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  1. I wish I had an idea, I know when I was running my own 4-H I only had one mom I could count on the other parents were content to sit back, some would help but for the most part most were not comitted. I made the decision after talking with my children to disband our group, we took last year off and I've found us another group to get involved in this year which seems to be good and while I'll help out the entire leadership and running won't fall on my shoulders. I also run the Explorer unit for our AHG troop and it's hard to get parents to contact me with info - so I send home a letter and I leave it in their laps. Other than that I have no tried and true ways to get others to help out :(
  2. I've seen this going around FB and just now read it - there are alot of things I don't agree with her on, so it's one post I won't be sharing.
  3. Just looking to fill these last few slots - just a few more days.
  4. I've had drs prescribe Zofran for me for migraines or when I've been vomiting for other reasons and I've since learned some forms contain aspartame - couldn't figure out why I was getting migraines after taking it, just an FYI if you're sensitive to artificial sweeteners.
  5. I have tried many, including SparkPeople but I much prefer MyFitnessPal - you can follow me if you'd like here: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/SJBailey the myplate doesn't really consider how people should eat - if I ate the way it's recommended by the government I wouldn't be so close to getting off my diabetic medicaton :D
  6. I've tried the stationary bikes, ellipticals, treadmills and they only became an extra laundry hamper :( and took up to much room in our tiny house. Now my exercise machine is my Wii Fit Plus as well as my DVD player that I play Leslie Sansone walk at home DVD and the ShapelyGirl Debra Mazda DVD's. I've already lost about 10 pounds in about 4 weeks and I feel so good, and no lost space. I do have some small hand weights but nothing fancy.
  7. Very interesting reading this thread. I have an 8 and a 6 1/2 year old who both still suck their thumbs and show no signs of stopping. They won't do it in public, so their friends don't know they do it so it's only at home but still. I sucked mine till like 5th grade and ended up with an orthodontic appliance that everytime I put my thumb in my mouth it would poke me, I found a way around it but eventually I did stop.
  8. When I married my husband his 624 sq. ft home seemed big, then we started adding children - now we don't have a bedroom. Our son has one room and the girls another - the house is tiny, I'd take 700 or even 800 if it'd give us one more bathroom, even a half bath and an extra bedroom. :D
  9. few more slots open. Thank you for helping me fill these.
  10. No suggestions but I completely understand - my daughter has been in a back brace for 2 years - I'm assuming your DS has scoliosis? This is my DD's 4th brace, it's very hard to get her to wear the 23 hours a day.
  11. I will be doing a mixture of Wii Fit Plus and Leslie Sanson's mile working up to the full 5 miles I also use MyFitnessPal if anyone wants to follow along with me :D
  12. Would love to fill these slots - if you know of anyone and can pass along the info that would be great too :D
  13. My husband who had been having heart palapitations (sp?) was told by his doctor his Vit. D was low, after only a couple weeks on a supplement he hasn't had hardly any and has had more energy. His heart dr just chalked it up to his being a heart patient without looking into it more. As for a mother's instinct I kept pushing for testing on my oldest for severe belly pain - and the last thing I had them test for, scoliosis, was what she had but the dr still maintained that it couldn't have caused the belly pain but once we began treatment her belly pain disappeared. Yep, there is a lot to be said for mother's instinct.
  14. One tool I really like is using MyFitnessPal - it can be accessed on the PC, app, etc and allows you to track what you eat all day, including water, exercise, etc - it breaks down all the calories, carbs, etc and while most people use it to lose weight it could be a good tool for her to see where her nutrients are and how to make better choices - plus she can add friends to cheer her on when she makes a good choice.
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