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  1. An independent agent can run you quotes from all different companies and find you the best deal. The insurance company pays their commission if you buy. It doesn't cost you any extra.

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  2. I didn't realize there were any groups in the U.S. that didn't allow any medical care of any kind at all?? I know JW's refuse blood transfusions and many try and use natural means and use others as a last resort. But nothing at all?

    Christian Scientists are one such group. I would assume there are others because there are bunches of religious variants. A friend in elementary had a brother with epilepsy and they blamed it on his sin. CPS was involved by the time I lost touch with her. :(

  3. NOT an actual legal opinion, just internet ramblings:


    If MIL has chosen this religion and walked the path for her adult life, I personally wouldn't worry about being accused of neglect. If she requests medical attention and you refuse to provide it, that's different. Or if this were SIL's new thing that she's imposing on her dependent mother with your assistance, that would be different too.

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  4. We looked at putting our kids on our state's medicaid when DH switched jobs a couple of years ago. Since we are above poverty line, there was a monthly premium. So, if we had chosen to take it, we would be paying for it just like any other health insurance. We have paid federal income taxes in the past (currently the EIC and the child tax credits counteract our federal income tax due), so we would have "paid our part" in the past as well. We also pay state income taxes; that may be part of medicaid's funding as well - I'm not really sure - is it all federal income taxes that funds the program?


    Jointly funded

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  5. In addition to the people paying income taxes (or who have paid or will pay), there are programs under the Medicaid umbrella such as the Children's Healthcare Insurance Program where parents who are above the poverty line for regular Medicaid but under another income level (depends on state) can pay a reduced fee to insure their children. In states that expanded Medicaid under the ACA, there are people who pay a reduced fee for state-sponsored insurance. 

  6. I think when you're in a toxic relationship (and a relationship where a parent is threatening to take their adult not abusive daughter's children away is toxic) then you don't necessarily have a good sense of what's normal. She's focusing on the good, and there is good there. And putting up with the bad, probably because it's always been like that.


    :grouphug:  Moonhawk, you don't deserve to be treated that way.


    The pattern of abusive relationships is troubling. Moonhawk, I hope you are seeing someone for yourself. Do it for your kids. :grouphug:

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  7. Here is an idea I have mulled over all day long. Would it be absolutely horrible to invite your mom here to the Hive if she does online stuff? She has had one bad experience with a home schooler and maybe she needs more to compare to - like all of us shmart, sophisticated folks from around the world.


    You could not tell her you are on it too and that you just found it, or something. Or, you could tell her you are on it, and what your SN is and with that one make benign remarks every so often BUT THEN have your Hive alter-ego, which would be the real you.


    Yes? No? Just thinking your parents need examples of home school success.

    Noooooo. If she recognized her daughter, that would be bad news. She would have tons of ammunition. There's nothing Moonhawk can say or do to convince them--did you read the abusive lengths they've gone to already?

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  8. People on Craigslist and in parking lots can be crazy! I stopped selling on it because of nuts. I even was really careful to immediately edit the listing when the item was spoken for. A man got shot in a nearby parking lot over a squabble about spaces. I just park far out and park carefully to try and avoid crazy people. A quick reverse and adjustment is worth not getting shot! I hope this week is better for you. :grouphug:

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