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  1. I like Alex Chediak's book Thriving in College. Here is the link to Amazon for the book - http://www.amazon.com/Thriving-College-Great-Friends-Faith/dp/1414339631
  2. Congratulations CAMom! I am sure she will enjoy it. I have only heard good things from all the parents and students (at least 10 or more families) that have attended that school. One of the students got into Harvard Law School, another to Wake Forest Law School, another to U. of Chicago, etc. So no worries about academic rigor. All God's best for all her future endeavors!
  3. We got a new queen bed set for Ds.1's room once he left for college. After sleeping on the twin bed in his college dorm, he loved his queen bed. When he was homeschooled he never spent much time in his bedroom. Now he loves his new bed. :-) I guess at college he got used to spending more time in his room. He is also very thankful that he was homeschooled.
  4. Ds.1 is going on 2 medical missions trips this summer. The first one is for a week working with doctors in the medical school at El Salvador and then going with them to the villages there. The second one is for 2 weeks with a surgeon working with a non profit organization in the Dominican Republic. In addition, he is really looking forward to attending the national forensics tournament with Ds.2 and going on a trip to Gatlinberg, TN.
  5. Ds.1 finished first semester with a 4.0 and second with 3.9 GPA. He made a lot of friends, tried out Cricket, bungee jumping, and many other fun activities. He also joined the Pre med society, volunteered at community service events, attended a medical humanities retreat, and got elected to the Student Senate. He has figured out how to study in college, take care of his diet, and maintain a work life balance. Overall, he seems to be more calm and back to his old self now after all the excitement of attending college and dealing with all the social and emotional upheaval that came along with it
  6. Still in planning stage. Ds. 2 will take Precalculus, Anatomy & Physiology, Spanish III, Integrated course with History, Literature, and the Arts, AP Macroeconomics, Theology: Chrisian Living & Ethics.
  7. Yes, I would. We went last summer with a group and it was wonderful. I don't know how it would be in the winter. The food was wonderful and country is like no other that we have been to.
  8. Ds.1 is doing very well. He is happy overall with life. Roommate is good, has new friends from various parts of the country, loves his church and life group, plays keyboard and even wrote a song and enjoyed playing with a few friends. He also joined their Premed club, and is looking to do some community service. His Spanish classes are 5 days a week and he feels he'll be able to speak Spanish well soon. He has never had this much exposure on a daily basis to the language before. He is working hard and doing well on his weekly quizzes in all his subjects after an initial dip in the first quiz.
  9. Ds.1 got the Regent Gold Scholarship for National Merit Finalists and an additional scholarship that makes it an almost full ride. He loves it there so far. Their new living learning centers are beautiful. Ds. is in the Health Sciences Dorm (Earle Hall) which I think is one of the best. The new dining facility opposite their dorm is also wonderful. There are plenty of good churches to choose from. There is a 5000 member church called Antioch Community Church that offers a separate service for college students on Sunday and Wednesday. They also offer Life Groups on Sunday evenings. The shuttle
  10. I don't know what exactly happened. Ds.1 loves Biology but he did have senioritis and got a 4 though he was expecting a 5. He used Barron's prep book and took the course through PA Homeschoolers. I am sure the teacher will have a better understanding of the test this year. She seemed very frustrated during the year with what exactly she was supposed to teach. Kept tweaking the syllabus through out the year according to ds. HTH!
  11. Ds.1 is leaving on Aug.19 to a school 16 hours away from home in TX. Preparing for it, dealing with personal health issues, and preparing for 10th grade for ds.2 have been demanding but I am hanging in there by the grace of God. Going away on a 3 day church retreat was the best thing I did to center myself during this time. Also, eating more of a healthy diet has helped to keep the body and mind more stable. Hugs to you.
  12. Right now we are reading Instant European History by Libbon that ds. 2 likes. Any other biographies or books on the major players or events will also be great. We would prefer shorter books that will draw the reader in. Thanks so much.
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