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  1. Georgia Cyber Academy is run by K12, so searching that may be helpful as it's nationwide. I saw this article back in November, but there haven't been any updates I've seen. It would stink to decide on it if their charter gets revoked. http://www.ajc.com/news/news/local-education/georgia-doe-blasts-georgia-cyber-academy-threatens/nTBmZ/
  2. Do you have a video camera on your phone? I'd try to video it and have that for the doctor's appointment.
  3. He's handsome! We have two rescued Goldens. One is 95 lbs and had never seen a leash until we adopted her at almost 4. It's like walking an ill-behaved moose some days! A collar like this makes a huge difference: http://www.amazon.com/Herm-Sprenger-Collar-16-Inch-Millimeter/dp/B0006L0UGW/ Whatever size your doggie needs of course. Do you have a fenced in yard where you can tire him out before you try a walk? Lots of fetching first. :) Brian Kilcommons has several books that are really good. Website and YouTube videos as well.
  4. Some of the best advice I've gotten: NO is a complete sentence. You can say "no" politely. With a smile even. But adding "sorry" or otherwise couching it gently does not work with some people. Clearly this neighbor has no problem being assertive with her needs and does not take hints. If the kid beats on your door, you tell him, "Honey, do not beat on my door. If you do that, the answer will always be no." And then follow through! :)
  5. We have switched to a toothpaste with Xylitol and without fluoride. If your DD ate a whole tube, I think she'd just get the runs, which is better than fluoride poisoning. Or having to brush with vomit-flavored toothpaste. :) This one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B001I90NUO
  6. The Invention of Hugo Cabret isn't gross, but it is heavy on the sketches rather than words. It's a nice, thick book, so it feels like an impressive accomplishment to finish. :) Roald Dahl's The Twits is rather disgusting (in a good way) and got my DD to read other books of his.
  7. Apple crisp or cobbler. If you have one of those apple peeler-slicer thingies that mount to a table, it would go fast. And kids think those are fun, so you can enlist helpers easily. :)
  8. You are your child's advocate. If he's being harmed, you protect him. In the situation you described, I would remove my family from the group. I don't mind refereeing while another parent goes to the restroom or whatnot, but I'm not going to be the sole disciplinarian or spend my time worrying what another parent will think if..., especially not at the expense of my child. Sounds exhausting for you and awful for your kiddo!
  9. Not okay. Would he go to marriage counseling? If not, would you go on your own? His attitude sounds very controlling. I'm sorry for you and all of your children. ETA: Do you have a separate bank account? Would you be able to set one up and deposit the child support checks in that?
  10. I would put a comma after achievements if I were editing that sentence.
  11. Do you have a subscription to Teacher File Box? I have Read and Understand Poetry on my list to try. There are 2 or 3 grade ranges I think. http://books.google.com/books/about/Read_Understand_Poetry_Grades_2_3.html?id=gWkp1mSgYlQC
  12. I have a bunch of Old Navy tanks and a variety of lace-trimmed camis similar to this: http://cn1.kaboodle.com/hi/img/b/0/0/107/4/AAAAC6ogmuUAAAAAAQdPZQ.jpg?v=1289891395000 Mine are from Lane Bryant, but I've seen them at Kohl's, Target, just about everywhere. They usually come down longer, which is nice if the shirts are a little short. I wear regular support garment underneath; these are just for show. :)
  13. What about giving DS a budget and letting him come up with some ideas?
  14. Unless you are anti-evolution, I can't imagine what would be objectionable.
  15. I've heard of people taking FishMox to treat themselves for a sinus infection. It's amoxicillin designed for fish tanks, but it's supposedly the same med as for humans. Not sure where you live, but if there are Publix grocery stores near you, their pharmacies fill most antibiotics for free. Of course you'd still need a prescription. :( Hope you feel better soon. Achy and feverish sounds more viral. Sambucol and ocillococcinum and Vitamin D are my voodoos of choice for viruses.
  16. If no adult is trained to use an Epi-Pen, y'all should require the mom to stay on site.
  17. Did she email you from her phone? My iPhone lists the contact names (e.g., "Mom" ) that I have entered. It also appears when my phone rings, or I get a text message. I once changed a friend's name to our Elf of the Shelf's so "Wilbur" could text the kids. Holy wow that's some nickname! I'm sorry. :( Any way it's a joint email? I could see my DH doing something silly for his brother. They try to get obnoxious pics of each other and mess with each other's phones.
  18. Based on the Federal Privacy Act of 1974, it is legal for the schools to ask for a SSN but illegal for them to refuse enrollment if you decline to provide it. If the child's SSN is in some database, it is because the parent/guardian gave it to the school.
  19. Have you checked out the food forums on disboards? I don't eat LC, so just going off what I remember... You could always get one of those giant turkey legs! :) Cosmic Ray's in MK has a half rotisserie chicken meal that comes with green beans and potatoes. You could get double beans instead. http://allears.net/menu/men_cr.htm Gaston's Tavern in MK has giant pork shanks. And hummus with veggies for a snack. http://allears.net/menu/menu-gastons-tavern.htm Be Our Guest (fast casual lunch) has several options. The lines were INSANE when we were there in February, but maybe they'll calm down or you could time it better than we did. http://allears.net/menu/menu_be-our-guest-lunch.html Flametree BBQ in AK has rotisserie chicken and ribs and salad that could work and actually taste good. http://allears.net/menu/menu_ftb.htm Similar BBQ options at Fairfax Fare in DHS: http://allears.net/menu/menu_ffare.htm Epcot's Sunshine Seasons would have the most variety. http://allears.net/menu/men_ssff.htm Or share a shwarma platter from Morocco: http://allears.net/menu/men_tg.htm
  20. I research on gardenweb too. Kenmore doesn't manufacture anything. Sears contracts out with various manufacturers. Some Kenmore products are made by KitchenAid, LG, Whirlpool, etc. etc. etc. It changes year to year as well. The salespeople may be biased or they may just love different features. I don't think any appliances last very long these days, so unless something gets horrible reviews, I buy what I like based on the look and features.
  21. One of our good family friends had a rolling office chair slip away as she sat. She fell on her tailbone, fracturing it and two vertebrae. She's now had two back surgeries. She was in great shape before, had 4 children, ran half marathons, and had never broken a bone! (Yes, workers' comp insurance paid for her medical treatment, not her health insurance. And no, she wasn't milking the system. She made way more than $450/wk and was chomping at the bit to be cleared to return to work.) Freak accidents happen all the time. I try to be careful of criticizing someone else lest something similar happen to me. It sucks to eat crow. OP said she mislabeled her post. Even without that statement, why is getting legal advice a bad thing? It doesn't mean you're going to sue frivolously. Knowing your rights is important, as is knowing the "right" way to do things. Lawyers do much more than just file lawsuits, and consulting one doesn't make you a gold digger. If she had a gardening question and asked for horticultural advice, would she be pilloried?
  22. I've worn out two pairs of these shoes (in 9 years): http://www.zappos.com/allrounder-by-mephisto-niro-black-suede-mesh I've found some cute, comfy shoes on this blog: http://barkingdogshoes.com/ Skechers GOwalks are really comfortable and not insanely expensive: http://www.skechers.com/style/13510/skechers-gowalk/gry Crocs has some new styles that could work. What about boots to wear with skirts?
  23. Depends... Where was the game held? Who owns the facility? The chairs? There doesn't have to be negligence if you are injured as a business invitee on property. And this is a legitimate question. Premature, but legitimate. Health insurance isn't supposed to be used for accidents that are covered under another type of insurance, such as liability insurance potentially in this case. Your health insurance may refuse to pay for such an injury. Using the proper insurance to pay for medical costs is not the same thing as threatening to sue for millions of dollars for emotional distress caused by seeing basketballs from now on or something. :) Hopefully it's just a bruised tailbone and some ibuprofen and a nice Epsom salt bath soak will take care of everything. ETA: If you are injured to the point of needing medical care, the insurance carrier would 1) tell you whether they are accepting the claim and then direct you as to how they do things (either the doctor bills them directly or they reimburse you) or 2) tell you they are refusing the claim and then you would need to pay out of pocket NOT through your health insurance and decide how you want to proceed.
  24. I encourage them to eat a protein (cheese, nuts, nut butter, hummus) with fruit or vegetables. We go through lots of the tiny cucumbers from Costco. Blanched green beans, carrot sticks, sugar snap peas, and grape tomatoes are popular veggies. Roasted chick peas are good and can be seasoned a bunch of different ways. Popcorn too!
  25. Baked Lima Bean Parmigiana (I usually use cannellini beans) from Mark Bittman. Recipe here and elsewhere online: http://community.cookinglight.com/showthread.php?119973-ISO-Bittman-s-Lima-Bean-Parm-Recipe No-Crabs-Allowed Cakes from The Moms' Guide to Meal Makeovers One 15 1/2 oz can cannellini beans, drained and rinsed 1 cup frozen corn kernels, thawed 3/4 cup preshredded mozzarella cheese 3/4 cup dried bread crumbs, divided 1 large egg, beaten 1/4 cup light mayonnaise 1 TB bottled or fresh lemon juice 1 tsp dried Italian seasoning (I used lemon pepper) 1/4 tsp salt Pepper 1 TB olive oil 1/2 to 1 cup pasta sauce, warmed 1. Mash the beans in a large bowl using the back of a large fork or spoon until smooth but still a bit chunky. 2. Add the corn, cheese, 1/2 cup of the bread crumbs, egg, mayo, lemon juice, Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper to taste and mix well to combine. 3. Shape the mixture into eight 1/2-inch-thick patties and coat with the remaining bread crumbs (I used an ice cream scoop to portion). **These hold together better if you refrigerate them for at least 30 minutes before cooking.** 4. Heat the oil in a large nonstick skillet over a medium-high heat. Cook the patties until golden brown, about 4 minutes per side. 5. Serve with warm pasta sauce for dipping. Black Bean "Love Cakes" from the Flying Biscuit Cafe http://www.pba.org/programming/programs/atlanta_cooking/flyingbiscuit/ These are good with a fried egg on top!
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