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  1. Any reviews? I am a highly visual speller and like that this is what this program focuses on. Does it work, though? Thanks in advance!
  2. I will have a young 1st grader who turns 6 in July. Build Your Library 1 For handwriting, just copywork from BYL First Language Lessons 1 Explode the Code 3 & 4, Phonics Pathways, Phonics readers I wasn't going to add formal spelling or writing this year, but I'm leaning towards WriteShop Primary A. Still leaning towards waiting on formal spelling. If we do spelling it will probably be Spelling Workout A or B. Rightstart B Science is nature study as scheduled by BYL, but I'm considering adding RSO or an experiment kit. My daughter loves science! Home Art Studio Piano
  3. We are doing: Horizons K Mathseeds Bob Books Phonics Pathways Reading Eggs Zaner-Bloser K Build Your Library K Art at the library (once a week) My daughter loves workbooks, so we also have several she does whenever she wants, like Kumon.
  4. That's exactly what I was looking at! :)
  5. Phonics Pathways, Bob Books Big Bag of Science Zaner Bloser Handwriting K Horizons Math K (anyone used the manipulative sets from RR? Are they useful?) Kinderbach A variety of workbooks since my daughter likes them. Kumon, Developing the Early Learner, other random ones her Grandma gets for her. Maybe Beginning Geography. I'm also planning on splurging on the complete set of Geopuzzles.
  6. Either Bookshark or Timberdoodle is what I would do.
  7. We are doing: Build Your Library K- Around the World. I'm really looking forward to starting this! It's an overview of people and animals around the world, and schedules art projects, read alouds, and recipes. Skills- lots of Kumon workbooks, art projects, and just life in general as others have mentioned When I decide she's ready to read, we will use Phonics Pathways. She knows all the letters and sounds, but hasn't made the leap to sounding out words yet. For math I haven't decided if I'm just going to be informal this year or use Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 2.
  8. Math: Miquon, Rightstart, Mathematical Reasoning, Singapore Earlybird, Saxon, Horizons,...I know I'm missing a bunch Phonics: Phonics Pathways, Progressive Phonics, The Reading Lesson, All About Reading, Logic of English Foundations, Bob books... I know there's a bunch more here too
  9. Thanks you too! I look forward to hearing how your K year goes!
  10. Your K year looks very similar to my plan! My daughter is only 4, so we're doing a K4 year and then next year we will start most of the things on your list. We are doing BYL K this year, though. (It looks wonderful, doesn't it?!) I'm very excited! In fact I think the only differences are we will use Phonics Pathways and Zaner-Bloser. We are also going to start Kinderbach this year!
  11. I absolutely feel your pain. My daughter is only 3 and I have been researching homeschool curriculum and devouring forums for quite some time. It IS self inflicted torture.
  12. I really really want All About Reading Pre-Level 1. I've spent quite a bit of time talking myself out of it...and then I look at it again. I also really like the look of all the boxed curriculums. I don't feel they would be right for us ( plus ridiculously expensive - looking at you, Calvert!) but I still can't stop looking at them.
  13. These are general goals I set for my daughter this year, who is also 3. I am very relaxed about implementing it and it's amazing what they can learn from 'casual' teaching. I try to let her play play play, and usually at some point she asks to do her 'school books' or a science project. She loves her Kumon books; I am happy for the fine motor and pencil practice they provide. Math Counting and Number Recognition Classifying and Sorting (by color, size, etc) Patterns Measurement (longer than, shorter than, etc) Spatial Awareness (games and movement activities; words like on/off, over/under, etc) Science Nature Study Cooking Environmental Awareness (no littering, etc) Gardening Color Mixing Literacy Lots of Reading Aloud Letter Recognition (especially her name) Rhymes, Songs, Fingerplays
  14. I usually borrow from the library. It either has to be an essential classic or a super duper favorite for me to buy it.
  15. Wow, thank you all for your replies! There are many listed that I have never read before, and I'm excited to find new characters!
  16. Any suggestions for good picture books that carry a certain character all the way through several books? So far I have: Winnie the Pooh Toot and Puddle Elephant and Piggie Madeline Angelina Ballerina Corduroy Fancy Nancy Llama Llama Pete The Cat Curious George Amelia Bedelia Berenstain Bears I am planning to do a series of character books for bedtime read alouds this year, so ideas would be much appreciated! :) Thanks in advance!
  17. I have to add Joyce Sidman to this list! Her books are absolutely gorgeous, both her poetry and the illustrations.
  18. Mo Willems books are our favorites at the moment I think. We have so very many favorites - check the link to my blog for a full list. I rediscovered picture books when I had my daughter- there are a few I wouldn't mind keeping for me!
  19. She recognizes her name, and points out when other words begin with the first letter of her name. She writes letter-like shapes on paper (mostly c's and o's, neither of which are in her name) and proudly shows me her "name." So, she's interested in writing her name, but it seems she isn't quite there with the motor skills to form most of the letters. She loves it when I guide her hand with the pencil to write her name. She has a very good pencil grip too.
  20. Don't worry, I do not think my kid is stupid. Far from it!. I do try hard to avoid comparing my dd to other children, as I agree wholeheartedly as to the uselessness of it. I was simply surprised to see him writing him name so early and was curious what other parents had to say. That's all.
  21. I agree that I'm worrying unnecessarily. I just can't help it!! Lol I was the last in my K class to count to 100...the last to tie my shoes...etc, but I was an A-B student all through school and went to the State Spelling Bee. So, I know that the super early achievements don't really have a bearing on later academic success. It's just...my dd is my first one, and probably my only one, and I desperately need to make sure I'm doing everything right! Even though I know she's way ahead of other kids with her vocabulary, etc. The curse of the new parent is to worry too much. :)
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