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  1. Not having an ID is a bad thing, even if one is not wanting to board a Civil Turbojet aircraft. If the police in the USA stop someone, who did not have ID, I think and hope they would find that suspicious. Here in Colombia, as in most of the world, we are required to carry a "Cedula" (National Identity card) at all times. If the police here find someone without that, they will hopefully be very suspicious.


    If the DS of the OP has done this 2 or 3 times in recent months, this is not a good thing for him to be doing and could really cause a very bad experience for him.

    We don't have national identity requirements here. Yet.

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  2. How old is DC and has the primary care (pediatrician?) doctor looked at this at a check up? We have a great chiropractor who has worked wonders with DH after an accident that also required orthopaedic surgery, so I'm neither anti-chiropractic nor traditional medicine. In a child, I would be more cautious and would want to rule out anything serious before proceeding with alternative care.


    ETA: Pediatricians are usually familiar with the most common orthopaedic issues in childhood. If DC is older and not a pediatric patient, a regular PCP may not be very helpful.

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  3. My dinosaur method is a draft in gmail. It's my main email in my phone, and I can pull them up on my phone or computer. I think the Notes app saves to gmail as well, but I've never tried to pull those up online. Google Docs would work also.

  4. Collapsible crate in the back wells and an XL Container Store Multipurpose Bin behind the driver's seat to hold wipes, paper towel roll, tissues, a couple of Pull Ups just in case, sunscreen, flashlight, first aid kit, etc. I still have one rear facing in a car seat who doesn't need that leg room. Will have to rearrange at some point I suppose!

  5. I don't think LPCs can "diagnose," but they can screen you for concerning behaviors and recommend you followup with a psychiatrist or other medical doctor. The counselor who specializes in eating disorders may be a great place to start. She will know which doctors are good near you if an actual diagnosis is necessary. You are in a different position from someone whose disorder is currently a immediate danger to their health/life, so the bloodwork and whatnot that would be done for anorexia might not be relevant to you. 

  6. Looking at Google maps, it looks like you go through Nashville and Memphis. Nashville is a fun town to explore. I haven't been to Memphis. See Graceland maybe? Or you could stop before that in Pigeon Forge and hit Dollywood and the things around there. In Arkansas, you go near Hot Springs. Maybe a hot spring? 

  7. We live in a major metropolitan area.  Our local DMV will expedite a replacement if you present a plane ticket, but you have to go in person, and he can't exactly do that.  Otherwise, they will only mail it to the address that's on the card.  I can't have it mailed directly to him, and they ask for a 2 week turn around.


    Unfortunately, I'm leaving on a trip , which makes it more complicated.  Even if it did come by Wednesday or Thursday of next week, I'd need to figure out a way for someone else to get it from the mailbox and overnight it.  


    So, it's possible it might work, but if it didn't work we'd find out at the last moment.  Which makes me think that the bus plan is a better one. 


    Can you go in person with his plane tickets (including the one showing he left already) and your ID showing you're his mother? I don't know how long the waits are, but we have online thing that shows the wait at various locations. I don't think ours ever answer the phone, so you'd have to go in person.

  8. Is the amount being credited to the older boy's account what she usually splits between both? Does that make sense? Or is that child getting the same amount and the younger one getting zip? If that's the case, as Junie mentioned, it may be going to another person's account entirely. 


    Can DH approach his mother or do you have a better rapport? I'd have no problems talking to my parents about this or any other gift. "Hey, mom, I just opened the statements from your generous college fund accounts and noticed X. Just making sure that the amount change was intentional and not an error made by the bank or company. Remember when the IRS credited the wrong person's account with our payments? I know it can happen very easily!" 

  9. Audible plus the kindle that keeps track with where you are in each.


    Learning Ally used to be Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic. https://www.learningally.org We tried it several years ago, but DD didn't enjoy the way things were read. (Volunteers vs professionals in audible.) You need someone "official" (our OH tutor who was a private school reading specialist with credentials did for my DD) to sign the form certifying a need for Learning Ally.

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  10. What does DD see in him? I had a friend like that, and it was EXHAUSTING. Everything was an affront or an offense. It was honestly a relief when she got super mad about something I didn't even say.


    As always, Rosie is wise. You're not being offensive. His taking offense from those things is his hypersensitivity. He will find things to be offended by, so keep being your genuine self. If you were being offensive, then it would be up to you to change. Eating chicken isn't an insult. That's nutty. How could you predict that would bring offense?


    Is he telling you directly that he's offended or is this being filtered through DD? What does she tell him? Is he like this with her? It could be a self esteem issue or it could be a red flag for a deeper manipulation.

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  11. Mine got progressively better. With my oldest, it was horrible. Hospitalized with dehydration. It was 20 weeks until I only threw up a couple of times a day. The fourth child was the easiest. Started around 8 weeks instead of 5-6, and I didn't know I was pregnant until 9-10. I thought I had a virus my kids brought home.


    (Actually, my first pregnancy ended fairly early in a miscarriage and I didn't have any morning sickness.)

  12. Another vote for executive function issue. Sounds like classic inattentive-type ADHD. He used all of his executive function ability on that one thing and there's no more left for anything else. That's why CEOs and artists have executive assistants and "people" to handle all the extraneous details while they focus on the One Thing.


    He is still very young. Although you're thinking of him as what should be a college junior, age/maturity wise, he could be barely a high school graduate. You'd help a freshman tick the boxes and get set up, right? It sounds incredibly frustrating, but it's so important to his options in the future. I think I would regret not helping (even though I'd be internally ranting about it) if this wound up hindering him later. You've put so much work in to get him to this stage. You're almost over the top of the hill!

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  13. Technology will be a big help for keeping up with the cousins. I think my kids are closer to some friends of ours who live elsewhere than their IRL friends because of this. Encourage FaceTime and chatting. If you travel to the area, meet up somewhere without the parents or where you can keep her away from the adults.


    You're doing the right thing by protecting your daughter. Never doubt that. :grouphug:

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