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  1. Just open a Diet Coke. Everyone will get along beautifully while they lecture you about the poison you are ingesting. 🙄 There are crazy people in every group. I usually try to assume they mean well and I do try to accommodate. I was vegan for years so I tend to be more aware and have lots of vegan options when I have folks over. The only thing that bugs me are the fake allergies. (Like the pp mentioning cross contamination fears one day and eating rolls the next). Oh and when guests don't tell you about an allergy. I served crawfish fettucini once and one of the guests had a shellfish allergy. Thankfullly I had a dang good eggplant parm as well but sheesh. Help a hostess out.
  2. Have you considered raising meat rabbits? So much easier than chickens. We use rabbit instead of chicken because the taste is similar enough. (Though rabbot tastes better imo)
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/amp/spirit-airlines-cancellations-fort-lauderdale-airport-cause-chaos-n756756 This article has more detail. Sounds crazy.
  4. Changing lives and guts and poop. Seriously I've had to unfollow friends who've starting selling this cause they keep posting about their poop. 💩🙈🙈🙈 To be fair, I am so gullible if it comes to joint miracles. I have an autoimmune disease and one of the symptoms is joint pain. I have collagen powder, curcumin, turmeric.. you name it I've probably got it. Cause I want the easy fix darn it!!! 😂
  5. Have you tried thredup.com? I use them a lot. They send a bag, I fill it with clothes, shoes and bags then leave it for my mailman to pick up. A month or so later I get credit which I use to buy from them. I've scored some awesome Lucy and Prana NWT gear for less than $20. Since those brands last years for me that is a total steal. Anyway just a thought.
  6. lol! No. The peel off one scares me. Mine is a wash off. Ive tried a diff sulfur mask before. Good for acne but made my skin super dry. Ill check this out
  7. Slightly OT but I'm dealing with hormonal acne and wrinkles. So unfair. I use a bubbling bamboo charcoal mask that is amazing. Totally works for me. Don't know if you've tried one before but might be something to check out. Oh I get one that you wash off- not the peel off ones.
  8. I used R and F products and they burned my skin. Seriously my face was bright pink and puffy for a week. A friend tried their lash boost and ended up at the eye doctor cause she has such a bad reaction. I don't use their stuff anymore. It's expensive and I hate autoship.
  9. Our families could totally cook together. I eat like your husband and you eat like mine. And I make my husband cut any meat cause it weirds me out too. I struggle to get enough protein. I like meat well enough but veggies are my go to. I teach fitness and am pretty active so I've had to resort to protein shakes. There are lots of options including vegan ones. Ensure is another option to get more nutrients. Thought I'd share for anyone else who struggles to get enough protein. I know it's totally obvious but I didn't think of it for years cause I didn't want to eat processed foods.
  10. The entire VA debacle is one big reason why I don't want our govt in charge of my healthcare. My father served for over 20 years. He is truly disabled- broke his back while serving. The ridiculous hoops we have to jump through coupled with the excessively long waits are inexcusable. The horrendous condition of the VA became big news years ago and.......um nothing has changed. Not saying that our current insurance system is working well either.
  11. That was my favorite book. (Healthy Sleep Habits not BW) I gave it to good friends when they had their first babies. I still remember being stunned that my kids could go to bed at 7 and wake up at 6 or go to bed at 10 and wake up at 5. Seemed so counterintuitive! I'm not a box checker. I was given BW. I liked the idea of a loose schedule: eat, play, sleep. It helped me figure out why my kiddo was crying. But I wasn't militant about schedule. If my baby work up after 2 hours or whatever we just started the cycle again. i can see how it could cause problems if someone tried to follow it to the letter.
  12. Lucy. Their leggings are the best. I teach five classes a week on average. My Lucy leggings are the ones I always want to wear. They are thick enough, keep their shape and just look cute. I stock up on black capris whenever they go on sale. So worth it. For fun, trendy ones I go old navy. They usually have great clearance stuff that holds up well for the price.
  13. Did yall see this? http://m.wokv.com/news/lifestyles/holiday/amazon-goodwill-team-use-empty-shipping-boxes/ntPj6/
  14. I'm usually one arguing for finding a middle path and changing from within. In this case though I'm not sure. By the time someone is willing to name gorillas after politicians I think I might walk away. I was going to say unless they had a cheeto they named after a certain other politician. But even then I think I'd see that as sort of lame cover for racism. Some people seem open to thoughtful discussion. Others not so much. By the time someone goes that far I think I'd choose to avoid them all together.
  15. A bright colored headband or hat, a t shirt with a cute fitness saying on it, bright colored sweat wrist bands. Im not a zumba instructor but my friends who are do love bright and fun colors. A gift card to a sporting goods store is always welcome.
  16. So sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer sucks. ;( Onlineleggingstore.com Some of the stuff is crazy but some are cute. Def check out the hamlet leggings. They tend to have a lot of coupons and sales. Size is pretty true though of your friend is tall she may want to go up one size.
  17. I'll be the dissenter. I wanted to love LLR. But I bought a pair of leggings and they weren't high quality. I followed the care instructions and they had holes in them after a couple of wears. The company and the consultant basically told me I was SOL. I found an online site that had some fun leggings for cheaper and got some starry night leggings I adore for $17. I've worn them and washed them a bunch and they are still holding up well. If you are going to buy pay attention to the fabric and the sizing. LLR sizing can be confusing. You might wear XS in one type of shirt and M in another. And the fabric can make a difference too. My LLR junkie friend has had to exchange a few items because the different fabrics made the fit different. Not a big deal if she had been dealing with a local rep but she wasn't so she ended up having to pay shipping which added up.
  18. I couldn't read the blog. I'm over my NYT free articles limit this month. I will read it/watch the video Thursday. Not trying to blow off what it said. Thank you for the link. I love their mission. This year we are only buying gifts from "do gooder" places at my DH now short hands it so this is perfect. I found some great items for gifts and got some kitchen towels for me. (Um, how cute is the bistro apron?! I don't even wear aprons but I want one. Lol.).
  19. Our city provides recycling pickup service. Our taxes pay for it but it sure does encourage recycling. I hate mandatory garbage limits. Our family and friends in Boulder deals with that and they all just take trash and dump it in random dumpsters. They hosted a big neighborhood party and they woudl all share where the best dumpsters were. Sigh. Public transport- When we lived overseas we had little bags that folded up into tiny pouches. I kept a few in my purse. Easy to pop out when needed and super light when not needed. Rather than banning plastic bags I like the idea of simply charging for them. It would certainly incentivize people to use their reuseable bags. It would be interesting to see what kind of impact that could make. I use my reusable bags when I shop to help keep track of sales. My store offers a lot of 10 for 10 deals or buy 4 and save mix and match type things. I put the items in my reusable bag and then close it when I've hit the appropriate number of items. Makes it so much easier to keep track of. Thanks for the crate rec. def looking into that.
  20. I don't know if this qualifies as unique but this year I'm trying to buy only from companies that donate to good causes: https://bombas.com I love the Bee Better socks. Such a cute reminder each day to be better plus they donate socks to homeless vets. Great company story on their site. My boys are getting some of these...ok I'm getting some for me too. Www.youniquefoundation.org This organization is dear to me. Three of my friends have gone to the retreat for sexual abuse survivors. They have nothing but incredible things to say about the help they got there and that they continue to get. I like their products too so the ladies on my list will be getting makeup or skincare from that company. Ok not do good but I think I'll have to get this https://www.amazon.com/Womens-Chemistry-Science-T-shirt-Planck/dp/B01EUA81KG/ref=sr_1_82?ie=UTF8&qid=1479062457&sr=8-82&keywords=Nerdy+t+shirts
  21. Normally I don't care about these types of days. I mean I drink coffee everyday so is that really celebrating Nat coffee day? But with everything going on in the States I think world kindest day couldn't come at a better time Imo. Let's spread some positivity. What act of kindness will you always remember? I'll start. When we first moved we joined a couple of co-ops to meet people. Two were really impersonal and we didn't meet anyone. Then halfway through the year we started with a new co-op. In the very first class one boy immediately said hey guys you can sit next to me. 💜 we are still at that co-op. That little act of kindness made a big difference to us.
  22. Is something else eating the eggs? We had a similar problem and it turned out a snake was eating the eggs. It may be a decrease in light as well. You could try adding a light for a few extra hours.
  23. Something similar to that happened to me one time. I thought I was voting one way but turned out the wording was just confusing. That's why I no longer vote on anything that I haven't researched before. Sad that things aren't just written plainly and clearly.
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