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  1. Ds.2 got into UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, Baylor (half tuition scholarship), and Liberty (full tuition scholarship). Most likely, he will be attending Liberty with a full tuition scholarship. Ds. 1 will graduate from Baylor and go to Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in Manhattan, NY for med. school.
  2. classes, professors, student life, christian organizations on campus, percentage of students getting into med school, etc. Thanks.
  3. Reading this thread with great interest. Ds.2 has not begun applications yet. But will get some out this month hopefully. Ds.1 got admitted to Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NY! It is now called Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai! So yes, both my sons will graduate in 2017 and I'll become an empty nester. It has been quite a ride! I have loved all the support of this community. God bless!
  4. RegGuheert or Momsinthegarden, ds2 is interested in Premed. He is looking at Human Biology at NC state but we prefer a christian school. What percent of their students get into med school? Do they have research projects, medical mission trips, MCAT prep etc. that is needed to prepare for med. school admission? What about premed advisors? Thanks for any input.
  5. Ds.1 finished first semester with a 4.0 and second with 3.9 GPA. He made a lot of friends, tried out Cricket, bungee jumping, and many other fun activities. He also joined the Pre med society, volunteered at community service events, attended a medical humanities retreat, and got elected to the Student Senate. He has figured out how to study in college, take care of his diet, and maintain a work life balance. Overall, he seems to be more calm and back to his old self now after all the excitement of attending college and dealing with all the social and emotional upheaval that came along with it. Finding a church and life group to attend weekly gave him the much needed spiritual anchoring that was critical being so far away from home. I am very grateful.
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