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  1. Will you have a deck around the pool where you can sit in the shade and nurse the baby? I generally don't (still with the younger two 5 and 3) )get in my pool and swim unless there's another adult. I can keep my eyes on the kids better from the deck. I would take out the little rocker sleeper thing and could put baby in that if I needed to deal with my toddler. I have a comfy patio set, so it was pretty much like sitting indoors. My older two were old enough to not need intervention, and they could sit on the deck with the toddler if I needed to go inside to grab something. Toddler was always in a Puddle Jumper. It was worse the next two summers. In and out for diapers and potty, and the baby wasn't overly independent. This summer is better except for the constant potty breaks for 3. 5 can run in by herself. By 4 mos, we used one of those flat floats that the baby sits down in. Some have a pop up shade. Obviously you have to be standing right by the baby in those, but mine loved it. And yes, there are water slings. Mine is 14 years old (Solarveil), and I have no idea if the company is still around!


    I know nothing about Dollywood. I'd wait and see on the other two decisions.

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  2. No, these are different.

    I make them from the recipe in the Back In The Day cookbook, which is mostly desserts but has a small savory section toward the back. They look like peanut butter cookies, but their primary flavors are paprika, smoked paprika, and sharp cheddar cheese. They are 'where have you been all my life' type tasty.

    That's how you make cheese straws if you don't have a fancy cookie press. :) My grandmother had a version with Rice Krispies in it for a crunch. I've also seen finely chopped pecans.

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  3. Those "southern" cheese things are cheese straws. I've picked up some good (authentic) ones at Target, I think in the Archer Farms brand.


    COSTCO and Trader Joe's both have those little Parmesan crisps that are all baked cheese, but look like crackers. Yum. I have to parcel out a serving at a time because I really could go through a bag of those at a time if left unchecked. I prefer the ones from COSTCO but the TJ's version is also good. I think the latter are marketed as salad additions and sold in smaller quantity.

    Mmmmm, cheese straws! They're easy to make if you have a cookie press. You can make them in rounds like sliced sugar cookies too. Make the dough and keep it in your freezer.


    Aldi's has the Parmesan bites now too. I haven't tried them yet.

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  4. I was going to suggest TJs also. Their Unexpected Cheddar is wonderful. Another favorite here is Dubliner. They have all kinds of goat cheeses, Brie, and lots of savory charcuterie options. Grab a jar of the tiny pickles and some nice olives. Sometimes they have fig preserves, but it's fresh fig season, so they might have those.

  5. It will be happening right during elementary dismissal here, so I know one system has moved all dismissals back an hour. Makes sense as that would be pretty chaotic and possibly dangerous to the kids. No way to keep everyone from looking at the sun!


    The total eclipse in the 1980s happened during the school day for me. My gifted teacher somehow managed to get all of her kids to watch it. We made those boxes, and a local meteorologist came to the school to talk to our class and film a segment.

  6. Was it on FB? The Instant Pot group has crazy spam pop up sometimes. The moderators try to delete it quickly, but I got an eyeful last week. Very glad my kids weren't around when I scrolled past that!

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  7. Percocet can cause severe constipation, which can cause nausea. How many days out from the surgery is he? It can't hurt to call the doctor to rule out anything else and to ask for options. Sometimes it's a reaction from the surgery and anesthesia, but maybe phenergan or another pain med would make him more comfortable.

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  8. Yeah, that is a good point. I think it's the thought that this small amount of material costs the same or more as a dress. I also don't have much ocassion to wear a bathing suit but a few times a year, so I generally get sick of looking at them before I wear them out.

    Sewing swim fabric sucks! I'd charge more to make a swimsuit than a dress too.


    I think for controversy, you have to say that only skinny moms can wear bikinis. Wasn't there a doozy last year over that?

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  9. I have also seen this same post every year, but there is an aspect of it that I agree with and have thought, too. Personally, I do not like the TV ads that have the mom fist-pumping after she puts the kid on the bus or the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" commercial. Additionally, some people on FB - not a lot of them, thankfully - do post it often enough that starts to bother me.


    But it is always unfortunate when a new/relatively new poster stumbles onto a topic she imagines suits this place, only to be smacked down by the veterans. It's pretty crappy,,really.

    No one smacked her or was crappy to her. If she had come on saying people on her FB feed were angry or sad about her choice to homeschool, she would get support. The point being that this forum isn't homeshool sanctimommy heaven.


    If there are people on the feed who are genuinely unloving or abusive to their kids, which would appropriately garner an "angry" or "sad" reaction, then do something about it. People here choose a variety of schooling methods for their kids and know that homeschooling is not a purity test of parenting.

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  10. This thread happens every year. Some people like routines. Some people like school. I love my kids to pieces but am looking forward to preschool starting back for my youngers. One is so much more fun to be around when she's been at school for a few hours a day. Go ahead, be smug and get angry over how I carefully researched options and found her someplace where she thrives. Sigh.

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  11. I'll cook the meat fairly simply seasoned. Example: pork shoulder can be BBQ the first night. I pull out another meal portion to become carnitas later in the week. Beef roast can be flexible that way too. The rest gets frozen in meal portions. Grilled or pan seared chicken breasts can be served as is the first night, then sliced for taco/taco salad/quesadillas or sliced on a big salad.


    I either try to plan ahead for the leftovers, not make leftovers, or make enough to freeze another meal. A big batch of ground taco meat gets the leftovers frozen immediately after dinner. If there's not quite enough for another round of tacos/taco salads, it gets labeled taco soup meat.


    I serve side salads with casseroles. Or steamed/roasted vegetables. Sometimes I will season them to "match" the meal (drizzle with pesto or a squirt of lemon and some parm or some sesame seeds and soy sauce), but sometimes they're just along for the ride.

  12. If it was a work injury and she's an employee and not an independent contractor, you need to call her supervisor. There may be somewhere specific she should go to have this covered by workers' compensation. When the doctor/ER takes the history and notes that it is a work accident, your insurance company can refuse payment for the injury. It's easier to have things covered by the correct insurance from the beginning than it is to try and backtrack later. :)

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  13. We haven't talked to my dad about course of action yet, but there are a few indications he may not take this as seriously as he should about her driving.


    The state they are in allows private citizens to request the DMV to make a medical evaluation of a person's ability to drive.  It can be done anonymously.  My sister and I are talking about doing this if my dad refuses to acknowledge the situation.  Is that horrible??  It feels horrible.  But if my dad won't take it seriously, it seems like the best way to resolve it without infuriating everyone.  He would assume it was reported by the police. 


    Not at all. She is dangerous to others, not just herself, on the road.

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