. Same with Home Alone. Love the cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It's a must watch, with hot chocolate and popcorn, followed by a walk around to look at lights. Elf- soooo stupid and yet I love it. I first saw it a couple years ago and it cracked me up. Love watching The Nutcracker ballet or ice skating performances that they normally show at some point. Never heard of Holiday Inn. Will have to check it out
  16. True. But I do think one difference is that in my day (said in true old codger voice) college kids were insulted for being too idealistic and open minded. College kids were questioning what they had been taught and that was what frustrated the older generation. Now it seems the concern is that college kids don't want to question or even face a different point of view.
  17. "Consumers on both sides don't like pundits whose views are all over the place. They want white hats and black hats, allies and enemies, even though in real life most people are not wholly one thing or another. And when one of the performers steps off-script, it's a "problem." To me this is consumerism, not political correctness. Capitalism in this country has become so awesomely efficient at target-scratching every conceivable consumer itch that it's raised a generation of people with no tolerance for discomfort, particularly the intellectual kind. There are so many products available now that customers have learned to demand that every single purchase choice they make be perfectly satisfying. People want nacho chips that taste awesome every time, and they want pundits who agree with them every time. They don't want to fork over time or money to be told they're wrong or uninformed any more than they want to eat a salad." The author makes a good point here. If we do not take care to look at multiple news sources from different Pov then it's easy to miss issues or get such a slanted view that we have trouble empathizing with others. That is very evident in this current election season.
  18. My SIL quoted that stat to me recently. I think it may be a U.K. Stat?Efficacy of the flu shot varies year to year. I am happy it is available but do not like the trend towards making it mandatory. My job requires it this year. My family has a history of severe allergic reactions and hospitalization from flu shots. But that may not be enough for my employer to give me an exemption. I find out in the next couple of weeks. ETA: found the link she was referring to. We really need to call it a flu jab!! So much better than flu shot. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/11393560/Flu-jab-given-to-millions-is-useless.html
  19. This election I am also a one issue voter. My issue: must understand that the laws and rules actually apply to everyone even them. So I'll be third party voting or skipping the pres. option. Goldberry makes a great point about sending a message by voting third party even if that candidate doesn't win. Usually no I'm not single issue. I end up being independent because neither party is a good fit with my beliefs. So I look at the candidates and their stated policy positions and try to decide which I prefer based on the job they are running for.
  20. Salt lick BBQ. Fun huge outdoor place to eat. Delish! perfect for great food and for messy 1 year old to tromp and play and be a kid. Hamilton and Barton springs pools. Very cool! If it's your deal, check out the bats at congress bridge at dusk. I hope they are still there. When we were in Austin years ago it was quite impressive! Lady Bird Johnson wildflower place. Cannot think of the name of it. River walk. Gotta do it. You can spend a long time there. We went a couple years ago in March maybe? No special anything going on but there were still bands amd random entertainers. Plus the river walk is just so pretty.
  21. I forget to do this but it does help. Thanks for the reminder
  22. Gonna sound like grandma but good bone broth really helps me kick sickness. Lemon juice in water. My husband swears by airborne and coldese. I don't see a huge difference when I use them but they work for him. He also says to take zinc tablets. My good friend from Germany always says to get outside. She is a firm believer that the inside air is polluted and that fresh air will help you kick any bug.
  23. Duh. That makes sense. Serves me right for posting while doing five other things. Thank CR
  24. Fireball and Pause by Pitbull. So inappropriate but good Soundtracks from musicals-Evite, Cats, Les Mis JT. Can't help it. I like his music. Love Katy Perry and Pink. No shame though. 💗
  25. TTPA??? Help. I searched and got thumb tractor pulling association. While a huge issue I'm guessing it's not your big issue. ;)
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