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  1. We had nicer ones as couches and guest accommodations during grad school and a little after. They were pretty comfortable as is but one of those cheap egg crate pads made a huge difference. If you don't want to buy one of those, I'd throw down a thick quilt or comforter between the futon and a fitted sheet. And what's comfy is relative to one's age I think! ;) I'd definitely get a cover for it even if it were only being used as a couch.
  2. Who exactly is responsible for pulling the applicants' ROEs? How are interviews being conducted? Who is responsible for calling previous employers? Can you ask her about her ROE in the interview? Something like, "You state you were fired from Company X. Tell us what you learned from that experience and what you have done or will do to prevent a similar situation from arising."
  3. Another thing I didn't know I "needed" until I found these forums... Thanks for the heads up on the Office Depot coupon! It was $62.99 in store for me too before the 30% discount. PP, 40 miles = at least 2 gallons of gas which would be more than $7 savings! :)
  4. Costco or Trader Joe's Does your family like honey as a sweetener in yogurt? One of my kids does, one does not, and then one is too little! Also, puréed fruit (blueberries, peaches, apples...) can stretch real maple syrup. :)
  5. Waterhog mats from LL Bean are great for catching some of the crud at doorways. I have them inside and outside the main doors. They can be hosed off outside to clean them. I hate tile too! I was so glad to move and get rid of our old ones.
  6. I agree with the PPs who have said NOT to return the bracelet to the store. You or your son could wind up being arrested and prosecuted. If his parents want to incur that liability, that's their business. I think I would want to know if my child were stealing. I would prefer to make the parenting decisions around such knowledge rather than another adult doing it in surrogate. If you do talk to them, be prepared for them not to believe you.
  7. Has her thyroid been checked? Pregnancy and nursing can really throw off everything!
  8. Depends on the location. Rural areas might see more action earlier. Urban, later. College town, even later.
  9. I bought Kidz Gear based on amazon reviews. They've survived several years here.
  10. Put his clean, unfolded clothes in his own laundry basket in his room. Does he get an allowance? Charge him for unnecessary laundry service.
  11. I like the Montessori "racks and tubes" visual explanation of long division.
  12. We are using it as bonus work after MM, but my daughter loves math. I don't think I'd use it as a standalone curriculum unless my kid were really, really flexible and able to jump from one format to another easily.
  13. Is it possible her old "bra" is from Justice? My daughter has a few of their bra-lette things (like a half cami made of microfiber/cotton blend), for modesty under thin shirts not support of any kind, and they run crazy small and shrink. I think she wore a "30" in those when she was a size 8/10. I wouldn't stop driving her. I would talk to her and tell her how much you love her and are hurt by her attitude. You said she has a tough family situation. It's hard to be a young teen even with the best family support. Is she just being a little chilly to you or out and out rude/ugly? I'd probably still give her another (multiple!) chance(s) absent her being abusive to you and try to show her some unconditional love.
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