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  1. Yes, I think the Dritz brand makes Babyville? At some point Dritz was on the package. Or I'm hallucinating! :)
  2. The Dritz press works fine. I don't prefer their snaps, and I'd get the KAM press if you'd be using it often, but it's only about $12 on sale. Less if you can catch a 50% off coupon. http://www.joann.com/babyville-snap-pliers/11108974.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI08DJ-ePP1QIVFLjACh0bygL6EAQYAiABEgIzwvD_BwE
  3. Crafty things? You can come borrow mine. :rofl:
  4. I followed and tracked religiously (using a scale), and I cannot lose weight without cutting carbs. Well, I haven't tried going vegan, but nothing else ever worked. If counting calories works for you, there's no reason the meetings are necessary if not for moral support and accountability. Good luck!
  5. Michael's doesn't carry them. JoAnn's carries the Dritz brand in their baby sewing area, but the KAM makes a superior product. They'll hold up better. The $20 set with press is a good deal.
  6. I don't think so. They come after Pumpkinpalooza. I think early in November-ish?
  7. Did you get it with or without polyfil? These look great!
  8. Text her today and tell her something like thank you for your past work, but I will no longer need your services in the future. Don't leave any ambiguity.
  9. It's packaged with nitrogen to replace the air I think. There's always a fart type smell with those packages. If the chicken smells fine after that dissipates, use it. Rotten chicken smell does not go away.
  10. Asking someone to give up a holiday and stay at their house with their child is worth a lot. I'm guessing she would be awake 14 of those 24 hours? So that is $196 regularly without counting the overnight or the fact that it's a holiday. $14/hr is high for one child around here unless the person is also working as an all around housekeeper. For straight childcare, that would be $8-10. So here, I would expect to pay around $200 for those hours not on a holiday weekend ($10/hr for awake time plus $50 for an overnight).
  11. I wouldn't suggest smearing their houses with it. We had a crazy neighbor who thought our dogs (always leashed on walks) were pooping in his yard. He would curse and threaten us. One morning we came out to him throwing it at our house and cars. Called the police, who offered to arrest him. The police showed him the difference in size between German Shepherd mix and Lab mix poop (our dogs) and the tiny poodle size poop he was freaking over. He still never believed it wasn't our dogs. Even when the other neighbor's poodle came running through to see what was happening. Crazy bastard. Anyway, if you don't have dogs, I'd look into the sonic deterrents for animals or the electric fence or ask if they are going to pay for a poop shoveling service daily in your yard.
  12. You'll be at her house or yours? If you're sitting st her house alone after she goes to sleep and unable to be with your family/do your things, that would affect the cost. Also, being sidelined on a holiday may be worth more to you.
  13. The suicide threats are another way of controlling you. As is his trying to keep you from seeing a therapist of your own. Everything you're saying is pretty classic abuse cycle. I hope you find a good therapist for yourself. And tell your daughter that she is very strong and very brave. She's setting and keeping boundaries. :grouphug:
  14. Doctors definitely hesitate to change serious medications of someone who isn't their patient. Probably moreso when they're the longtime patient of a partner. They don't know why the other doctor chose that drug. It could have been for a specific reason based on knowledge for the prior patient relationship. More advice on Coumadin--my mom was recently put on it, and the clinic basically told her to avoid one or two specific vegetables. Uh, no... So I found a PDF online with a list of all the Vitamin K levels in fruits and vegetables. She got a scale to weigh things. It's been about 9 mos, and she's much more relaxed now and knows most of it in her head. The nurses are always impressed at her control level compared to their other patients. Well, sure because you're giving inadequate advice to manage diet! I'm sorry you have one more thing to manage right now. :grouphug:
  15. That might violate GSC rules. It is crazypants even if it doesn't.
  16. I don't see any point in waiting for the psychiatric referral. If it turns out to be "only" anxiety/panic disorder, it's a very severe disorder and I wouldn't leave that to a pediatrician to treat.
  17. The notecards are a fantastic idea! You can package them in a cello bag (check the dollar store) with a card (Vista Print usually has free deals) with info about your son and the charity. Shops may not display them unless you're a legit 501c3 because they have to 1099 vendors and keep everything kosher for their tax purposes. (Mentioning that because it's not the shop being mean to a kid! :) )
  18. Yeah. There was some really awful anti-Muslim sentiment that completely soured me from some baseball parent acquaintances a couple of years ago. Then the election and, well, it got worse. We didn't really have anything in common anyway, but no chit chat is worth that. I won't even go to one of their businesses I used to like and recommend. Ugh. On one hand I hate it, but on the other, I would never have known how awful they were.
  19. I was going to suggest PANS/PANDAS as well as ruling out any other type of physical issue. Neurologist maybe to check for seizures and anything else that would cause a sudden onset of such severe anxiety,
  20. Jicama is a different snacky vegetable. You can get it pre-prepped at Trader Joe's. Cucumbers and sugar snap peas are good raw. Some veggies taste much better blanched and chilled over raw. You can prep ahead and snack for days.
  21. OP never said she was demanding tuition payments. You are the one attributing that negative behavior to the child. OP said it was being paid out of a 529 account. The account could have been funded by grandparents, the child herself, any number of sources. She also has taken out loans to pay for school expenses and support herself.
  22. Who said that? It is pretty mind twisting gymnastics for you to get that a child suffering from severe anxiety is the one abusing her grown man father (who has severe enough anger issues for the wife to want to leave him).
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