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  1. :grouphug: Any chance of a group therapy session with you and the person involved to figure out a plan of action? Or nudge them to make one for themselves?
  2. Maybe it's a difference in how often people get together with adults... I see my best friends who also have kids maybe a few times a year. We are usually at my house, so there are plenty of activities to do, and most of the kids have a similarly aged buddy. I absolutely tell them to go play and let Mama chat. I'm with my kids allllll of the time. They get plenty of adult conversation. They know how to behave and chat. If it's a family activity (ball game, holiday, party), they converse just fine with adults. If it's us with our good friend who is single, we usually have dinner together and chat and they get to catch up with her too. After an hour or so, I send them on their way so I can chat with her. I would otherwise never have time alone with friends.
  3. Or letting in divorced people? Remarried people? People who had affairs or commit other sins?
  4. Persil is great for diapers. I can't find the powder anywhere currently. It's the best. Have you tried Costco Kirkland's powder? There's a scent when you open the pail, but I don't smell anything on my clothes or towels. I like it almost as well as Persil then Tide as far as cleaning power goes, and it's SO much cheaper.
  5. I meant she needed stricter rules! Like try to hurt my kid and you are disinvited from my home.
  6. For regular diapers, yes. For nasty ammonia-ridden ones that need to be stripped, they should be far awaaaaaay from people! That can is a great idea, but would she provide the can and inserts? Honestly, I would tell the woman to strip them or bring sposies. How can she stand the smell in her car?! Yuck.
  7. I think you need some new rules. Edited: I mean you need stricter rules to protect yourself. They sound awful. I'm sorry if it sounded otherwise. :grouphug:
  8. Do you know if he has family? It sounds as though someone needs to step in and help him.
  9. They shouldn't smell hideous. The diapers must need to be stripped. I'd keep them outside if they smelled that awful. With my first two, I had two hanging bags that I alternated. They had a little piece of microfiber in them that you dropped on some essential oils for deodorizing. My second two, I had a covered plastic trash can in the laundry room. I washed diapers usually daily and had overlapping kids in diapers both times.
  10. "Do you just need to vent or are you looking for a discussion?" The people who do it repeatedly I avoid.
  11. Aside from things we have never had to deal with (no Klan uniforms? Wouldn't be an issue because no member would ever be invited to my home!), no smoking has been the only rule that maybe has kept people away. My mother and her husband have smoked off and on. She doesn't know that we know she is back to smoking (insert eye rolls here). She smoked all the time when I was growing up and knows it gives me migraines, and she knows it isn't allowed around the kids. She hasn't come over reeking of smoke so is very careful. Sometimes the tissue paper in gifts smells like smoke. The dog would irritate me. I don't know what I would do. We have inside dogs. One of mine can be territorial, and we have cats, so a dog that didn't get along with my animals would be a no go. My dad doesn't like inside animals but allowed my inside cats to visit when I came home to get married. They offered to cat sit while we were on our honeymoon even (broke law students). If we were out with one of our dogs and wanted to stop by, I highly doubt we would be refused entry, but I wouldn't ask if I knew it was something that really bothered him versus something he just doesn't "get." Our dogs are inside dogs, no fleas, clean and fresh smelling, and housebroken. And when he's here, he invariably has one dog with her head in his lap getting petted nearly constantly. I wouldn't get offended if he asked us to hang outside with the dog either or come by another time. We very rarely go anywhere with our dogs so it's never been an issue. It would depend on the rule, why I have it (is it a boundary representing a larger issue?), why the person needs to break it, and my relationship with that person.
  12. The hairdresser can cut it progressively shorter. Brush it out, see how you feel. Cut another inch. Repeat. Then if you regret the last trim length, you've only got to live with it a couple of months, and it's not drastically uncomfortable. Tell them what you're asking for and book at a time they're not busy and tip well if they spend a ton of extra time. ;)
  13. Camps are great if the school will let him use their facility and liability/professional insurance. Camp for holiday weeks and random days off and the week right after school gets out were always booked way ahead at my kids' former school, $30/6 sounds too inexpensive, but I'm not in that area. Music teachers who come to your house are highly in demand here. They advertise on homeschool boards, NextDoor and other neighborhood sites. Music minister at a church?
  14. Is the person NT? Are they very introverted? Is this something that happens only in hallways or other tight spaces? Are they cordial in other settings or times? Are they going to/from the bathroom? I wouldn't automatically address it. As okbud says, it could simply be that the person is over stimulated by being around people all the time. Or deep in thought. Eye aversion is a sign the person is avoiding contact. If it's due to embarrassment (going to/from bathroom), introversion (please don't make me talk right now!), or something that's not directed at you with rudeness, I would let them have their personal space.
  15. There are jewelers who have ring-making workshops. You could make your own rings. I don't know where you live, but if it's in or near a major city, there should be multiple jewelers who will custom design ones for you. We designed my ring with a jeweler who worked from a drawing. I combined a few designs and tweaked things, and they took notes then sent a sketch. I think I changed things from that sketch as well. Pricescope forums are good for researching jewelers. Most people are looking for stones, but I'm sure there's info about custom bands too. You could do most things online now.
  16. Banishment? What does that mean? I think I must be mixing you up with another poster whose daughter was recently married and welcomed a baby and was not banished from the home.
  17. I was going to suggest checking with an allergist. One of my best friends developed anaphylactic food allergies in her early 40s. It went from gastric distress to anaphylaxis the next exposure for items she previously ate frequently. I hope you're feeling better today!
  18. Especially in a household that accommodates overnight guests frequently, per the BF's words, I can't imagine that this panics the mother. It was the particular person, not the abstract overnight guest.
  19. That's downright Puritanical if people are going to that extreme to observe your driveway and speculate and pronounce judgment. Is it really 2017?
  20. The Duggars, who I think we all can agree idolize chastisty, let boyfriends and girlfriends sleep over in separate areas with the siblings. Their rules actually are consistent because they also chaperone the kids on dates, so they're never alone. If you're letting unmarried people be alone together, you're not helping them keep their goals of chastity.
  21. "Get out, you scheming hussy. You've been plotting for 1.5 years to sleep on my couch and watch my son eat a bagel!" What definition of hospitable would that be exactly?
  22. Yes, there are. I know three people (one police officer) who were killed by drivers who fell asleep at the wheel. I know zero who were killed by DUI drivers. Regentrude posted the statistics. It's as irresponsible as driving drunk.
  23. I would ask around for a good breast surgeon who would be an expert in surrounding areas and cysts. I agree that the doctor may be able to get it covered by insurance due to it being problematic to you.
  24. Or someone who simply looks more masculine than someone thinks she should? One of the staff members at DH's firm was harassed in a public restroom by someone accusing her of being transgendered. She was really scared she was going to get attacked. :(
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