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  1. My advice, give her some advil, wait 20 minutes, and pull it out as quickly as possible. There is painless way to do it and the more you fiddle with it without getting it out the more the earlobe will swell and the harder the task will become and more painful
  2. They either fix the problem with one more chance or they refund her money so she can take it to a place that can fix what they messed up. Those are the only 2 acceptable options I would take. If it ended up on the next attempt they didn't fix it and still didn't refund your money I'd tell them you'd be filing a complaint with the BBB and contacting a lawyer in order to get your refund and damages (not that I actually would but just saying it could get them to handle the situation differently.)
  3. Unfortunately, its not too late. In my opinion, I would take your friend who was a witness to the accident and file a police report of the accident and have the friend make a statement that she witnessed the other person saying not to worry about it. If you do that before she makes a statement it will look better on your part. In the future, ALWAYS involve the police or at least take pictures. Someone rear ended me once and messed his car up pretty badly, mine was a bit scratched but I wasn't going to worry about it because it was an older car. He didn't think the police needed to be called but he wouldn't say it was his fault either and a witness said not to call the police either and to just let my insurance pay for it. I was thinking "are you both insane, he just rear ended me while I was yielding to traffic. There is no way this is my fault." After the police left, agreeing it was his fault and giving him the ticket the man said he would be dealing with the auto work himself so if I needed work done let him know not his insurance company. 20 minutes later I got a call from HIS insurance company that he filed a claim and was claiming it was my fault. Thank God I called the police because I simply told them what the police said and they said "Oh, well let us know when you want us to look at your damage and write you a check."
  4. that is certainly a bargain! I'm a pet sitter and for something like that I would make at least $100/week. I say at least because if it were a neighbor I'd charge less because of the convenience of how close the house is. If it weren't a neighbor I'd charge $150/wk for all of that.
  5. I have never heard anything about future health issues after root canals. Please inform me as I've had one and am curious
  6. Sadly, it seems the Church officials (in the US at least, I can't speak for how it is around the world) tip toe around important parts of our faith and Church teaching. I find this to be particularly true in the religious ed curriculums that many diocese implement. Our diocese for example doesn't allow the use of the Faith and Life series. My guess is because they think its over the kids heads but I think its doing the kids a disservice by watering everything down and not fully explaining our faith to them. As for NFP, I was never specifically taught it was a mortal sin but I knew what mortal sins were and when I did my own study of the Catechism I completely and fully understood why it was one and accepted that Truth. I don't think we can entirely blame the Church leaders for not teaching us certain things. It is our responsibility to dive deeper into our Church and faith and many Catholics do not. Either because they don't care or don't have the 'time' to. Anyone who studied Church teaching would know it was a mortal sin and I can't imagine why a person would want to be a part of a Church but not know all about it or do their own studies on it.
  7. I love this planner!!! or at least what I see of it! Wish I could use it now but my kids are too little.
  8. I miss the fb group too :( I'm on the new varage group but haven't used it much yet since I don't ever think to go to another site. It was my favorite fb group but is now just not on my daily radar since its not on facebook. The other fb homeschool sale groups aren't as nice as the old one that moved to varage but are currently more convenient and thats what I need right now. I still browse it but since its not daily the things I see and want are usually already sold. some other fb groups are: Homeschool buy sell trade Homeschool curriculum Marketplace
  9. I'm at my nephews house till 4 so I don't know how much I'll be able to get done today but heres a small list I'll aim for. Package up sold books Post office Finish all laundry (had to rewash a whole load that got left in the washer too long and got stinky :( Kids to kung fu @ 6 Pet Sit Put all laundry away Clean out car Dinner
  10. I would like to know what fb group it is so I don't accidently join it
  11. Happy Birthday! Of course your not too old to expect something!! With your children being older I would be even more bummed about little to no recognition. My b-day is at the end of July and from about 15 years old to now its been a sore spot for me. If often got forgotten when I was still at home because it was in summer. Now that I've been married for 5 years its been forgotten 3 of those years and the only reason I assume it won't be forgotten this year is because my husband forgot about Mother's Day entirely, even though all I asked to do for it was sleep in. I don't blame him too much or harp on things because he does work at least 50 hours a week and even if he intends to do something for me he often has a hard time finding the time too. But I still get to cry even if I don't get to remain mad at him
  12. Next to no processed foods. I no longer use coupons because of it aside from twice a year when I get my cleaning supplies for the next 6 months or so. I don't buy paper except for toilet paper. Everything else is cloth, even diapers. I split a side of beef with 2 siblings which lasts almost a year. I really stock up on chicken when its on sale at rock bottom prices (I can't believe the prices these days.)
  13. Pet Sit! You can easily make $900 in a few months, especially summer months, if you pet sit. I know that for me from now till the end of Aug I'll make roughly $800 but that doesn't take into account the people who I know will call me last minute. Get your name out there to friends that you are able to pet sit, advertise on craiglist or any local facebook groups you are associated with. even if you only get one client from all of that a week long pet sitting gig for someone with dogs is generally more than $200. I make a few thousand a year pet sitting and its only very part time. I used to make more before having 3 kids.
  14. I voted no because its never mentioned during the homily or anything and I'm not currently a member of any of the faith formation groups. But I know that during Pre Cana classes they encouraged it and taught the importance of it and the Church's teaching on it. This was a class put on my the diocese not my individual church. When I was a member off a young adult group in my church I was really shocked that I was the only one there who had ever heard the Church's teachings on it, aside from our pastor. But I was also the only one there married with children. The rest were still in college or fresh out of it but not yet married
  15. I had a woman be super sweet to me and my kids during and after Mass. Then she handed me a business card and some sample beauty products! I was so pissed off and hurt that this nice woman was only being nice to try to sell me something. The fact that she did it at my church was even more upsetting. I would let the pastor know what to expect so he can handle it if its against church policy
  16. have a good trip! So the leak is not being caused by a roof problem but just a siding problem! WOOHOO! no new roof needed! this 26 year old baby is still going strong. Well the siding issue is fixed so we shouldn't be seeing any leaks next time it rains. Still haven;t had talk with dh. that'll be after kids go to bed
  17. i second all the above suggestions except getting rid of the dog. That certainly doesn't have to be an option right away. Your son may find enough relief after taking the extra steps above where getting rid of the won't be necessary. My dh's dad is allergic to dogs but they had one while my dh was growing up. They just took the necessary steps to make sure it was under control and my fil was not miserable.
  18. i'll bite but its a very short list fix leaking roof!! Have unpleasant financial discussion with dh that ends with me still being the only one who knows anything about our financial situation and still be pissed about that (its hard to be positive that this talk will go well when its like the 20th time we'll be having it in 6 years and nothings changed. maybe i'll just stop paying the bills and make him do it.) I need coffee and a solution to my problem!
  19. Well its 7:22pm here and I only have a few more things to do. laundry will get folded while I watch a show at 8 and put away during commercials. I may skip the vacuum and straightening up upstairs because I unexpectedly decided to start my whole 20 (can't commit to 30 but not ruling it out) today and need some time this evening to tweak my meal plan and make a plan of attack for this week. Excited for this journey.
  20. One of our dogs had it when she was a puppy. We picked her up from the rescue we purchased her from, had one good night with her, and then the next night was pure hell!!! Lots of vomit and diarrhea. It smelled like death! Parvo has a very distinct smell. I was a vet tech at the time so I knew exactly what it was. My dog had to stay at the hospital for 4 nights and even had to have a blood transfusion. My vet (also boss) only charged me for the supplies I used, since I was able to do all the care off the clock and she didn't want to make money off of an employee. That being said all the equipment cost roughly $1000 (biggest expense was the blood, which we had to get from a different veterinary hospital.) If I were not the person to get that dog on that day she would have died. When I brought her she was in such bad condition that the vet said if it were a normal client they wouldn't have been able to save her because of the amount of attention the dog needed few clients would be willing to pay what the cost would have come out to be. Keep your dog away from puppies for the next week or so since it is so contagious
  21. My son who is 5 months old has turned into that baby who will only sleep in your arms. Because of it I think I've lost 5 lbs of sweat today, and its only noon! ha. how could anyone sleep so well when its this hot and another person is touching you.
  22. Tell them what is going to happen. Allow them to be present if they want! Even consider having it done in your house, if that is an option. Where the dog is comfortable and in its spot with the people it loves. That would be for the kids more for the dog. It gives them a very personal memory of their dog and shows that even though you had to make this terrible decision it was made out of love and with your dogs needs in mind. The kids will likely be very pissed off at you if you do it behind their backs. And no matter how much it hurts you to tell them what is going to happen and have to handle those tears a pleas of "no," surprising them after the fact will be worse
  23. My oldest brother (12 years older then me) used to reward me and my brother who was a year older then me with money regarding our grades. For every A we got he'd give us $100 and for every B $50. This once after he graduated college and got an extremely good job right away. Of course he didn't need to offer but he wanted to give us incentives our parents couldn't. It worked for me! I usually got $600 every quarter from him because I would be dumb not to get an A. So depending on the reward and what its for I don't think your ever too old for one. My mom also rewarded me with a shopping spree when I lost 50 lbs.
  24. well yesterday was a bust but I figured it would be before I even started it. Today isn't starting well because I'm hot and irritated so I'm going to pray, finish my coffee, and try to turn this day around. Morning prayers laundry cleaned laundry folded and away straighten up upstairs vacuum upstairs clean kitchen sweep downstairs Kung fu for kids 30 minute personal reading phonics for simon math for Simon phonics for rosalyn math for rosalyn
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