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  1. Been focusing a lot more on planning for my 4th grader....but here's what I think for my 2nd grader: Finish OPGTR AAS 1, then 2 Lots of reading Writing projects like the ones in Bravewriter's Jot It Down Follow along with big brother's US History and incorporate some of it into writing Books and docs on earth science with a project at the end of the year TT 3, then 4 for math....maybe start Beast at some point next year? (She's already a quarter of the way through TT3) Either Spanish or Latin Oh, and the MP Greek Alphabet (big brother wants to do this and she's been begging to do it too. We'll see if it lasts!) I also have not doing enough syndrome after looking here but I think my bug will function quite well with this list.
  2. My 9YO has loved Prima Latina and Latina Christiana and loves the looks of First Form Latin. We are going to use Rosetta Stone but that provides a very different experience. He really wants something like the way he's been learning Latin. Are there any curriculums like that for Spanish?
  3. I meant a separate English grammar program. Latin has a lot of English grammar in it so I was wondering what others thought. :001_rolleyes:
  4. I'm just wondering. We are working through Latina Christiana and will be transitioning to FFL about a fourth of the way into his 4th grade year. There's a lot of grammar there. Does he still need separate grammar? What sayeth the Hive?
  5. I understood her to mean that in Belgium even kids who are focused on STEM related learning are required to learn 3 languages. Other focuses would mean more languages. She can correct me if I'm wrong. As for why Belgium requires that for STEM, you'd probably have to ask their government. :laugh:
  6. My DS, 9, has been studying Latin for 2 years. He loves it. Next year, he wants to add Greek (which would really just be the alphabet), Spanish, and Chinese. :huh: I am considering drawing the line at Chinese. After all there are only so many hours in a day and I feel COMPLETELY out of my depth with Chinese and only MOSTLY out of my depth with the others (I actually took Greek in college so maybe it will come back to me? Here's hoping :lol: ). But he wants to just keep adding and adding. He's been talking about this for year. My 7YO DD, taking after he brother, has no real interest in Latin, but also REALLY wants to learn Chinese and Spanish too. Any suggestions for managing this foreign language hunger well while keeping it perspective educationally? I would love any advice at all.
  7. Cornell has a home study on ornithology. It's aimed at adults but I am going to work through it with my 9YO. I've had it for a while and I think it is really in depth and we are going to add some fun stuff and list keeping and more. I have a plan if you are interested.
  8. Here is what I am thinking...we were having a lot of trouble and I was so worried about his reading and while he is still slow and it is WORK for him, I think he is fine. Consistency, it turns out, works wonders. :laugh: Here is my plan as of now: Math: Teaching Textbooks 5 Spelling: Phonetic Zoo Writing: IEW Narnia theme Latin: First Form Latin Greek: MP Greek Alphabet History: US History using Hakim as a spine and lots of read alouds and a few assigned readers with lots of IEW inspired writing Science: Still working on this - I think we are going to do an overview of science history using Hakim and Bill Bryson's book to give DS a broad exposure and zeroing in on a few things to really research. Right now he is doing a project on black holes and I think we will continue with a monthly project stemming from our larger reading. Reading: Free reading time each day plus assignments from Narnia, history, and science I'm pretty excited now that things are better with him. Now for what to do with my 2nd grader who is as different as could be from her brother!
  9. He has not achieved reading speed yet but I had him read the first few pages of the Magician's Nephew to me today (he loves the Narnia books) and he knew all the words. He doesn't like to write because he doesn't really know what to do and his hand get tired. I thought that he would enjoy a slow intro to IEW via Narnia rather than SWI which would be boring, I think, to him.
  10. Do you think this could be used at a slower pace with a 4th grader?
  11. ...what else might we like? I have a 7 and 9 year old and we loved the puzzle solving as we went along, the personalities of the characters (both male and female), and the funny stuff. Any ideas?
  12. Wow. Wow. Wow. You all have been super supportive. I expected some judgement at least for not being rigorous enough. But it is fostering her love of writing, very simple research, writing, spelling, etc. Huh. Well then, to repay you for the kind words, here is the full dictated-to-me-by-her entry on Mirkwood Spiders. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! "One of the many things about Mirkwood Spiders is that you can always tell the difference between their webs and other spiders' webs. There are three main reasons why you can tell. Mirkwood Spiders' webs are dark and grayish, but normal spider webs are perfectly clear and skinny. And their patterns are different. A Mirkwood Spider's web pattern is straight but on the very outside it goes sideways. These particularly large spiders are incredibly dangerous. Their favorite things to eat are dwarves, humans, and full grown bears. Given the advantage that they are bigger, first they will dangle their long, thick threads down from the large Mirkwood trees. Then their prey gets stuck to the rope. Then they wrap the thread around you and pull up. Then they wrap you around with their spider web and leave only your nose and the very tips of your toes sticking out. They hang you there for at least two weeks. Then they unwrap you and pinch you to see which part of you they should eat first. Their fangs are one of the sharpest things that exist on earth, in fact it's probably the sharpest. These spiders do not suck blood, they eat your lungs, skin, and heart and leave the rest lying around. " :lol: :lol:
  13. I wanted to vote for cupcakes and kilts and have no idea why! Anyway, we got Darwin but no Big Bang at all. For whatever that's worth. Grew up in Southern Baptist, USA and now I believe there is only Creationism taught now at my award winning college prep public school.
  14. not using any writing curriculum for my 1st grader? Instead, at this moment, we are working on making a book on the Creatures of Middle Earth. Today she wrote on a page, "Mirkwood Spiders" as the title and then, "As with all spiders, these uncommonly spooky spiders have eight legs." Actually, she dictated those, I wrote them, then she copied them. Now she is drawing a picture. Then she is going to dictate probably a page long, almost certainly very stream-of-thought summary of their habits and life for me to write down. And we are going to keep doing this for orcs, trolls, dragons, ents, and on and on for a month. :001_rolleyes: I feel kind of guilty that we are doing something so laid back and some other homeschool mom asked me yesterday what curriculum I was using with her. I felt very sheepish. Assuage my mommy guilt, please, or else help motivate me to greater writing work for her! :lol:
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