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  1. Did you miss the part where the mom off and on wants to leave because of the dad's anger and behavior? You're minimizing huge, flaming red flags of abuse. The daughter is protecting herself.
  2. Fig preserves Wrap in prosciutto, maybe with some goat cheese inside Fig on flat bread, a sharp cheese, drizzle with balsamic Ice cream Mmmm, figs... darn low carb diet! ;)
  3. http://www.hooverfence.com/woodfence/srlooplatch.htm Loop latch? I think that's what we have on our driveway gate.
  4. I agree with Tibbie. I wonder if there's something more to the rift than you know. I also agree that it's not your relationship to fix. If DH wants to fix it, it's up to him to do something. And threatening you and issuing demands and ultimatums isn't the way to do it. He's hurting YOU by acting that way. Please seek counseling for yourself. If you were thinking of leaving him because of the anger, is it possible his behavior has crossed the line into abuse? The line about talking to local people about DH's mental health is a fine one to walk--on one hand, he does have a right to privacy. On the other, you need support and that sounds like it could be controlling. A professional will keep your confidence and can be a support to you if neither of them will seek professional care. There's also an organization that supports the family of mentally ill persons. I always mix up the acronym and if I leave this window on my phone, my post will poof. :grouphug:
  5. I had to stop someone putting dog poop in ours. I hate people.
  6. Yes, I would use your sister and her partner's names. I would send separate invites to each adult cousin and guest. I'd write guest or the significant other's name depending on how well I knew him/how serious they are.
  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. I would do the calendar as usual and a separate memory gift. Unless you include the whole family in the pictures normally. If you'll be able to see her kids on a regular basis, making sure you take pics of them to include for the next calendar would be thoughtful and probably thrill him to see all of his grandkids.
  8. The person who booked the flights should come entertain the kids. Geez oh pete! :)
  9. First option would be to call the person's mental health care provider's number and hope there is an after hours emergency line. Second would be to call the nurse line if your insurance has one and get advice. I personally wouldn't go unless I thought it could be a heart attack or another immediately life-threatening condition because of the cost and concern insurance wouldn't cover it. If the nurse line tells you to go, with my insurance anyway, the visit would be covered. (But our deductible is so ridiculous that it would be entirely out of pocket unless it cost more than $6K, so...)
  10. Giving her any information is giving her ammunition. She's a known abusive person. Why would you want her around your children?
  11. I was going to suggest Costco too. I can't wait until my youngest is old enough for me to be comfortable wearing a pair. I go put them on at Costco and dream...
  12. If you want to know the going rates in your area, there's a site called rover.com that will show you (bonded?) people's rates by zip code . Nextdoor.com (register by elementary school) is big in my area. You can look up pet sitters there and see. It's useful for other things too around here anyway. We found a great mechanic based on recommendations from it. :)
  13. I have one who forgot long division. Every. Year.
  14. I have no advice. It sounds like you have a good family lawyer already. You're a good person and good mom. :grouphug:
  15. I wouldn't comment negatively on people's food. I might think you were intentionally eating low carb because I do myself, but unless you're a good friend, I wouldn't ask. If you served that combo at a dinner party, it would be weird. Lunch is usually more of a mixed grab bag.
  16. Amazon has the bell strap for your door if you can't find them locally. Is she having accidents or just pacing? The pacing may be anxiety from being in a new place. How did the rescue confuse a 6 year old dog with a puppy? I agree with tethering her to you. We got our Golden rescue at 9 mos. She maybe had one accident and it was nerves more than anything. Our old lab-beagle mix was around 9-12 mos and very quick to train as well, and, bless her heart, was dumb as a bag of socks.
  17. Digestive enzymes might help. DH and I have used Digest Gold brand at various times. Tends to be cheaper on Amazon, but Spouts and WF and so on should carry it.
  18. I would have addressed the unnecessary embarrassment with the librarian. You're the student's advocate. Otherwise, what Arctic Mama and Jean said :)
  19. Oh. Then decline! You have a giant festering sore and can't be out in public. But you'd be glad to meet her for another time just to chat.
  20. I think you've got the jist, actually.
  21. Different types of alcohol affect me differently. Rum and cachaca seem to hit me harder than vodka. Bourbon makes me warm and sleepy.
  22. I would give her something and gushing compliments and declarations of love and tell her you'd love to hire her for that on a regular basis but have already stretched the budget to the limit. (So she knows not to expect it in future.) She sounds amazing!!!
  23. https://www.wanderu.com/en/bus-tickets/us-de/dover/us-dc/washington-dc/ It defaults to D.C., but you can put in other cities. Bus tickets to D.C. were in mid-$20s. Does the AFB have a group chat page where he could ask fellow service people to ride share?
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