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  1. I use thred up cause it's easy. Full bag, put in mail. Done. I don't get much from my bags but it's worth it to me for the convenience.


    I love shopping thred up. I've gotten some great nwt workout gear.

  2. Slice them, freeze them on a baking sheet, then put frozen slices in a ziploc bag and keep in freezer.  I put these on top of gratins in the winter and its heavenly.  
    Dice them, freeze them on baking sheet and put the frozen diced tomatoes in ziploc.  Use in chili or soups or jambalayas.  So delish.

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  3. Wow, are you sure you're not wearing your "I love Darwin" shirt? ;)


    I've lived in the South for most of my adult life (near 30 years), i've never had the evolution thing brought up to me by a medical professional.  Having the doctor's office play the local Christian music station non-stop?  Yup, pretty regular (but it avoids questionable sound lyrics, too).  Children's Bibles and Christian reading material? Absolutely normal....but you'll also find "Highlights", "People", etc.   Lots of "bless you", "I'm blessed", PTL, "Thank Jesus", etc. too.  


    I will say that the TV is almost always on HGTV or Fox.  It has switched to more HGTV in my experience.  I always leave feeling I need to redecorate.


    Tea is always sweet.  If you go to any sort of function, pretty much assume that sweet tea will be the beverage offering.  When I say "shrimp", you say "grits."  Meat and three is a well balanced meal (three veggies/sides).  


    When I say "shrimp" you say "grits!"   :lol:  :lol:  :lol:   You made my whole morning Umsami!!!


    Ive lived all over the Deep South and have never experienced this.  Ive seen biblical childrens books in pediatricians offices in the Midwest too so I dont think that's regional.


    Now I have had the pediatrician let me know that if I didnt plan on vaccinating my kids I needed to find a new dr.

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  4. I tried it to support a friend. Didn't do anything and it's expensive! Plus it took me multiple calls to get them to stop charging my card and sending me the stuff when I hadn't even signed up for autoship.

    Seriously their customer service stinks. Imo you can get better products at the store- at a lower cost and with less hassle.

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  5. So, I can understand a "creative outlet."  That sort of thing, IMO, is in line with things like sewing up an awesome Halloween Costume for my kids, or trying out new recipes (I am working on my menu now and pulling out all sorts of new recipes to try.)  So, I do understand that aspect of it. 


    But the bolded part....I am trying to understand why.  Is it because the technique is difficult and and getting that right feels like an accomplishment?  Or is it something else?  Genuinely I am asking, because to me, the statement means that this makes you feel empowered.  Which, is great for you, really, but, I just don't understand what power comes from this?


    I feel empowered from things I can do or accomplish.  So, growing vegetables helps me feel empowered because it means I can feed or provide for my family.  Earning my degree helps me feel empowered because it meant that I was able to accomplish something that was made even more difficult by being a single parent.  Going out and picking up a job within 24 hrs of DH being laid off makes me feel empowered because it meant I was making huge contributions to supporting our family and DH.  I just don't quite understand what having a particular appearance does or accomplishes for me?

    I grow veggies for my family too. I even raise and "harvest" our meat.  I work three jobs and homeschool my youngest.  Sure all of those things make me feel empowered.  None of that has to do with a winged eyeliner.  But yes, when I attempt something and accomplish it - even as something as superficial as eyeliner it gives me a boost.  


    I feel better about myself and more confident when I think I look better.  I can do my everyday full face in less than three minutes (no winged liner.  Sheesh a winged liner would add 20 minutes.)  Less time than it takes me to prepare the healthy meals I want for my family or to exercise.  To me its kinda like getting dressed.  I feel a whole lot better facing the day when Im dressed than if Im in my pjs.  


    Whats the psychology behind it?  No idea.  lol.  But I do remember reading Flylady back in the day when my oldest was a baby.  She talked about how getting dressed to the shoes changes how you act.  Well my sink doesnt shine and I havent followed her in years but I guess that stuck with me.  lol!



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  6. I do my hair because it's the way I was raised.  You brush or comb your hair and brush your teeth before you go out.   It really does not take that long. I have naturally curly hair and my hairdresser and I  finally found a great hair cut that allows me to  wear it straight if I want to take time to do that, dry naturally over night and be okay in the morning or if I have to go out it takes about 6 minutes from wet to 90% dry with no frizz.   


    Please share this magical style.  I have long curly hair that is wild!


    I spend most my life with my hair pulled back in a messy high bun.  I teach fitness classes and that style works best to keep it out of my way.  The four or five times a year my hair looks good I love it.  Sadly there seems to be no rhyme or reason to those days.  So each morning I shower, put on miracle products that guarantee beautiful frizz free curls and hope.  And each morning I have 5 hair ties on my wrist (cause I break them) to throw my hair up when it is 90% frizz.  My sister calls my hair hurricane hair.  lol!  Bright note - pony tail and messy top bun do not require time

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  7. I didnt used to wear makeup but now I do.  I like playing with it.  Its a creative outlet for me - and Im not a very creative person. But I can use a diff lipstick or eyeliner and feel like I tried something new.  

    I think of it as self care time too.  Im worth investing 10 minutes a day to feel like I look better to me.  Not for anyone else.  My husband doesnt like makeup.  My friends could care less.  Im not trying to attract anyone.  But dang it - when I get a winged eyeliner right I feel like I can take on the world.  LOL!!  Silly I know but there ya go.  What deep psychological issue does that indicate? No idea.   :lol:

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  8. My son is not a poetry fan. But this article sparked very interesting discussion and even further investigation. Voluntary historical and literary research and analysis on a holiday weekend? Score!



    "The Vietnam War may have reopened with special starkness the question of how to honor our fallen dead, but it is hardly a new problem in our history. As today’s disputes over the legacy of the Civil War and the Confederacy suggest, it has never been enough just to lament the sacrifice and carnage of our wars, whether successful or failed. We feel the need to honor the war dead but also to make distinctions among them, elevating those who served noble causes while passing judgment on their foes. This is not an exclusively American impulse. It has deep roots in the larger Western tradition of commemoration, and no era—certainly not our own—has managed to escape its complexities and paradoxes."



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  9. Fitness job, awesome!


    My old gym had a lot of competitors. I was terrified for their health!

    I've been in the fitness industry for two decades. (And saying that now I feel really old. Lol). I've seen lots of crazy that scares me. (Don't get me started on those thrive patches that have caused many women to get dizzy and almost pass out in classes and on the fit floor. Grrrr)


    I don't want insane fad or unhealthy anything. That's why I'd like to talk to someone who can give me some good, solid info source recs.

  10. I watched a friend prepare and compete and it's definitely not something I'd ever do myself. Too restrictive a diet, not something sustainable for long-term health for someone in my age category. The judges are bias towards young people anyway. The 35+ women looked wonderful, but the 20s people won every time. Do your research and know exactly what the whole thing includes. Go to a competition and just watch. It's a weird world.

    Oh I wouldn't compete. Way too expensive and I don't have a huge desire which I think you need to commit to that. I'm just looking to up my odds for a job I'm auditioning for.


    Would your friend possibly share any good links on diet/exercising/supplements? I've checked out Bodybuilding.com and a few other sites but I feel that so many of them are just trying to sell stuff. I'd like boots in the ground info ya know?

  11. Hi! Anyone here ever competed in a bodybuilding or fitness competition? Would love some advice and info.


    I'm not thinking about competing (too expensive. Whew) but have an opportunity to audition for a very cool dream fitness job in three months. I'm pretty fit but looking to up my odds by getting stronger and leaner.

  12. A great concealer and a really awesome brush for making it look natural.


    Part of it is just age- thinning skin, more veins show. Plus that awesome insomnia that hits so many women in a certain age bracket. Oy.


    I've tried so many products and nothing really works. Rosewater helps a little bit but I've got industrial strength dark circles so it doesn't make enough difference. I have a small fluffy brush- like a good eye shadow blending brush. I put a tiny dot of primer and a tiny dot of a good cream concealer. I swipe it in a triangle under my eyes and even along my nose cause I am dark there.

    Oh a good matte cream shadow in a concealer color is great for your eyelids if you are dark there. I tried using concealer but it creased.


    Sounds like a lot but really it takes me less that 2 minutes (and that's mostly fumbling with caps precoffee) and makes a huge difference.

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  13. What is the name of it?


    Oops. I guess that would have helped. Sorry. Posting pre-coffee.

    Younique time correcting night cream. I use that and their charcoal mask and my skin is noticeably better. I was dealing with hormonal acne and so many creams broke me out. The mask cleared my acne and the cream reduces my um laugh lines.

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  14. I finally found one that works. 5 years ago my skin started aging quickly (age plus autoimmune plus years of not using sunscreen) so I became a skin care junkie. I've tried high end dermatologist prescribed stuff, coconut oil and everything in between. I didn't see results with most despite being consistent for 3-4 months with each.

    About 6 months ago I found one that works for me that isn't crazy expensive. ($50 for a 2 month supply so not cheap but not insane) I'm actually seeing my skin improving and it doesn't break me out. And I really like that in the morning I don't feel like I'm washing it all off. Other ones that i tried never felt like they actually got absorbed. They just sort of sat on top.


    Maybe you can find one that has these in the price range you are looking for. (Cause I do recognize that $300 a year for cream is a lot so I didn't really stay in your guidelines)

    I'm not sure which ingredient is the magic one but these are the ones listed.

    It has a stable vit a in it. It's like Retin-a but doesn't burn or cause my skin to peel like retinol did.

    It also has vit E, baobab oil, whey protein, amino acids and plankton extract.

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  15. Thanks! This is a huge help. Dh and I have been talking about this and I needed some imputation on how to make a better diet an interesting one without making it complicated like so many preplanned menus do. The recipes sometimes seem overcomplicated or over fancified. [emoji849]


    Eta: imputation=inspiration


    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Well Fed cookbook by Mel Joulwan is my go to. She describes how to cook for an hour in Sunday and then make any type of dish. She call them plates. Basically you decid what kinda meat you wants and what style (Italian, Greek, etc). Then you take out your already cooked ingredients and heat them up with appropriate sauces and spices.



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  16. Two words- fire pit. The best part of camping without the hassle.


    We used to camp. With young kids we wanted to be at a state park. There were always groups of campers getting drunk and cussing loudly at some point. Charming. By Sunday the bathrooms stunk. And of course I spent a day prepping, a day cleaning and tons of time during the trip cooking and cleaning.


    Now we rent a boat and spend a few hours boating and swimming. No screens on boat and they don't even want em. Or in colder weather we go on a hike. Then we come home for dinner and then s'mores around the fire pit in the backyard.

    So much better!!!

  17. Interesting, I hadn't thought about it. We have laying hens, and they are pretty easy, so we assumed the roasters would be as well (just need to construct a chicken tractor). Plus they only live 8-10 weeks, right?


    We have gobs of rabbits on our property. Open up a door or drive up the driveway and they scatter everywhere! Where do you purchase rabbits from for raising?


    You can look online.  4H clubs will often have contacts for you.  We actually got ours off a homeschool site.  As with chickens you have the initial investment for equipment.  We started with a three hole hutch and got 2 does and 1 buck.  We got New Zealands to start with and have added Californians.  They are super low maintenance - especially if you make the rabbit watering system detailed here.  Its a fun project with kids and fyi - flex seal spray is your friend.  lol.



    Rabbits are quiet and their poop doesnt smell as much as chicken manure. And you can throw it right in the garden. Plus they are easier to keep safe.  We have lots of predators and struggle to keep the chickens safe.  We have way fewer issues with the rabbits.  



    These are two good sites to get you started.



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