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  1. I like to mix up my yoga, one day is more of a power class and the next a little restorative. I have been doing yoga for approximately 215 days straight and I now can see the benefit of focusing on the breath. I primarily do the Yoga with Adriene videos on YouTube. She is awesome but there are other good yoga instructors out there as well. Good luck and Namaste!
  2. I worked for one year, June 2015 - June 2016, while homeschooling three children. The oldest child was doing all online classes and was very independent. My younger two were in 8th and 9th grades. It was the most stressful year I have ever had in terms of homeschooling. Ultimately I was unable to manage both. I did well at my job and even got a raise during that time but I was constantly stressed. My husband travels a great deal for his job so he wasn't there to pitch in. If he was home everyday I think I might have been able to do it. For me the hardest part was always feeling like I was failing. I always felt like I was dropping the ball. I constantly felt guilty. My advice is to drop some of your expectation levels. I really wish that I had been able to make working and homeschooling work for me. I loved my job but felt like I was always failing my family. I have a lot of respect for women who homeschool and work successfully. It's not easy! Good luck to you!
  3. I'm so very sorry for you! So many dogs in those situations are taken to shelters and older dogs have a hard time getting adopted. You did such a good thing by taking her in and loving her. She had a good life with you. (((Hugs)))
  4. I have recently begun taking my health and aging very seriously. Between my own health scare and my son's chronic serious health conditions I am highly motivated. I recently read How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger and it has changed my life. I also have been doing yoga every day since January 1st. I am also walking and/or running daily. I am determined to do everything I can to be healthy in my old age.
  5. Have you checked to make sure the colleges you are looking at don't need a credit above Algebra 2? The reason I ask is that we were surprised a couple of years ago when we made the discovery that in NC students must have a math credit above Algebra 2 to apply to state universities. It may not be a new requirement but I don't remember that when our older daughter went to college.
  6. If your symptoms persist I would probably put a call in to my GYN. 16 days is a fairly long cycle, is that normal for you? Has the bleeding gotten heavier? I'm in my early 40s but my blood work and symptoms have shown that I'm in perimenopause. I've had very long cycles and heavy bleeding. I've also had new types of cramping and pain in my pelvis. Yay me! But if your pain gets worse you need to get that checked out!
  7. Holy cow! Nothing like worrying about grown children!
  8. Congratulations and condolences! My youngest will be a sophomore this coming fall and I keep thinking about how little time we have left. I have two in college, who were both homeschooled all the way. I have two high schoolers. I'm enjoying this season so much! I wish it could last but change is just around the corner.
  9. You poor thing! Pregnancy is so very hard on top of everything else you are dealing with. How is your son???
  10. I just ordered Sonlight's summer reader package for high school boys and so far they love the books! https://www.sonlight.com/homeschool/resources/summer/ HTH!
  11. I'm torn with this situation. On the one hand the Church shouldn't be handing out Sacraments like completion certificates. But the child receiving FHC could be a gateway for the parents to learn about the faith. Last year I was an employee of my parish in the Religious Education Department. The DREs are hounded by parents who want their children to receive Sacraments without the proper formation. They feel like the Church is demanding already busy families to jump through hoops. Our parish feels very strongly that a child's spiritual formation is extremely important. My husband has a very very busy career. He travels for his job and is gone more than he is home. We also have four children, one being special needs. He's one of the busiest individuals I know. He decided four years ago to convert to Catholicism and made great sacrifices to attend RCIA. There were instances he couldn't make it and the Church bent over backwards to make sure his missed classes were made up. I find it hard to believe that this family cannot, under any circumstances, attend RCIA. The Church likely will work with them individually to help. My own experience leads me to believe that the family truly doesn't understand Catholicism. They aren't Catholic but yet want their child to have FHC because the other kids and families are excited. That's not a reason to receive FHC, IMHO. I hope for their sake they sit down with the priest and truly understand the situation.
  12. I voted "It's more complicated than that". I was raised nominally Catholic. My grandparents were the ones that made sure I got baptized, had my First Holy Communion, and then Confirmation. My parents weren't really involved with my religious education. I married a Protestant husband in the Catholic Church. We had our first child baptized Catholic and had intentions of raising her in that tradition. I began to have doubts about the Church's demands, particularly the need to go to Confession. I eventually discovered that it would be "easier" to be Protestant. We were evangelical Christians for approximately 15 years. Five years ago I had an experience that I have never been able to adequately describe but it led me back to the Catholic Church. My husband and two younger children converted to the faith. My older two have not. The oldest has been attending an Episcopal Church and the second considers herself atheist.
  13. Thank you so much for posting this! I have loved all the PBS "House" series! This one looks fascinating!!
  14. Your story makes my heart happy. Sadly so many dogs like him end up in shelters because people won't take the time to work around a dog's issues. It sounds to me like you are the perfect momma for him! There is a reason you are the 7th home he's been in in his short life. He just needed to find a family patient enough to deal with his personality. I agree someday he is going to be a great dog! Think of all the stories you all will have about his crazy antics!
  15. We are considering cannabis oil for our son who has intractable epilepsy. We live in a state where only very low concentrations of THC are allowed. I have come to the conclusion that my son is already on "drugs" and most of them have side effects. If the cannabis oil has low side effects and can help with ds's appetite I am interested in giving it a try. I hope you find something that will help your daughter. It is so hard watching a child suffer.
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