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  1. I hope the puppy brings your family much joy and laughter. And yes, definitely easier to house that a pony! :rofl:
  2. Had them on a bed in a lovely beach rental. They were so awful that I almost drove to find a Target to get some sheets. If we rent that same house again I seriously may bring sheets from home. Blech.
  3. Hanna has cute stuff. I usually buy (or make bc they're super easy) solid or striped or dotted leggings in a variety of colors and stick under dresses. Most of the time they're close enough!
  4. I usually do a big crock pot or Instant Pot of pulled pork, then one of Mexi-chicken another night. A beach favorite for us is a low country boil with fresh shrimp.
  5. I thought tick too Now going to shower again to stop itching. :rofl:
  6. There's an Anne Klein denim suit for women that's actually pretty sharp looking. ;) http://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/anne-klein-twill-one-button-jacket/4418430?cm_mmc=google-_-productads-_-34014200299__Mobile-_-95671545&rkg_id=h-37f6dfc2ece9fcbdc3e1edf333e27772_t-1500217767&adpos=1o5&creative=145518921028&device=m&network=g&gclid=CLun_NeKjtUCFcq2wAodCowLhA I wouldn't wear it to court for a hearing, but it would be great for dressier than random office days. (In my hypothetical job right now, lol.)
  7. Women couldn't even wear pants in Congress (well, Senate) until 1993. http://mentalfloss.com/article/93384/why-women-couldnt-wear-pants-senate-floor-until-1993 I guess female reporters could find some nice, puffy sleeved cult dresses somewhere that would be acceptable.
  8. The adult kids don't want to come because they want to be with you guys and have fun family memories. They want to come to make your life miserable or because they're "entitled" to it. You're not dealing with mentally stable people. If your DH will be able to enjoy the trip with just you and DS, then take the trip with just you and DS. There's no way you can frame it to make crazy people happy. There's just no way. If he can't set the boundaries necessary to protect you and DS, then you and DS should go alone. And honestly, it sounds like maybe some personal therapy to figure out where you should make boundaries of your own would be helpful. It's possible that you and DS on your own might be your only solution to many problems.
  9. One year more than the last time you asked. Why do you choose to make an issue over this every year? It's really old news. It's not rude or snarky. It's honest and to the point. This woman needs a life. Is she super good at her job? That's pretty ballsy of her to insult her boss and his wife every year.
  10. I'd leave out the judgment part because that would be a bald faced lie, but something along those lines. And I wouldn't care if it ended our "friendship" should it turn out that she's okay with her older kids beating the youngers.
  11. Four kids total, but the max number of teens at any time will be two. We have two sets of two less than two years apart, and the sets have a big spacing.
  12. I usually cook burgers in a cast iron skillet. It's much easier than wrangling the grill for me.
  13. I wouldn't mention your diagnosis either, but there's no obligation for privacy between a former employer and employee. Or really current employer-employee in my state... Your former employer didn't find out about the condition because of their managing the health insurance, which would be in the HIPAA realm. Employee personnel file privacy is a very different animal. This looks like a pretty decent summary: https://www.workplacefairness.org/medical-privacy-workplace#1 Former employers are guided by state law. In GA, they can say pretty much anything that is true and isn't a violation of your civil rights (age, religion, sex, national origin, etc.). Check your state's DOL website to see what is allowed where you live.
  14. The cornmeal gets all crispy crunchy caramelized. This is one of the closest pictures I could find of what it looked like when my grandmother made it, though hers was even less coated. http://www.macaroniandcheesecake.com/2011/08/pan-fried-okra.html I'm pretty sure she just added a splash of buttermilk to a bowl of okra, then stirred in cornmeal or self rising cornmeal mix (probably not available in your area!). Okra and tomatoes is another family favorite. She would sauté an onion, then add the okra and some canned (home canned with her) tomatoes and a few crushed Saltine crackers. I've had it at restaurants with sugar in the sauce and that made me so sad.
  15. They'll very likely refund you if you cancel today.
  16. I've only tried it whole or sliced in rounds. You could slice it lengthwise if you prefer. That would be pretty and easy to pick up and dip if you were eating them like "fries."
  17. I hope you get it! Wawak.com has great prices on Maxi Lock serger thread. I like Maxi Lock Stretch in the loopers for sewing knits. Fingers crossed for you.
  18. Love love love roasted okra. It reminds me of the okra my grandmother would lightly cornmeal coat and "fry" in her cast iron skillet. This is not to be confused with the weird deep fried balls of batter covered okra pieces. Anyway, it works with frozen okra pods or sliced okra too. I think it actually works a little better to roast frozen. Mmmm, okra...
  19. Kamado ceramic smoker http://www.seriouseats.com/2016/06/best-kamado-big-green-egg-alternatives-smoker-grill-equipment-reviews.html Chiminea for your back yard
  20. Yeah, my daughter told a friend private information. Friend didn't know her mother read all of her texts (she mirrored them to her device). It wasn't anything dangerous or inappropriate, just private. I would have been horrified if my friends' mothers were listening in on our stupid teen angst-filled phone calls, and this feels like the same thing. This backfired on the mom because she mentioned something to her daughter about it and daughter figured it out. She now communicates via another method and has stopped telling her mom anything because she felt so betrayed. She used to be very close to her mom, and this has really driven a wedge between them. If you're going to do it, tell them you're going to do it.
  21. http://audible.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9190/~/amazon-prime-day-2017
  22. BB gun is a bad idea because it wouldn't stop a large dog in attack mode unless you had crazy good aim and got it just in the right spot. You'd be more likely to piss it off or shoot one of your kids.
  23. Ooh! New craft project! My DH will not thank you... :rofl:
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