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    • Happy Hanukkah to the Tribe!
  1. Headed to Gameschool Con 2020 tomorrow. This is our second year. We had a blast last year, so the kids and I are very excited! Come join us next year! https://www.gameschoolcon.com/

  2. Finished my first term in nursing school. I am 1/5 a nurse! On vacay until term 2 begins in August. Margarita time!!

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    2. GailV



    3. Crimson Wife

      Crimson Wife

      Congrats! Enjoy your break

    4. sassenach


      Yay!! Make it a double!


  3. Sacha is off to 3 days of Astrocamp in the mountains of So Cal. They may get snow! Let's see if my beach boy survives. 🙂

  4. A high of 84F. Go home, San Diego. You're drunk.

  5. I start nursing school on February 1st. My first pair of scrubs arrived today. Size medium! And they weren't even tight!

  6. Survived my first day of homeschooling two kids!

    1. Condessa


      Yay!  How'd it go?

    2. ScoutTN
    3. SeaConquest


      It actually went really well! ?

  7. Ramadan Mubarak to all who celebrate!

  8. We are 0/2 with SD Unified school choice. Guess I will be homeschooling kiddo #2. Heaven help me! #BreatheMonique

  9. Finished my last final yesterday. Leaving for 2 weeks in the Caribbean on Monday. No kids!!

  10. Ronen had his final speech eval with SD Unified this morning, and he passed! No more IEP for speech!

  11. I get to meet Richard Rusczyk tonight. I have a mad crush on him!

  12. Finally sprung for a Mel Chemistry subscription!

  13. It's snowing. In the foothills. Of San Diego. In May. Go home, Mother Nature, you're drunk. And that's probably a preexisting condition.

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    2. SeaConquest


      "The daytime high temperature in San Diego Sunday was 59 degrees -- almost 10 degrees below average. The NWS said that Sunday was the coldest May day the city has experienced in 64 years. The daytime high hasn't been in the 50s since May 15, 1953, when it was 58 degrees."

    3. PollyOR
    4. Jackie


      Nooo! I'm pushing through my crappy weather here with the knowledge that soon I'll be in San Diego and not have to deal with crappy weather!

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    2. quark


      Sigh, makes me wish I had one more to homeschool. The dogs refuse to learn to read. Hey, we had that same Story of Canada book not too long ago!

    3. crazyforlatin


      Well, the vitamin c serum looks interesting. I kind of need one.

  14. Headed to the new Wolf Lodge in OC with the boys tomorrow. It's a surprise!

    1. SeaConquest


      Yes! OC. just got back. :)

  15. And, first grade is a wrap!

  16. 24 more days until this teacher is on vacay until Labor Day. Not that I am counting or anything. ‪#‎Homeschool‬ ‪#‎SummerCamp‬ ‪#‎TakeMyMoney‬ ‪#‎AdiosNinos‬ ‪#‎MargaritaTime‬

    1. marbel


      :-) A bit envious here! :-)

    2. YaelAldrich


      I've got all of May and June, but the rest is the same for me! LOL

    3. Hilltopmom


      Just added another week of summer away camp for my teen- she's going 3 weeks:)

      Not Until July though.

  17. Thinking of turning Sacha's year of chemistry into a year of formulating DIY Asian beauty products. A win-win for us both!

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    2. ebunny


      Brilliant idea! Do you plan on getting down to the equations or just the conceptual parts? (pH levels etc)


    3. mathnerd


      Please write a blog about it. It sounds very interesting - project based learning of chemistry!

    4. SparklyUnicorn


      That sounds really cool.


  18. Sacha is SEVEN!!

    1. Loesje22000


      Fun Age!

      They change so much between 7-8

    2. quark


      Yay! Wishing him a great birthday, lots of laughs and fun!

    3. Kerileanne99



      Happy Birthday!

  19. Sacha started his first one class today (at AAA) and he loves it!

  20. I am absolutely astonished to report that I did not win the Powerball.

  21. Tornado warning in San Diego?!? Dude, El Nino needs to chill out.

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    2. swimmermom3


      Are you kidding? I've thought all year that somehow Portland and San Diego traded weather, but tornados?! Stay safe and keep us posted.

    3. SeaConquest


      Thanks. It's been nuts around here.

    4. EmilyGF


      We live in the midwest and hubby is in San Diego right now. Not frequent that one can boast of better weather in the midwest than So Cal!

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