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  1. We are loving Classically Cursive. We despised Pentime (Only for cursive. For print--it got the job done.)
  2. Bible: Verita Press's Judges-Kings Spelling: AAS Level 3 Writing: Imitations in Writing and narrations Grammar: Voyages in English (may use some of the writing too) Handwriting: Classically Cursive History: SOTW 2 Science: Noeo Math: Math Mammoth Grade 3 Latin (possibly): Logos Latin
  3. Can anyone tell me about their experience using Logos Latin? There's so little about it online.
  4. We aren't starting until the winter, but this is the plan for now. L/A MCT Level 1 AAS Levels 3+4 Imitation in Writing: Fairy Tales Pentime Grade 3 Math Math Mammoth Grade 3 Life of Fred Other Story of the World Vol. 3 Noeo Physics Level 1 Logos Latin
  5. Does anyone know if this book is sufficient (complete, not needed supplements) for 3rd grade writing? Or could you tell me what you used for writing through 3rd grade? Thank you.
  6. Does anyone know if this book is sufficient (complete, not needed supplements) for 3rd grade writing? Or could you tell me what you used for writing through 3rd grade? Thank you.
  7. I named mine Tom Selleck, because it's old and white but still works great.
  8. Ohhhh. Yes. The cost of living is much better in south jersey though.
  9. What's COL? I vote NJ. No regulations and plenty of secular homeschoolers.
  10. To be fair, the vast majority of people would take their wheezing, blue-lipped children to the emergency room whether or not they're informed of the viruses in the area. Everyone is different. Some people struggle with anxiety and it would do no good for them to follow this closely.
  11. I will only participate in fundraising if I feel like I'm getting my money's worth. I'd sell my soul for a box of Samoas, but when someone asked me to buy a $20 bag of popcorn the other day, it was hard not to laugh in their face.
  12. Thanks! I had no idea. I bought one and I'm looking forward to trying it.
  13. That's a great idea. I just joined the facebook group so I could check it out, but I didn't see anything about A Quiver of Arrows yet. We've read some of them too. That's partly why I keep going back and forth about it.
  14. Brave Writer has a new product for grades 1-2 and I was wondering if anyone has used it yet and what their thoughts are on it.
  15. If the person who had the affair is genuinely repentant and willing to do what it takes to repair the marriage, then absolutely.
  16. Edited: Never mind. Nope. No part of me thinks that this is going to end well or be productive.
  17. I have an allowance, my husband does the budgeting, and he asked for an itemized list of the schools stuff I was going to order. *gasp* Does it bother me? On occasion, when we disagree over purchases. Over the years, we've both learned to be more understanding. My husband does struggle with being controlling over our money and I also struggle with not caring enough about savings. That's why we have to communicate. A lot. I think whether or not it's a red flag has more to do with their intentions and whether they are controlling in other areas as well.
  18. That feels wrong to me. Like reading a book and then returning it.
  19. Of course. I guess I just assume that the child's parents can decide when they are or are not safe apart from my interference. I also assume that it's probably safer than being in the car with their parent driving. A lot more children die in automobile accidents than from being left in a car for a few minutes.
  20. Would you call the police even if it were in a state where it isn't illegal (the majority of them) to leave your child in the car? I don't know about where you're from, but where I'm from, we call the police when there's a crime being committed.
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