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  1. When I was a kid, December 1st was the cutoff, but September 1st is what SD Unified uses and I think that is pretty typical.
  2. So, I had Kaiser do additional OT testing for Sacha's fine motor issues, and it looks like my instincts were correct. From my lay perspective, it looks like he has some pretty substantial delays, especially when under timed conditions. I just sent this to the school to add to his special ed file, but I think this more than substantiates the typing accommodation. No wonder the poor kid hates to write! We are meeting again with the OT in a week or so to go over some strategies to help, but I get the impression that we will get limited assistance from Kaiser in treating this. I wonder now if he does need services from the school, or if the accommodations are all he needs. I am asking because I really have no idea. I've attached the OT report because you all are experts and have been so helpful! Sacha Labarre OT Eval.pdf
  3. Ooh, Cake, finally a review of the MCT classes -- thank you! Sacha was in LL 7/8 as well last year, and I agree with the above. I was totally hands off with his class, other than to periodically check to make sure that he was getting his assignments done in a [relatively] timely manner. Sacha isn't big on writing, so he will basically do the minimum required for the course, from that perspective. But, he loves to read and enjoys the discussion of the material with peers. I'm a full-time student, so I don't (unfortunately) have the time to read and discuss all of these books with him. To bump up the amount of writing that he does, we normally add in a separate composition course (we are trying out a Bravewriter Online expository essay class this fall and may try a CTY composition class in the spring, if Bravewriter doesn't work out -- still TBD). The OG3 lit classes we just use for lit discussion, although they do have a writing supplement for some of their later classes, which we might try down the road.
  4. I'm curious what other people thought, after watching the film. I don't want to spoil it for others.
  5. Thank you for sharing! Congratulations to you both!! 🙂
  6. Deloitte hired me with a degree in Russian straight out of undergrad. I worked as a Business Analyst for two years before going to law school. Most of my colleagues went on to business school. As mom1720 mentioned, Deloitte is also a large management consultancy, and they love to hire high stats, liberal arts types.
  7. Totally agree. I'm a third generation Angeleno (transplanted to San Diego) who went to grad school in Silicon Valley. I paid $2400/month to rent a 450 square foot one bedroom in Cupertino 20 years ago! I love California, but I loathe the Bay Area for all the reasons mentioned here (and more!), and I certainly wouldn't move to SV when I had a developer salary and lifestyle in Seattle. She is not going to improve her standard of living unless she follows Daijobu's advice. If she wants to do it, just for the adventure/experience of living and working in SV, go for it, but otherwise, stay there!
  8. I think I did it! Anyway, my husband always has facial hair.
  9. I finally get to see the family! How lovely! How do you all post pics in the post? I only know how to FB link.
  10. Cosigning all of this. Apologies as well if I was snippy with anyone. I obviously wouldn't have had surgery if WW or IF or low carb would have worked for me. Having said that, all of those things do work now after surgery because I am now free of the horrific metabolic effects that having 75+ extra pounds of hormonally active fat was wreaking on my body. That's the difference between losing 10 lbs and 100 lbs -- that fat is not inert in the body. It is hormonally active and working against your body's ability to lose it. And the more of it that you have, the worse off you are. That's the part that the calories in, calories out people just don't understand. Obesity becomes a runaway locomotive. I know what to do to keep the weight off (not get pregnant again -- lol!), but I needed to hit control alt delete to get back to my normal adult set point (which has been between 140-150 lbs for most of my adult life). And that's exactly what the surgery did. Think about it: I didn't go down to 110 or 120 lbs. My body got to 145ish and then basically just stopped. Why? Because that was my set point before obesity began to take over. Now, the surgery is done doing the work and it's on me from here on out.
  11. Follow up video: By happenstance, I'm now FB friends with his mother and hope that S and her son will get to become friends.
  12. I'm from Southern California, so my definition of affordable is pretty skewed. I seldom get sticker shock anywhere. I would say that both Bonaire and Curacao are about the same. I prefer Aruba because it is more lux, and that is my style. My husband prefers Bonaire because the diving there is incredible, and half the island is a marine park. I'm more of a lounge in a cabana with a drink in my hand while the kids frolick nearby kinda gal. ETA: Plus, I really love the Dutch, and the ABCs are Dutch islands.
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